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    Hi guys, First post here. Hope you enjoy. Here's the view in Brighton looking south east a moment ago. No processing/filtering on this image either.
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    Some images of the cell that passed to the north of Andover moving west. Some definite structure for a while and possible ragged wall cloud.
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    one thing I've learnt over the years is if you want a spectacular frontal display, always keep your eye on *ahem* 'Brest' I'm talking about the weather you pervs.....lol
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    Why just focus on day 6?...the Gfs 12z indicates plenty of warm sunny weather for the next week or so with temperatures frequently into the low 20's celsius and some favoured areas around the mid 20's c..even the east coast is into the high teens c at times..not settled by any means but temperature wise, very decent. PS..awesome post again tamara
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    quote trimmed.....look up the definition & criteria.....i.e projected weather has the potential.....the clue is in the word....that is what some members are missing.....anyhoos, I'll leave it there to save me getting bombarded with messages to 'shut the fog up, and go fog myself'..............lol
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    I totally agree, I've lurked on here for years and it's this time of year that we seem to be stuck in a rut, the Azores tantalising close at 6/7 days out but a trough parked over us or an active jet bringing low after low off the Atlantic. The jet seems to be enjoying itself way up North this year.... Long may it continue. Regardless of the IMBY weather conditions day to day, I'm loving the warm and sun potential each day brings, and is continuing to do so for the foreseeable...
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    Went through passport control today at the EuroTunnel terminal. Leaving the uk was "fairly" strict in that a rota of four or five cars were herded into a security area, but I liked, subsequently, on entering France (at the terminal), the french passport official's comment after a perfunctory glance at the passport, the comment - "au revoir" Observing the traffic of tourists, containers, lorries, and the existing infrastructure etc first hand at the port, the impact of any Brexit is a nightmare waiting to happen. Just some first-hand personal observations.
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    Ah hope tae fk it's my part of Scotland Anything that brings rain can get tae, fur me! Big Innes
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    Just regarding the Met Office Amber warning area, which took me by surprise given that Central Southern England seemed more at threat with Severe storms than The South West according to model outputs earlier. (Would love to see their models right now) But this area has caught my eye. Rapid clearance of any clouds during recent frames indicates the main area for potential IMO. With steering flows being NNW, this puts everyone in the Amber Warning area at risk. Possible good call by the Met? We shall see.
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    Poor quality iPhone pic, but can see the Formby cell from here
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    High pressure continues to rule the roost in the reliable. What a remarkable spell this has been!
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    you forgot to add, 'from a total IMBY perspective'.......I appreciate you don't think anything will spark in your locale but your inadvertant generalization will cause confusion in the thread
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    Okay so it's easy to see what is going on now, that clear gap moving into Wales will soon go it's just the low cloud burning off with the crud moving north now from the left overs. The next clear spell is behind this decaying stuff from France. You can see on SAT that showers over northern France forming already. Sun will aid in stronger convection today but where any storms form and start feeding off the energy up there that can form and spark sister storms around it or close by without the aid of sun. Note that the trigger will probably be where we get some gaps in the cloud. But with how strong the sun is now and the conditions we have, it won't take a long break in cloud to set them off. Times before we have had half an hour of sun add boom its go time.. Sometimes it don't. Patience today people, please ignore bbc weather, ignore models. Its radar and sat time...
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    Aye, I'm still a lancastrian by birth, complete with LA21 postcode!
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    Even though not feeling super confident for this area (Edit: looking at Arnie Pie’s post above, may have spoken too soon) surprises can happen and besides, the Met Office does suggest the possibility of severe thunderstorms for places such as the South West and the West Midlands. I suppose even then, some places in the above regions probably won’t see that much at all due to the hit and miss nature of thunderstorms. To be fair, some places have at least seen some heavy downpours and thundery showers so far today. It would be nice if something severe does occur (not because of the floods that weather like this can cause, but for the fact that thunderstorms are admittedly fun to watch).
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    Sky looked dark and threatening on the way home from work but it’s cleared through now without rain and the sun is out again. A very humid feel to the day though and although I can’t see us getting much in the way of storms here there’s always a chance while it’s that way.
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    Ooh get me posting in spring/summer! Not looking likely at present for sferics?
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    Had a couple of rumbles early afternoon but no rain. Very muggy and cloudy at the moment.
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    Yep. That craziness here on Sunday didn't start til late
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    As has already been alluded to, the encroaching cloud from the decaying MCS will likely inhibit surface based convection along southern coasts. Inland however, I still expect some beefy SB storms to fire. Wouldn't be surprised to see some great structure/meso-features in one or two cells later in the day. Sweet spot for me would be somewhere around Oxford.
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    I live in the Southeast and the weekend just gone was brilliant, three days of sunny warm weather so before I start discussing my own thoughts, not all eastern areas fare badly with an onshore wind. Essex does relatively well with the shorter sea track. Today wasn’t as good but that was more to do with residual cloud from the overnight rain/storms rather than low cloud. Moving onto my own observations, as Tamara and others have said earlier today the pattern looks like sustaining for a while longer, AAM looks like staying on a steady upward trend for the coming days which should sustain the current pattern for at least the next 10 days. The earlier GFS output looked far too progressive in eroding the heights to the NE. Going forward it’s all to play for, even a downward trend in AAM (as long as it’s not a sharp sudden drop) should allow for at least 2/3 days of heights being pushed to the east allowing potentially a plume of hot air before the Atlantic breaks through and any recovery in AAM could see heights recover. I notice the MJO moving into phase 4-5-6 which would enhance the potential of some real heat around ten days into June. Many of the best summers have come from when the ENSO is in a neutral state and this year we have the right ingredients for some good weather at least! Let’s hope it continues.
