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    This from the Gfs 12z would be great wouldn't it...and followed by the azores high ridging in again and again..and again!
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    May confirmed as 13.3C (adjustment of -0.2C), so joint 15th warmest on record. Doesn't look like anybody got it correct, but @Radiating Dendrite was closest, so congratz! https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/hadobs/hadcet/cet_info_mean.html I'll update with a few stats in a couple of hours
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    Some spell of weather over the last few weeks, eh? Particularly in the west. In the absence of any profound meteorological observations to share, I thought I’d share a few photos taken out and about during late April and May (the first one being near Scotland’s snow capital - Crail ). Will maybe manage some higher hills during the summer, depending on the weather! Old track, Balcomie, near Crail Old drove road near Broughton Mennock Pass South Queich, Ochil Hills (Lomond Hills in the distance). Old drove road near Skirling Friesian cattle below Loudoun Hill, Ayrshire
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    Non-event. One distant rumble, a few drops of rain and that was that. Nothing registered on the rain gauge, so that's now day 20 of no measurable rainfall. Sun is back out splitting the evening skies and it's 22C at almost 8pm. Braw!
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    A cell has developed near Liverpool airport
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    Some seriously impressive lightning from the train window as my train from Manchester approaches the West of Edinburgh.
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    Storm Forecast Valid: Fri 01 Jun 2018 07:00 to Sat 02 Jun 2018 06:00 UTC Issued: Fri 01 Jun 2018 07:23 Forecaster: PISTOTNIK A level 1 is issued for parts of Belgium, France, SW Germany, parts of England and Ireland mainly for excessive convective precipitation. SYNOPSIS An ill-defined omage pattern covers the European sector. Between a deep polar trough over W Russia and cut-off lows over the north-central Atlantic and Portugal, a broad and shallow ridge stretches from the central Mediterranean region into Scandinavia. Near the surface, an anticyclone moves from Belarus into the Ukraine, while pressure gradients are weak everywhere else. Warm and moist air remains in place across wide areas of the continent. ... Belgium, W and S Germany, Switzerland, France, Spain, Portugal, Uk, Ireland ... Slightly cooler but still moist air is present behind the main convergence zone. Around 500 J/kg of CAPE will form after some hours of daytime heating. Scattered, disorganized afternoon storms pose a risk of isolated flash floods. Slightly enhanced deep-layer shear is present (1) beneath a further weakening jet-streak from S Germany into Belgium and (2) in N Spain ahead of the Portuguese cut-off low. Marginally large hail is not ruled out in these areas. Particularly low cloud bases over the British Isles indicate a possibility of one or two non-supercellular tornadoes, in particular if sea breeze fronts move some distance inland. the Ukraine, while pressure gradients are weak everywhere else. Warm and moist air remains in place across wide areas of the continent. http://www.estofex.org/cgi-bin/polygon/showforecast.cgi?text=yes&fcstfile=2018060206_201806010723_2_stormforecast.xml
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    Good Morning Kent. Thank you for your appraisal of the current European situation. It makes very interesting reading. As far as the trade war is concerned I would appreciate your views as to how it will affect us post Brexit. Will it be a new golden dawn with our special relationship partner or a one sided deal to benefit the USA only? It is indeed ironic that the USA which is considered to be the prime example and mother of capitalism in which competition reigns supreme is using tariffs to protect their inefficient industries. As an aside a question you have consistently failed to answer. Why do you positively celebrate anything that can be construed as concerning with respect to Europe. After all if things do go wrong on the mainland we would not be immune from the consequences. Would that be a cause for celebration seeing people losing their jobs and homes both in Europe and here in the UK. I must admit I find your mindset difficult to comprehend in that respect. Kind Regards Dave
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    Nothing here. Looks little I will have to go out and water the plants.
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    Yeah agreed nice little storm hopefully it reaches Chris. How much lightning is it putting out now?
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    I've never seen scenes like it in Shrewsbury town centre. Rain is pouring through the ceilings of the multi story car park like a waterfall. Absolutely crazy.
