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    Lol, @More Snow, do you have a shortcut key for inserting 'epic snow on again'? Show off! I thought it was going to snow here this morning, but no, it was just some ash from next door blowing over the hedge. I took a drive out to where I thought it was snowing (on the radar) but by the time I got there, it had stopped. Can't make it up really. And the bloody Co-op is running out of fresh stuff! I put a few pics from this afternoon in the photo thread. Here they are anyway. Up by Glascarnoch, the wind chill was still nasty, after half an hour it felt like my face was getting pulled off. Loch Glascarnoch has pack ice at the west end. A warning to folk re icicles - don't stand under them! I nearly got speared by one today, that would have been goodnight...
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    Just wanted to say thanks to everyone for contributing over the past week, been an enjoyable, historic spell of weather which I doubt I'll ever see again.
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    Both the GFS and UKMO are similar at T144 hrs. Low approaching from the sw about to phase with the low to the north or ne. Still issues with shortwave energy coming down sw from Iceland. This stops a cleaner pull south of colder air but could still change at this timeframe . Several outcomes are still possible for next weekend . Wet and windy mild for most. Wet windy and mild in the south and central areas colder further north with snow. Dry and cold in the north , snow over central areas, wet and mild in the south. Snow in the south fringing into central areas, dry and cold further north. Those outcomes are down to the different tracks of the low, they are also effected by phase point of low to the sw and to the n or ne.
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    Each suite has growing evidence of high anomolys to our north/northwest
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    Thick fog here this morning, classic sign of warmer air moving in. I say warmer, it’s 2C lol but the snow is slowly thawing. Not much dripping, not much wind either. Hopefully, we will see some sunshine soon. That was an interesting week, to see 3 consecutive ice days was remarkable, considering the time of year. Maybe we will see a run of colder winters start to appear?
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    It's going to require temps in the low 20s upwards for me to get my legs out
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    A little story about Jacob Rees Mogg:
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    Steady thaw continues here, nothing too dramatic. A real good snow event here, just short of the 2010/2013 events in the end so not "historic" for Portsmouth - but very glad to see a proper SW event as they are so elusive. Hope we don't have to wait another 5 years for another!!
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    You win for being the first to stay on topic of the weather.
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    South easterly will dump loads on me if it's right ,marra on the other hand is fooooooooooked ,lol
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    The inevitable drip drip has commenced, temps have risen above freezing for the first time since Tuesday evening.. I can tell because the icicles outside the window disappeared an hour ago. This morning brought light snow, giving a dusting, becoming a little heavier and wetter just before noon, a sign milder uppers mixing with the cold surface air. The sun is now breaking through and will do quick work on the snow, given it has much more oomph to it now, than in the depths of winter, and a reminder we are in early March. Thankfully we have lost the biting wind, which made Thursday and yesterday so raw. Outlook remains very mixed bits of rain and sleet here and there, wet snow for the higher tops, temps a bit below par. All quite uninspiring, and I suspect this thread will be very quiet in the days ahead. Longer term chance we may see some low level snow later in the week, and possibly around the 12th as the trough anchors through the UK and we pull in colder uppers on its rear flank. As we progress through March, northerly airstreams become our best bet for low level snow, that and cyclonic features becoming slow moving from the south bumping into the cold air, with the cold digging down from the north or north east or battleground scenarios with fronts stalling and the cold air holding on think March 1996 and 2006 but these become less likely once we get past the middle of the month. Easterlies unless they have a very cold set of uppers associated with them, tend to bring grey cloudy drab raw days, think March 2001 and March 2006. I find March a rather trying month overall, caught in the middle, a bit like September and increasingly October.. you cling onto winter knowing you shouldn't and you long for summer knowing its quite some time off, like in Sept when you cling onto summer but also look forward to those crisp cold frosty days which never tend to come until November..What is good about it, is the thought of May and June to come - a superb time of year!
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    The SSW thread, not sure what language they post in their, can't make head nor tail of it
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    That's me done then. Next time you'll see the little fella to the left will be when there's another 'beast' coming. Was excellent for some, but not for all, so it doesn't make the EPIC list. Sorry 2018, you had your chance, and blew it. Although, no, you didn't blow it half well enough, to join 47, 63, 78 and 82. Must try harder. It's the end of the season now, very few opportunities left to redeem yourself!, so you've only got the start of next season to play for! Get on that training pitch, and practise your defence, cos the way that mild attack went past you, you should be ashamed of yourself! Now get down and give me 50 press ups!! Oh well done on beating Cardiff though! That was a really good performance! OK, make it 25 press ups!
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    Like extremes too, snow and cold is great as long as it doesn’t go on too long. Love summer warmth, thunderstorms and convection in general. Spring is interesting as can have all sorts of weather. Autumn can be a bit boring but nice when cold and frosty. As long as there’s plenty of sunshine, whatever the season, I’m happy
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    Just placed some seeds out for this hungry chap. Any ideas? Not see this before, only seem to have Robin's and Magpie's
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    still snowing here,just done a walk to asda and back,main routes ok but side roads awful,would be nice to squeeze one more snow day from school Monday! Am I being greedy?!
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    Thawing rapidly here. A black slushy mess out on the main road and its side pavements. Still plenty of snow here in our street and garden but amazing how the 6/7 inches just collapses. The drifts of over a foot are fast diminishing. Amazing how the water content comes out. A great week in here. Thanks to all for input, photos, banter, etc. Right the horse racing just started from Lingfield. Fuller thoughts later.