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    I don’t often post on here but Ice Man 85, I have to seriously challenge your views on people’s love for ‘extreme weather’. I haven’t read of anyone excited that floods, extreme high or low temperatures could result in death or even life consequences. No one wants anything like that! As for anything ‘extreme’ with our weather more recently, the temperatures cumulatively are higher and there have been a few storms with big rainfall totals, but hardly the extremes other warmer countries can have in such conditions. We are actually lucky to live in a country that our extremes are less so really compared to many others! Where are the hurricanes and extreme droughts that other countries suffer? Just look at the lightning storms that have killed dozens in India very recently! If anything, people such as the many homeless can get killed from a few cold nights below zero which is hardly extreme as one example! A first warm spell of the year as another can and does often result in tragic consequences when people take a plunge in cold waters! I’d also challenge your views in that it’s the same fanatics of more extreme weather that are the first in warning and raising awareness of any danger to those less informed and more vulnerable. As noted, I very rarely post but your views although with a good underlying sentiment, in my personal view (and others it seems), are without doubt misplaced at best.
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    Went to a pub locally to see a friend at Lechlade, severe rain on the way and a few flashes, we had supper and then decided to chase for an hour or two, ended up going to Stow on The World and then back towards Northleach, so much lightning that didn't show on lightning maps, torrential rain but very few forked lightning, it mostly seemed to be cloud to cloud, the cell we were in/following seemed to drift Chelt/Gloucester way and having just arrived back home we could still see it flashing away to the North of us, I emptied the rain gauge at 4pm here and currently it is at 36mm. There seemed to be no real organization to the storm, with flashes here there and everywhere and then seemed to die and a fresh lightshow would start in a different direction, not easy this chasing lark and driving conditions were interesting!
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    Can we all just agree that they should have made the amber warning area 1 mile smaller then everyone will be happy and we can all get along happily like teletubbies
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    I'm not the only person who's been affected. There will be plenty of people needing assistance from the fire services across Berks/ Oxon/Wilts from the emergency services ( the warnings are also to help them plan too). Just because something didn't happen to you doesn't mean it didn't happen.
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    Sorry, but Didcot have had some flash flooding this afternoon and under another torrential downpour. Given how much rain is falling so quickly the weather warning was fully justified. It may not be particularly wet where you are, but further up the line there are problems and that's what's causing your train delays (and my flooded street)
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    Yep apart from a really heavy downpour around 5.15pm, it's been pretty flat, no thunder or lightning at all. Time for amber warning to be removed, infact any warning to be removed from here. Clear to see that everything is to the North of Somerset and South Wales.
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    Thankfully the worst of the downpours missed here. Only half hour of moderate rain. Everything out west, they can have it. Ground can’t take anymore rain here and we need a few days of drying out, hopefully the next 3/4 days will deliver that. With fairly fine weather forecast. I want my morning runs and dog walks back without having to contend mud and bogged ground.
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    My doctor has decided that it's time I stopped taking paroxetine...And, after 24 years I agree wholeheartedly; the Valium I'll have to take in the mean time is a wee bit disconcerting, however... Och Weell - Valley of The Dolls here I come!
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    One positive I can report from this side of Hampshire. It’s brightening up.
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    there is a thunderstorm heading every so slowly towards Kent o,o not saying it will survive.. but if it does.. they don't want a repeat of the flash floods! it seems very slow moving.
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    That's my area, so will keep an eye on it through this afternoon. Will live stream if anything occurs.
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    Hello jtay! *waves* It's stopped raining here now, and is fluctuating between full sun and grey, but it's muggy, and very still. I may be a bit far east for much fun but fingers are crossed for something to kick off later.
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    yup, agreed Ben we've gone from this... to this... in 40 mins
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    Looking increasingly pessimistic for my neck of the woods. Not being a doom-sayer, just observing the stubbornness of this dross and the lack of any apparent activity
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    How are the chances of thunder over Edinburgh looking for tomorrow and Saturday, or is it too early to say?
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    The storms just off the coast of east anglia will likely brush east anglia and northeast England I would say the main thunder and lightning will stay offshore. Just my view
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    I sort of agree. However, the covered area hasn't seen anywhere mere the rainfall totals that other parts of the country have.
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    Goood morning all from a slightly murky south coast. I'll be finished work in an hr I've got a full tank in the van and my inverter turned up for the laptop......time to chase !!!!! Where to begin is the question. I don't have access to the full charts just basic and from what that shows me I kinda like the wind profiles north of Brighton ish. There's a slightly stronger jet from what I've seen and coupled with convergence zone / backed winds we have some shear potential. But will I end up playing catch up when it all kicks of to the west?? Is there anywhere offering free charts and live wind Maps that I could refine/ adjust my plans as needed. Good luck everyone
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    It’s all about where the centre of the high is bringing enormous amounts of sunshine too. In the last week the pattern has developed a strong Scandinavia high with no Azores high linking over the U.K. so instead we end up with northern blocking to the northeast with bags of cloud moving over the North Sea in the flow. Great for Ireland and northwestern parts though
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    You need to take stock of what's going on here, people aren't posting to wind you up. Even the most avid and experienced weather enthusiasts get frustrated at times when thing don't turn out like they or the forecast expected. Reacting negatively to people with clearly a lot more knowledge/experience than yourself is not going to help you or help improve your understanding of the drivers behind our weather.
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    Storm N of London 27/5/18 (from Bagshot)
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