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    The wind got right up during that nasty little cell that went over. Looked at Twitter to see what others reporting around town and saw this! Looks to be back building over town and down towards Bridgenorth... line of cells developing.
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    Ummm I think we're about to get rather wet lol skies very very onimous Here we go it's on
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    Seems to be some heavy pulses appearing on radar South of Edinburgh and over Moffat
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    I think Arpege was showing a splodge of heavier precip over the area as was GFS - only had a chance to quickly look - think the main thrust of the action will be Western Scotland - I forgot to include Ireland in my map but there could be some meaty storms over there today. My "forecasts" are completely rank amateur and experimental bear in mind so i'm just seeing how they match up should anything transpire. Did OK yesterday with the Oxford area!
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    I don't enjoy bad, news but it's everywhere, now trump is putting a 25% tariff on steel and aluminium from Europe Canada, Mexico, not sure if anywhere else is covered. I also don't know whether we'd be exempt once we've left the EU, I somehow doubt it, trump is America first all the way, and his ways at least seem to benefit his country.vbetter than being party first like may, as far as I'm concerned. However this is going to hurt us big time.
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    I personally think the Met Office issued the Amber warning far too early, as they primarily based their risk zone on models and not as the situation was evolving. The Amber warning placed over the Midlands a few days ago, was placed after the storms formed and merged for longer spells of rain. That being said here in South Bristol, we weren’t under the majority of showers and had some very torrential rain at times so I’m not complaining just my opinion. I wonder what today provides...
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    Strange thing there Kent is that we have 27 nations who broadly agree on one side and the cabinet of one nation which cannot agree. Indeed what hope is there for us at this rate.
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    Calm before the storm maybe. Lovely sunset a little while ago.
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    Went through passport control today at the EuroTunnel terminal. Leaving the uk was "fairly" strict in that a rota of four or five cars were herded into a security area, but I liked, subsequently, on entering France (at the terminal), the french passport official's comment after a perfunctory glance at the passport, the comment - "au revoir" Observing the traffic of tourists, containers, lorries, and the existing infrastructure etc first hand at the port, the impact of any Brexit is a nightmare waiting to happen. Just some first-hand personal observations.
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    Day 2 Convective Outlook VALID 06:00 UTC Sat 02 Jun 2018 - 05:59 UTC Sun 03 Jun 2018 ISSUED 21:27 UTC Fri 01 Jun 2018 ISSUED BY: Chris Scattered, and in places, widespread thunderstorms are expected across northern Britain and Ireland on Saturday... A very weak synoptic pattern will continue to be present over the British Isles bringing light winds and a warm, humid surface airmass. Showers will develop in response to surface heating (temps >19C) during late morning and into the afternoon across much of northern and eastern England, Scotland and Ireland. SBCAPE values around and in excess of 1,000 J/kg will generate thunderstorms, which will likely be particularly widespread across southern Scotland and north-central Ireland, producing frequent lightning. Like previous days, shear values will be virtually non-existant, therefore showers will pulse variety and updrafts will be fairly short lived. The primary threat will be flash flooding with PWAT values around 30mm in Scotland and Ireland, and into the mid-30s mm across E England and E Anglia. This will lead to 1-2 hour rainfall totals once again in excess of 50mm in places. Thunderstorms in the east will likely develop along weak convergence boundaries and drift slowly eastwards, while the steering flow in Scotland and Ireland will take the showers slowly westwards once they develop http://www.convectiveweather.co.uk/forecast.php?date=2018-06-02
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    "Detest" is a horrible word to use and ironic you should include the word "fascism" in the same sentence.
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    Yay!!! I've heard thunder for the first time this year!!! About 10 rumbles in all. Happy me! All about 90 mins ago in East Lancs.
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    Sod all here yet again, oh sorry 2 drops of rain. CRAP!
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    Complete bust here , but warnings where justified,just the nature of mesoscale weather
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    All Trump's doing is making himself the centre of the World's attention...It's what narcissists do!
