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    Hi guys, First post here. Hope you enjoy. Here's the view in Brighton looking south east a moment ago. No processing/filtering on this image either.
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    I wonder if there's a lot of swearing going on in Retford?
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    one thing I've learnt over the years is if you want a spectacular frontal display, always keep your eye on *ahem* 'Brest' I'm talking about the weather you pervs.....lol
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    here's a shoe in prediction for ya.....looking at few posts on this page, i predict a riot
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    Maybe someone at the Met Office has been viewing this thread and has a cheeky sense of humour?
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    Morning all, Up early to take my all important, blood pressure medication. Have been watching sferics, dancing around to our south and east for a while. Looks like these areas of thundery ppn could merge, to give our region a period of thundery rain, as we go through the morning. You can see these areas of dense cloud, with embedded electrical activity, below, https://de.sat24.com/de It's not surprising we've seen so much thundery activity, in the past few days, with so much juice in the atmosphere and yet again this morning, dew points are high over our are area and especially so, to our south and east, as depicted below. http://www.meteociel.fr/observations-meteo/point-de-rosee.php As stated yesterday, seem to have my Brontophobic tendencies, more under control now, than used to be the case, thankfully. Had a really good Physio session at Orpington hospital, yesterday morning and continuing to make a decent recovery, after my Brain Haemorrhage, in Sept.2015. My therapist wants me to use the left hand side of my body, much more than I have been, as my left hand side was severely affected, by my stroke. Some of you may have seen BBC's political journalist, Andrew Marr, with a similar left-sided problem, after suffering a stroke. I also tend to let my left arm, hang limply. I'm very much right-handed anyway and using my left hand, is proving very difficult for me. My therapist has suggested a put something on my right hand, to encourage me, to use my left hand.So it's a case of "Put a sock on it", rather than "Put a sock in it" I shall be typing with my left hand too, in future. If you're about to read one of my posts, it may pay to have a tab open for "Google Translate" open, in Czech mode, as it could get quite interesting. I'm really thankful you can check what you've typed first, before posting. Hope you all enjoy your day, thundery or otherwise!! Regards, Tom.
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    lol.....love that cloud name...a cloud that can't be arsed.....I'm going to use it in conversation....." I had a few beers last night, didn't get much sleep so I feel a bit cumulus mediocris" lol
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    Showing the latest 500 mb anomaly outputs. They continue to show ridging as being more dominant than troughing at 500 mb. To me they do, all 3, seem to show that the pattern is, over the past 4-5 days, trying to change slightly. The upper ridges on each of them is slightly further south than a few days ago. Whether this is just a blip or something else will only become apparent in a couple of days. If it does continue then it may suggest a more westerly 500 mb flow than for some time. I'll be keeping an eye on them over the next few days. http://www.cpc.ncep.noaa.gov/products/predictions/610day/500mb.php http://mp1.met.psu.edu/~fxg1/ECMWF_0z/hgtcomp.html
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    Done everything in my power to get some rain - cut the grass, cleaned 3 vehicles, done some gardening and a bit of washing. Can't do more....
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    Just hit 29c on the SW coast of Norway. That's quite something for May. C
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    Lerwick, currently the no 1 hot spot in the UK at 19.1c. In the same air mass that is likely to provide Olso across the water with its highest ever May temp today. c
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    Ah hope tae fk it's my part of Scotland Anything that brings rain can get tae, fur me! Big Innes
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    Just regarding the Met Office Amber warning area, which took me by surprise given that Central Southern England seemed more at threat with Severe storms than The South West according to model outputs earlier. (Would love to see their models right now) But this area has caught my eye. Rapid clearance of any clouds during recent frames indicates the main area for potential IMO. With steering flows being NNW, this puts everyone in the Amber Warning area at risk. Possible good call by the Met? We shall see.
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    Tomorrow and Saturday looking ripe for thunderstorms across most of Scotland. It feels very humid today so hopefully some of us get a good lightning show over the next couple of days and without any flooding. I hope I can see a repeat of 20th July 2016
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    Heck @knocker just seen your earlier presentation for the weekend weather. You must have been up with the larks to present that ! Anyway what a great post. You should be at HQ to show them how to make clear and simplistic to understand forecasts with the correct rhetoric and clear graphics. Keep up the good work. Look forward to your snow graphics for next winter ! C
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    Referring and correcting to my earlier post, that in the channel is nowhere near a MCS by the way, and never was! A MCS would or have been throwing out tonnes of lightning and miles bigger. The term is used way to often nowadays, when really referring to a multicell storm at best. This is what a proper MCS looks like, just to bring things down onto a real level!
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    The UKMO upper air profile (500mb level ) at 144t it status quo. Again ,any convectional energy dissipates in a Northward direction followed by a renewed build of pressure in the north. The prolonged survival of this set up is quite something . Obviously it is a reverse set up to our normal management of heat energy in the summer. In normal circumstances any heat incursion into the British Isles is usually pushed away eastwards by a zonal North Atlantic trough/ flow. I think yesterdays post by @Tamara preludes as to the causes as to why this may not be happening so far in the early summer season as indicated by the chart below and that's the persistent of high pressure ridging to the north ,either with vectors to the west and east . The upper cold pool over Iberia can only help to sent any energy pulses in a NW ly direction ( against most seasonal norms ). Longer term , we may see an attempt by the Atlantic low pressure to move to its usual position in an Iceland direction but in the meantime the status quo persists and if this continues increased heat plumes are more than likely to be a feature of June weather
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    Interesting? Tomorrow could be something else, the Euro4 is going for a purple rash: Boomski
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    With the warm, muggy, air associated with the low pressure to the south drifting north over the next couple of days the spread of the unstable atmosphere will be conducive to a lot of storm activity, both home grown given the right trigger (temps) and imported from the continent associated with troughs within the circulation. The storms could occur virtually anyway but more prevalent in Wales and the midlands south today before moving north tomorrow. They could be very intense and where they do occur a distinct possibility of localized flooding. Settling down over the weekend as the high cell developing to the north west takes closer order. So today some storms probably triggered in central southern regions (forecast sounding) before the more concentrated area tracks north west through southern regions into Wales during the day. There will of course be plenty of sunny intervals elsewhere but the east coast again subject to low cloud and mist. The showers/storms will hang around in western areas overnight and through tomorrow and gradually drift north into Scotland. It will be another warm day in many areas but not cloudless, and not so much in Wales and the south west and the usual caveat vis the east coast but temps still generally above average. So as we come to the weekend the pattern evolving sees the the Azores ridging north around the upper low south west of Ireland before curving east north of Scotland. with a very slack gradient over the UK. Another warm day, less so in coastal areas, with broken cloud cover but the showers and any residual storms now really confined to Scotland. A not dissimilar story on Sunday except much of central and southern England and all western areas will be warm with the north east and eastern areas cooler with the possible ingress of cloud to boot. Sunday sees another relatively fine day but as the high pressure to the north takes closer order as the low pressure retreats a north easterly drift from the North Sea is once again initiated and thus quite a west/east split.
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    *Mid - Day Up Date* (Self Forecast) *Early elevated convection was only weakly electrified, degrading far quicker that initially forecasted. The remaining cloud cover, in line with model trends has lead to the shift of the MDT region, covering more of Wales and removing parts of the South West. The SLGT region has been extended to cover North Wales, while being removed from the far SE. This doesn't relate to the severity of the storms, isolated storms still may produce frequent lightning, large hail and excessive rainfall within the SLGT region!*
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