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    Signs of very warm tropical maritime air circulating around the high next weekend. Cloud cover will be the only thing standing in the way of high 20s temps in SE or CS England if that happens (former if NW wind, latter if N or NE wind). Some of my highest maximums have occurred with a N wind. The way those ridges keep drifting back east after only a small venture west does bring to mind some of the legendary summers of past; it's the prime way to achieve an unusually dry summer with frequent warm to very warm, sometimes hot spells of weather. The ridges are perhaps a bit further north than usual on this occasion though. Indeed I wonder if the low Arctic sea ice is altering the pattern in favour of higher heights over Scandinavia than we'd otherwise be seeing. The MJO versus residual La Nina battle really is the critical factor this year as to whether we see the gently swaying ridge pattern persist for much of the summer or not. Though even if we do see things pan out in favour of persistence, some changes will inevitably occur, as weaker La Nina forcing reduces the strength of the subtropical ridge - but this can open the door to ridges sitting right across or just E/SE of the UK for longer periods without being challenged much.
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    I am sorry keep saying the same as I have got aspergers syndrome autism i get very over excited
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    Good morning, Well what a night! Me and a couple of friends traveled from Rushden down to the Dunstable downs as a middle ground for any chasing, also it was a good high up position for seeing anything in the distance. About 10pm we could see the storms flashing away over London and decided to head just north west of London close to the M25, this was a good choice. We then kept slightly a head of it as we headed to Aylesbury and then headed back home for about 2am as the we could see it would be following us. So much lightning to view, it almost hurt your eyes, will not forget this storm in a hurry. Fingers crossed for more this way today! Peter
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    No apologies needed, the mobile view of this forum is to blame as it hides the user's locations. I really hope I can stay awake. Setting an alarm would not go down well!
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    Sorry if this has been posted already - Estofex Lvl 2 and 1 for UK tomorrow
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    Take a look at Europe's lightning strikes....... now look at the UK not often you see that,uk the storm capital of Europe at the minute.
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    Just had the most intense strobe lightning I've ever seen. Two storms passed almost right over me, headed northwest, with contant strobe lightning every 4 seconds (I counted). 90% of it was IC, however I did see a few forks, my first for over 3 years (a couple of which popped out the right side of the base - incredible). Also saw some lovely anvil crawlers. Oddly there was hardly any precip or wind - it was just spitting for a few seconds and almost completely still. The thunder although constant was also really, really quiet. A very unusual couple of storms and the most frequent lightning I've ever seen. Happy. Gone quiet now as it's moved away but lightningmaps showing intense activity behind it. Gonna make a move and keep a lookout for it. Have a great night all.
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    Another stotter of a day with light winds, unbroken sunshine and a max temp of 23C. Cannot recall ever seeing geese loitering in the fields round here at this time of year, and pretty tame they are at that as you could get quite close to them before they decided to move. Easy pickings for the local hunting fraternity if they keep being like this come the new shooting season.
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    Hello Kent. I believe they are now a member of the Commonwealth, along with Mozambique although they were never part of our colonial past. I believe the former was a Belgium colony whilst the latter was Portuguese. Perhaps they will be one of the countries with which we will be trading post Brexit as this is one of the pluses that have been mentioned as a consequence of leaving. Being a Spurs supporter I agree with you in respect of your comments re Arsenal. At least Bournemouth can hold their heads high as they are not sponsored by blood money. Kind Regards Dave
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    Can't dispute that the last 6 months have been fantastic for weather. December finally delivered deep snow in Shrewsbury Jan and Feb were less memorable but still both produced lying snow The coldest March day in decades with two more snowfalls on 1st-3rd and 17-18th Crazy April that had one of the dankest, dullest, dreariest first halves of any spring month I remember, then one of the sunniest, warmest second halves May has been basically May 1992 without the crap first 10-12 days that month had. Even matched it with a thundery bank holiday at the end.
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    Nailsea is looking chilly at 0c today! Someones weather station must be broken!
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    Manchester METAR forecasting 'heavy rain showers, thunderstorm, heavy rain' any-time up from now to 8pm. http://en.allmetsat.com/metar-taf/united-kingdom-ireland.php?icao=EGCC
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    Ditto the GEFS 6z mean..looking very good..in my opinion.
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    Woke up after a very short sleep, opened the blinds to torrential rain with the skies having a threatening look to them.
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    The SE is going nuts,there are more cells firing up behind the main one keep the info,pics and vids coming in,much appreciated so happy for you all,i hope i will see some activity up this way soon.
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    Storm dying of death as it headed closer to Bath and Bristol second time tonight. Fudge cake.