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    Here’s a close up of the lightning map @Summerstorm
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    It seems to have disappeared? But if you look North of Liverpool at Bootle a green blob has appeared I think that's right over my back garden??
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    Showers and the odd storm currently affecting north central to southern Scotland and N. Ireland will mainly fizzle out this evening leaving many places cloudy and humid overnight once again with low cloud along the east coast, By morning clearer air is creeping in to the south west but another batch of pretty intense convection will swing north west into the east coast by tomorrow morning and move up into southern Scotland during the day. Varied temps but where the sun breaks through quite warm that could trigger more home grown storms in Scotland but as mentioned drier clearer air is ingressing the south so not here.
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    I think you're being a bit negative, the sun is very strong at this time of year and should either burn the north sea filth back to the east coastal strip or at least punch some holes in any cloud cover that encroaches from the east and not everyone lives near the East coast, I see plenty of summery weather continuing for many areas.
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    Booming thunder in embra now, some part of the city is about to get walloped !
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    Just started to rain here at Edinburgh Airport. Hoping for some loud stuff soon!
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    Thunderstorm in the distance with big deep rumbles of thunder
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    Thanks for that OON, the snow shots are pretty amazing and remind me of being very small in the winter of 1947 on the edge of the Peak District. Re the Helm, this link may be interesting to yourself and others https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/learning/wind/helm-wind or this https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0305748814000474
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    Can hear some distant rumbles coming from pentlands area.
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    “Clear window of cloud” doesn’t make sense sorry I mean clear window of SKY Lol
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    Update to weather warning shows a slightly greater likelihood now in the warning matrix...I must admit that it definitely feels much more humid today, and more sun/heat already than yesterday too (East Lancashire). I hope it goes bang later! Haven't seen/heard anything decent round these parts since 26/7/17! Good luck everyone, stay safe!
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    This morning's ecm pretty much of a piece with last night's anomaly so the question remains if the Atlantic trough continues NE into the Denmark Straight will it allow the eastbound energy to push some fronts east over the UK?
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    Early 80`s style weather,not quite more classic thunderstorms then and no low cloud. The atlantic can stay away for as long as possible thanks,looks like more sunshine this next week,still a slack easterly until about Friday.
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    Jetstream profile forecast going for a more normal positioned jet as we move deeper into June. It looks like we will hold onto the rather quiet warm non-atlantic weather for quite a few more days yet, then signs of the trough anchoring its way into western shores, not before a ridge or plume builds through, then the inevitable return of the atlantic. The return of the westerlies.. after the spring slumber - all preety normal for the time of year.
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    Aye, I'm still a lancastrian by birth, complete with LA21 postcode!
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    I'm in south Cumbria which is part of nw ,not bloody Carlisle which I can't stand ,lol and a Lancashire post code
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    I totally agree, I've lurked on here for years and it's this time of year that we seem to be stuck in a rut, the Azores tantalising close at 6/7 days out but a trough parked over us or an active jet bringing low after low off the Atlantic. The jet seems to be enjoying itself way up North this year.... Long may it continue. Regardless of the IMBY weather conditions day to day, I'm loving the warm and sun potential each day brings, and is continuing to do so for the foreseeable...
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    High pressure continues to rule the roost in the reliable. What a remarkable spell this has been!
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    And if the US were to enter into a post Brexit free trade deal with the UK, you can just imagine the price of that
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    It's clouding over here, but it has been lovely this morning. This sight made getting up at 3.45am to walk Clyde before well worth it My phone doesn't do the sun pillar any justice:
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    UKIP say stop provoking them and playing world police with everyone in general. They hate our action in Ukraine as much as they hate our action in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syrria. Now what do all those countries have in common? They have become infinitely worse ever since USA/EU got involved. Sorry to burst your bubble, but it's not good guys USA/EU vs bad guys Russa, it's power hungry USA/EU vs power hungry Russia.
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