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    Just home after a fairly ropey bus journey! Easily up there with the heaviest falls we've had all winter! By my reckoning the 2nd heaviest fall by depth! Just shy of 4 inches and still falling!
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    Flipping heck, was surprised by this on the run to work this morning. Heavy wet snow, lying well down to about 100 metres and compacting onto the roads.
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    About 5 or 6 inches up here now. Hard to tell for sure as it's blowing around a fair bit. Yesterday was easily the best snow event here of the winter (but not the best quality snow) and today only seals that accolade further As has been the case for most of the past eight years or so, our heaviest snow of the season has come from frontal events after the spring equinox. Anyway I've just been out to fill the bird feeders, and it's brutal in that wind. Ski goggles mandatory! With snow forecast to fall all bloody day, a freeze overnight and then sunshine and blue skies tomorrow.......it's got the makings of a Lomonds classic. Can't wait!
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    Yep, dead lambs up in the Lomonds today Our road is completely blocked for the second time in four weeks. Usually it happens every few years! But the very low sun came out just as it was setting and cast East Lomond in the weirdest light. Looks so inviting!
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    Some great images today. You’ve had a year for the ages @101_North Reporting on from Lusaka, Zambia where it was a lovely 26c on arrrival this afternoon and I’m sitting out in a tshirt having a beer!
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    PG junior (the youngest snaw addict in the wee hoose) was well chuffed to see this falling this morning. The last of the neverending winter? Beats the sleety p*sh we endured for much of yesterday. Currently 0.4C/0C and it's SNAWING!!!!
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    Surely enough by now? It was -0.5C in the car and sat in the traffic for an hour by IKEA was erm, well fine. Watching guys digging out cars in front on the inclines. Four snow ploughs, with drivers' faces either glee at the late play in the snow or resignation (that was the guy in the one in traffic at Penicuik). Just over two and a half hours for a journey that is do-able in normal rush hour at 1hr10. Cats specatularly unhappy. Fifteen birds round the feeder, pet pheasant and his missus (Edward and Tubbs) looking miserable under the Scots Pines. It's all wrong!
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    Light dusting of snow in Inverness this morning but melting very quickly. Surrounding hills are very white and picturesque, especially when the sun comes out between the snow showers that have been the general theme of the day. Really does feel more like the end of February than the start of April. Some snaps of Ben Wyvis and surrounding hills from the A835 just outside Maryburgh.
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    Certainly seeing how a SSW in late February then ruins the early / mid part of spring when it comes to average / warmer weather. Some members did warn of this back in Feb. Whilst repeated Easterlies is interesting from a synoptic point of view, I am over cold now personally. Give me 20c and sunny.....please!
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    Starting to ease off now! Ended up with 11cm. Incredible for 4th April Leaving work early was a good call - had great fun with the kids for (surely) the last time! They wanted to make a snow 'Shrek' as they watched the movie earlier in the day
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    It's all gone a bit nuts up here since the wind picked up a few hours ago. Even the icicles are scared of the wind.
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    ironically it is the whitest it has been here durimg this spell right now and didnt expect that yesterday i drove from Perth to Falkirk to Straiton and back to Perth in a kind of circle and the differences in snow in different areas was remarkable.... Auchterarder really is some kind of weird micro climate that always seems to do very well yet it is only 12 miles from. Perth and 90m higher at 100 ASL.... kids are actually. not phased by snow now that's a sign we have seen a lot falling this winter if not always givimg. significant depths..... its weird not hearing excited yelps at flakes falling from the sky lets hope they are back next winter after a glorious summer. Great ending to a hard story @More Snow heres to many snowy weathers together with the 🍽
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    A cold end to the Ecm 00z with another Easterly!..the excitement in here is...non existent!!
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    Both ECM and GFS showing the trough splitting over the Uk through the weekend, with one arm of the jet diving far to the south and another weaker arm moving SE through Scandi, allowing for substantial height rises to form to our north ushering in an easterly feed as we start next week, with the signal thereafter for heights to remain very strong over Greenland hence a north easterly feed could form. So nothing overly warm in the outlook despite a little bit of heat come Friday/Saturday in SE parts. However, it does look like we should see some more settled conditions, which will be welcomed by all on the back of a run of very unsettled April days. Typing this with snow falling outside, certainly is an extended winter season this year. Unfortunately April and May see northerlies and easterlies at their yearly maxim and both month can be dominated with northerly and easterly airstreams, the former always brings chilly conditions,the latter sometimes cold sometimes something much warmer - compare likes of May 1996 and May 1998/2006 (first half) for example.
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    Paused briefly on the way hame tae take a picture and make a wee video. A68 fala aboot 3 pm. It was mainly wet and slushy this side of Soutra apart from above 250m or so, but that's all changed in the last hour. Absolute white out with huge fat flakes and accumulating quickly now at fort SS. VID-20180404-WA0005.mp4
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    Although tbf it is supported to a certain extent on the GEFS with a cold clustering, here's to a cold showery outbreak and hopefully 15c maxes in summer with slate grey skies and a raw nagging breeze.
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    Just sleety pish here. Not far inland quite a bit of snow. Here is the A9 at Auchterarder and the A822 at Amulree also in Perthshire.just a few minutes ago!
