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    It’s clear that Easter barbecue’s are off the agenda this year could see a second wave of cold for Easter mon/Tuesday behind a dropping low which would be a pretty snowy feature over northern hills and could well run a track which brings more of the country into play. Gavin’s Azores ridge next week looks to have been cancelled, along with the rest of March springtime...........
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    I remember winters where we got uber excited with uppers of -5c .................
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    This is all a bit crazy but it's what the models are showing so I will keep my cold hat on a little while longer (I normally flip to warm by the middle of March!!!). ECM clusters 1 April - unanimous on a flow from Greenland or even further north (and this is no April Fool)
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    Looking at the 00z runs, winter to return with a vengeance through the second half of next week with snow looking increasingly likely and potentially further wintry reloads extending beyond easter..for a coldie wanting to squeeze out as much wintry potential as possible at this time of year, it's wonderful to see charts like the Ecm / Gfs 00z show this morning..fingers crossed coldies!!❄❄❄❄❄❄❄
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    ECM trends towards that 18z solution @144-168 but not a full swing, however certainly colder with a channel runner- plenty of time for more significant upgrades - as if -8/-10 wasnt enough...
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    Absolutely sensational Gfs 6z operational with another Beast in early april with snow for the s / e..astonishing stuff!!❄❄❄❄❄❄..Easter looks very cold
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    IKON 06z120 makes a swing to potential deep cold with more SE trajectory on atlantic energy V more eastward on the 126 00z
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    What an outrageous 6z. FI but its gaining support. Easter Sunday snowman anyone?
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    Yet another cracking run from GFS 06z Nothing 'marginal' there! Never mind Gavin (SS) summer will come eventually.....
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    A bit late but we had an additional 8cm or so of powdery snow by Monday morning, bringing the depth on one car to 18cm, possibly slightly from blowing off roofs but it was at least 15-16cm on the coldest surfaces. It was surprising how much it reduced in the sunshine on Monday though.. and yesterday it mostly went apart from drifts/shaded remnants. It actually seemed to drift more than the 1st March locally (though it had a bit longer without the freezing rain), I didn't see it being whipped up off the fields at home then like it was on Monday Morning for a while. Here are some pictures I've got round to sorting. The 1st pic is the start of the main snow on a local hill, at which point I decided it was a good idea to go home. Pictures 2-5 are at home on Sunday/Monday, and picture 6 is drifts on the same local hill later on Monday. Also it was nice beach weather at Sidmouth I'd say this event gave more snow than the 1st March on the best surfaces (but showed the difference with warmer ground/road temps at lower levels) Min of -3.4C yesterday and today with the ground nice and cold now lol.
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    A very interesting set of ensembles, key points: 1) The high to our north is set to become more influential early next week with cold pooling over Scandinavia 2) Support is growing for another cold easterly. The control in addition to the OP shows a cold easterly 3) There is a risk that low pressure could just get stuck meaning the UK doesn't see any cold air 4) However given the ensembles were slow to catch up last time we had an easterly, I get the feeling something is afoot....
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    I saw it but chose not to respond during it, but what I would say is that nobody here knows what other members here are going through, be it illness of themselves or family members, perhaps lost their job, maybe even just lonely. Some members have chosen to share their problems/illnesses which is great if others can support them, I for one would be very sad to have the great community we have here reduced to only weather related comments, i think all of us have been cheered up by the joking aound we do sometimes, i know that sometimes when i feel very lonely and miss southernman and feel that being ill is unfair as well, i can always rely on a laugh in this thread.And yep I'm sure I would have got myself banned as well.
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    Thanks to all the above!! What got my goat ( Sorry Lassie, yes I've got one too!!), is the member concerned has been on this forum, for a far shorter period of time, than some of us on here. They obviously don't understand the concept, of a community based thread!! Their comments were overly patronising and condescending!! And I really shouldn't get riled about it, as some of you know, I have plenty more important things to worry about!! I have a post to get through on the Sports Zone, anyway. Sorry mods, had to be said. So members of this thread, you talk about, what you want to and ignore, this individual!! Regards, Tom.
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    Last night the Op was on the cold side of the mean towards the end of the month and into April now the control has joined in The mean does look marginally higher around Easter take April 1st last night it was -5 this morning it is around -3 00z 18z
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    Morning @TomSE12 glad to see you're fighting fit today A touch of frost around early but also some cloud which again put pay to sunrise, still some nice reflections on the beach at Greatstone though.
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    Morning all. Crikey!! Thought I was in a scene from Ray Bradbury's, "Fahrenheit 451" ( See WEATHER related), on here, yesterday morning!! Those members. that have non-related weather books indoors, be careful the "Thought Police", don't turn up, confiscate them and burn them all. ( You can't miss them, they'll be dressed in black and white stripped uniform.) I've been "baited" twice in just over a week, by this individual!! Yes, I do know Cheltenham, is in Gloucestershire and not the S.E, Sherlock!! And how I can be accused of "enticing" members to gamble, when mentioning a Cheltenham "Tipping Competition", is beyond me!! If JennyJane reads this, I'm sure she'll confirm that no money changed hands, it was just a bit of "virtual" fun!! My next Fantasy tipping competition will be at the U.S.Masters in, Augusta, Georgia. I know, not S.E.England but in the S.E. of the U.S.A, (Does that count) My next project will be the Grand National meeting, near Liverpool, in the N.W. of England, Sherlock. But don't worry, it won't appear on here. I'll be a good member and keep it on the Sports Zone forum!! Sorry, rant over!! Did any of you see, one of these little fella's, on the news this morning? (Sorry,only slightly weather related ) Colette wants one but already has a polar bear, Uncle Svarlbad, in the cupboard!! ) Very cute. In WEATHER related news, some overnight runs still hinting at a possible, "White Good Friday". Hope you all have an enjoyable day but keep it WEATHER related, people!! Regards, Tom.
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    Glad I missed whatever happened, as I may have gotten myself banned. I've always liked Tom, and saw nothing wrong with his game, during Cheltenham, was just fun.
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    Good morning k where is your analysis this morning. Do I have to check the models and work things out for myself? Come on lad little S can manage without you for 10 minutes!
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    Absolutely. There's always people out to stop other people having a nice chat, ok its supposed to be weather related but there's only so much weather you can talk about.
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    @Hawesy Er, so I'd be packing the waterproofs and thermals if I were you! I may have overdone it a wee bit on the auld autumnal snawdance this year...
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    EPS mean backing the op - another step in the right direction.
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