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    Been working at Mar Lodge Estate for four weeks now.....and haven't needed my waterproofs yet. Bonkers. You just know that as soon as the schools break up it will all go pear-shaped
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    Hi everyone... Just watched BBC1 Midlands news at 10:30. It showed the widespread flooding of homes, roads and railway lines in and around the Bham area. Many areas were under deep water earlier. They also spoke of 60mms of rain falling in an hour in Edgbaston. and Richard H. on the main weather forecast stated that some areas around B'ham have had 4 inches of rain in the last 24 hours. It seems we got off reasonably lightly here and my rate of rainfall, which I thought was high (23mms in half an hour in the end) was only what some experienced for an hour or more.. Truly remarkable when one considers that at 15:00 there was no sign of a shower and by 18:30 it was pretty well all over!!!. . MIA
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    I was born in 92 and this has to be the best May I can ever remember. It’s been fantastic and gives me huge hopes for the upcoming Summer. Said it before, I truly believe this will be a fantastic Summer. Everything seems to be pointing to it. The jet is way north and the warmth keeps reloading. A very warm and settled Summer would be bliss.
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    Well another great week coming up, another very warm BH Monday too!...a continental pattern with sunshine, high temps and then thunderstorms breaking out. Further ahead tonight's Ecm 12z ensemble mean shows the summery weather extending well into early June..long may it continue, the longer the atlantic stays benign the better our summer prospects will become!
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    I was thinking the same thing. It looks like a supercell.
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    No worse than heavy fog. I mean when have you been crushed by Fog???? Fat lady warming up here. Activity beginning to split to the south of us which is pretty well the rule of thumb these days.
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    Evening @Paul R Yes, we’ve had quite a pleasant little storm here this evening.
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    The cell around Chester and south Wirral has produced sferics.
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    It's going to be interesting to see how much rain gets recorded falling in Brum. Just torrential downpour after another, with the horizon disappearing each time.
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    Nice! That mortgage must have set you back a bit but worth it for the views I'm sure.
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    Let’s hope so @Chris.R Lets hope that this is one to remember for all of the right reasons, and not a huge bust. Lol
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    Definitely getting going now, 1st storm of the year
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    What’s everyone’s thinking of this? I’m feeling hopeful again. They are building so fast right in front of my eyes but I don’t think the cap wants to be broken atm!!
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    It does here too although that could be because the haze has finally cleared to leave blue skies which we didn’t have yesterday. 20.7°C.
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    Edinburgh literally the only place in Scotland where its cloudy, its actually cold here !
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    Another lovely sunny start to the day but again you need to be in the sun to enjoy it. 13c with a notable easterly breeze around 20mph.
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    I assume you are therefore ok with with your personal taxation being increased significantly* to cover the cost of long jail sentences for the lowest level of crime? Note I'm not specifically arguing against you here (or on specific cases), just asking general questions based on you proposing a 5 year jail term for anyone in possession of a knife# without good reason (?? even if they had no intent to use it in criminal activity) to see whether you'd considered all the factors involved. In Scotland we've massively reduced knife crime (and violent crime in general) for a hell of a lot less cash than what you've proposed. No increases in sentencing length were required. I can recommend that approach (although I warn you its rather centre-left), but if you want to go for the tougher sentencing, an additional EVEL English personal income tax for it would be the obvious way to cover the costs. Certainly, the burden here should not be spread UK-wide for what is a devolved area. Is all I'd like to add really. -- *I ask this as those who demand longer jail terms and many more police officers often demand lower taxes simultaneously, i.e. they want to spend 'someone else's money' on fixing a problem. #Such an approach would undoubtedly increase criminal activity in general by creating huge new swathes of people unable to find work due to criminal records / 5 years out of the work & training cycle. So the long term cost, indirectly, could run into the millions per case, as they re-offend where they previously might not have done.
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    Just seen a few MAN inbounds hurriedly going in via Buxton/Macclesfield direction, quite eery watching their navigation lights with the lightning lighting up the clouds in the distance. The sun is just beginning to rise here now making the far-away strikes harder to see but if the sferics hold along it's current path then another hour and a half it'll be overhead. Camera is all charged and ready.
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    Currently in Harpenden, all I can say is WOW!!
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    We've had lightning mainly to the south of us for the past 1 to 2 hours, now it is becoming more widespread, surrounding us a bit more and the heavier rain has just started, sounding a bit more solid as I write, so I reckon there is hail with it. However not much thunder as yet, so that part must still be a way off but we are getting flashes every few seconds.
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    Constant lightning and deep high up rumbles to my south and west. No rain yet. Been like this for about an hour
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    Can’t believe I’m missing the storms at home! There’s been some lightning and thunder here in Oxfordshire but quite distant. Very windy.
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    On a par with July 18th storm last year, maybe even better, although not every strike is being picked up on lightningmaps I notice.
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    I love these times, when the weather affects a large swathe of our region.
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    Holy ——! This rain is extreme! The amount of lightning, coupled with the continuous booming thunder, is absolutely surreal.
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    I can emphasize with that Mike , sometimes I think I'm like the old Hollies song King Midas in reverse ,eg everything I touch turns to cr..p
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    Pretty much, but no charts etc. Think I have a photo somewhere!
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