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    White but slushy mess at home, not nice under foot. Some beautiful sky's this evening, and the pool stuffed Manchester city.
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    Great pic 101. Here's Currie Kirk earlier, just visible through the snow covered trees.
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    I’m stuck in Birmingham Airport as all flights to embra are delayed I'm not happy, in fact I'm quite sad :-)
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    Great work ! You deserve a break now before we start again in November (hopefully) ! I'm off to sunny Moray golfing tomorrow and weekend. Should be an interesting drive up through the Highlands.
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    I think that it was 1975 that had no Spring. Snowy Easter and the famous early June snow then a good Summer followed. I was working in Speyside in early April with 45cms snow lying and later skied the Coire Cas at Cairngorm on the late May bank holiday. Spring 1976 was sunny and dry with May being mild.
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    Cracking snowfall there- Nearly 5 inches out there! Enjoy guys - ECM had -9c over the SE at day 10!!
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    Still piling down here, and the elect keeps going off. Husband ready to emigrate. The A7 still has the odd car going by but very slowly, I think the moor must be dodgy in that wind.
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    It's on it's way! Even if I have build it myself. Kids have seen so much snow this year they can't be arsed LOL
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    Currie / Balerno right back where they belong this winter ! And snowman time surely...
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    @HawesyCan keep them! I am seriously in need of some heat and sun now. We are fast approaching halfway through spring and it definitely hasn't sprung yet! The last 'year without a spring apparently was 1976 which led to a fabulously hot summer. I would happily forfeit spring if I was guaranteed one of those! Farmers must be really struggling with this.
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    Yes. Was quite surprised when a got up at 7.30am. Can honestly say that it hasn't stopped all day but luckily of the sleety variety as there hasn't been much in the way of accumulation.
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    Could this be the last '3 cheers' for @Hawesy's wet baws?
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    Getting an utter pasting here! Bloody surreal this :)!
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    Yes. This one is at 100mtrs just West of Aberfeldy. As the person who took the photo said perhaps white cars should have their lights on and clear their rear windscreens. The second picture is a little higher just South of Aberfeldy on the road to Crieff. Looks very similar to Northern Straths road picture posted earlier. Still sleeting away here. Anyone from higher NW parts of the city have snow?
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    Good Morning all. Well... yet another snowy surprise when waking up this morning! Just a dusting here in town, but a few cms up on the hill. I 'think' this might be the latest I've seen snow lying here... I can certainly remember it lying at the end of March in the past few years (for a few hours!) and I reckon this will probably be gone later. Echoing what Edo said, I'm not exactly 'tired' of it by now, but it's starting to lose its novelty somewhat. However, am off for the Easter holidays this week, so don't really mind it Tim
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    Thank goodness the 00z EC was a cold outlier at day 10, not sure many would relish the cold easterly it offers for mid-month Fairly good agreement from GFS + EC ops and ensemble guidance for a block to develop to the north and trough over mainland Europe allowing easterly to develop from day 7 But hopefully the easterly will drag in milder air sourced from SE Europe rather then cold air from NE Europe!
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    I have taken the shovel, duvet, water and chocolate out of the car already. How foolish was I thinking that winter is over?! Going home at 4.30pm might be interesting up over the hills....
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    Good timing today sheep in off field and lorry arrives five minutes later,sheep loaded clean and off to Skye before 9.00am. However driver who has been coming here for nearly 40 years with the sheep said that in most years farms carry forward a surplus of feed from one year to the next but this year there is none almost everywhere.He said that if the summer is poor again and little feed is conserved there will be a mass sell off of livestock from the N and W of Scotland in the autumn. He also said he had never seen our road so muddy. With everything being so backward I have been telling friends for a while that this will be an historical spring .Even on my local forecast on here for next week night time temperatures will not be conducive for grass growth. I think too with a southerly tracking jet probably accentuated by a sleepy sun then above may come true. Currently 2c Just looked at the model thread and their is a chance of more cold weather mid month!!!!!!
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    Yes Frosty it's interesting we keep seeing these repeated attacks from Scandi/Siberia .is this still being caused by the SSW. at end of Feb? Seen more in the last few weeks than the last decade,very unusual. Shame most posters disappear in early spring to witness it.Respect to you and Summer Sun for posting throughout. the year.
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    Certainly firming up on another easterly (trending colder over time if the euro trough stays solid). Well supported on spreads, ens and ops.
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    Looks terrible again. Plenty of flooding around here from the incessant rains the last week....nothing on the model output suggesting spring will arrive proper. If anything it looks to be getting cooler again. Yuck.
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    Starting to settle now beside Edinburgh Airport.
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    A proper 'late in the game' miss from the Met Office this one!
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    . . . And here is the latest weather from our intrepid outside reporter . . .
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    Fairly heavy wet snow now in Edinburgh City Center - miserable stuff altogether! Seriously considering ditching the office and working from home this afternoon! If nothing else the view from the window would be better
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    Turning heavier. Picture of Lanark road near the Ricci.
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    Grrrr - and I'm stuck in town with increasingly heavy, sleety muck!
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    Looks like it's turned to wet snow here in Edinburgh City Center.
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