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    I know you put the R into Ramp lol but I agree with you and this winter was the turning point, not because we had a cold spell, but because from now on, we will really start feeling the affects of low solar activity.
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    Just had our heaviest shower for some time with powder flakes and the temp dropping a degree or so. Left a cm or so in about 5 to 10 minutes. Still going but lighter and Back to small flakes now.
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    Forgot to say, had a 6 hour power cut last night, got out the candles, lit gas hob to keep warm! back to the old days. I know how the kids feel as I really missed my media.!!
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    bird count yesterday, not usually see in my patch, 5 redwings digging in gravel drive for bugs, 1 lapwing, and 1 goldcrest. Thaw really set in now. Goodbye snow! has been very entertaining on this very friendly forum.
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    Another couple of inches here overnight, my snow clearing effort was for nowt time to start over again. Here’s hoping that rain the Beeb are forecasting for tomorrow melts it all and we can get back to normal (sorry I know some don’t want it to go, but I’ve had my fill of it) temps allegedly up to 9c with sun Monday
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    Can comfirm it's getting heavier and settling
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    I’m stuck with sleet and snow. And all I want is a nice sunny day to go and do my garden
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    It’s great for keeping in touch with relatives overseas etc but I agree it has plenty of attention seekers.
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    Looks like the models are now firming up on a lot of unsettled often colder than average conditions for the next 10-14 days, with no jet stream to steer the weather could be a lot of rain around with snow confined to hills in the north and sometimes further south but low ground will need to hope for fronts encroaching into colder air. I’m ready for some spring warmth now and I’m off for a taste of it in Cyprus a balmy 22oC there next week and I’m flying Wednesday.
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    Me too was hoping it would all melt, now it wants to add more
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    I hated geography. History I got a A* and bunked human biology. Lol
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    I love heat and I’m a bit of a sun junky when it comes to sunbathing. I’m going back to Vietnam in June. When I was there in June last year, the heat and humidity was quite extreme. On one day when I was there, the local airport (Danang) was reporting a temperature of 38c and a dewpoint of 28c. That was the most oppressive heat I’ve ever encountered in south east Asia.
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    You know full well the data shows forcings not EVER recorded before with both the increases of co2 over time and the rate of change of temps across the arctic. Let us not forget , however conveniently, orbital forcing had been , and still are, set to cool the far north so the increases in temp across the region first had to overcome this forcing before it could ever begin to bring about the wholesale destruction of the ice volume we have witnessed so far. Folk will question just why , when the data/information is there and plain for all to see ,you seek to dissemble? We see every single cryospheric agency/expert expressing their horror at what we are witnessing yet you glibbly tell us it's all happened before. We have seen the ice go before but only when forcings were such as to allow this to occur be it orbital forcing/orogenic episodes and associated rapid weathering/vegetation evolution etc. The only current forcing is for cooling apart from that which mankind has placed into the environment. With NASA's leading orbital forcings expert happily putting back our next ice age by 2 23,000 yr cycles ( with the possibility that by the end this will be millions of years) talk of 'all happened before' pales. EDIT: T.W.S. I'd agree that we had begun this warm up long before the post war dimming as the calving of the 'T' islands from ward hunt attest to. The resumption, and acceleration, of the warming ( both reclaiming the 'pause' and new increases) has now seen Pacific Diatoms now in the N.Atlantic that are absent from the sediment records for tens of thousands of years but not in pre 1940's core sections? We may well have delayed warming for 40 years but the forcings were still up there and the incoming solar a near constant. The leap in pan evap rates , across the world , post 1980's would suggest that the energy that should have been reaching the surface had been 'intercepted'. Of course we have seen a second phase of this with Asia rapid energy use acceleration so we still do not know just where global temps should be ( NASA , mid noughties ,had up 50% of possible warming being lost to 'dimming') but Chinas headlong dash to clean up it urban atmosphere seem to be showing impact and , obviously, we are not ever going back to the level of dimming seen over dimmed period 1 or dimmed period 2 so temps will continue to rapidly increase even if we stop pumping out CO2 tomorrow! We have modelled ice volumes back to the 1900's and a better idea from the sub data in the late 50's Of that we know we have lost over 70% of the late 50's volume by the 1990's We are now at the runt end and 1 good summer will send us ice free. The changes this will instantly instill both in the Arc tic ocean structure and our global circulation ( plus the impacts this drives on day to day weather) will be all that is needed to show we have not been here since a posible blip at the post ice age climate optimum but , again , much slower and without the loss of the large ice shelves we saw collapse in the 20th century.The vestiges of Ward hunt tell us exactly how long the sheet had been there and uncovered vegatation from retreated sections bring even better dates for their entombment.
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    I'm so looking forward to wooly hats and boots update from Lass and Dami, plus updates on Hubs and Bubs
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    An instresting snippet from Catacols post i've just read, the last time we had a global wave and pressure like this was March 1962............
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    Few websites i have used these few days have been invaluable while models have been mostly wrong. Its hiw i knew storm emma woukd stall in channel and not get further than river dee. And yesterdays occlusion. https://en.sat24.com/en http://xcweather.co.uk/FR/observations And obviously wxcharts been goood winter generally but poorly here. Hopefully may get another shot but if not will see everyone around october.
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    Lots of snow still falling in Aberdeenshire and the northern Highlands by the look of things?
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    Yes just a dusting here but nice to see nevertheless
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    They were really struggling towards the end weren't they!? You can pretty much guarantee these will be available via the Mail in Sunday so not surprised at the contents of the list.
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    And just keeps on intensifying,could be good this,it's like a thunderstorm developing in summer and i am getting excited
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