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    I’m from Liverpool but have been based in Spain since the start of the year. I used to spend a lot of my holidays in Scotland , I love the place and the people. I’m really enjoying seeing these pictures and amazing snowfall your all getting. Continue with the videos and pictures they’re making me smile after feeling a bit home sick. Your a good bunch on here. Wish I was up there now and not in this boring 20 degree heat. Hope you all enjoy the snow and obviously all stay safe out there!!! Keep this great thread going!!!
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    Look, this snow now is bonus snow if you have it! Light snow on and off all day across the region, then the main course later So can you please stop the frankly wrong posts of non event, it’s if nothing else pessimistic, but actually dangerous if people look in here see a post and head out!
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    Today the continuing evolution takes on another phase so best to start with a quick appraisal of where we stand this morning. Currently the is a very severe frost with heavy snow showers still persisting, predominately still in the north/north east But as can be seen from the above fax Emma is getting organized and by 1800 is in the Bay of Biscay moving north as are also the associated fronts with the upper and warm fronts having already encroached the south. In fact the 00 Herstmonceux sounding indicates the approaching front quite well at 600mb These are the bare bones, and sets the scene for what is set to be a day of atrocious and dangerous weather in many areas of the UK today, Heavy snow showers will persist in the central belt of Scotland and further south into north east England with blizzard conditions in the strong wind giving further accumulations and feeling bitterly cold. further south snow showers will also figure, particularly in the east but not as concentrated bu also bitterly cold. Then we come to Emma and the fronts and these are already bringing snow to the south coast This area of snow will then track north and west during the day with blizzard conditions in places in the very strong winds and producing large accumulations of snow, possibly 10-20 cm in many areas and double that on the moors.And remaining bitterly cold all day. Overnight the showers will persist in the north with perhaps the snow in the south west easing but with a significant risk of freezing rain and with the strong winds persisting still feeling bitterly cold. During Friday the squally showers will still persist in the north east with further snow and ice in the south west where the winds will ease somewhat but still feeling bitterly cold apart from Cornwall where the milder air has encroached.
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    Well it would depend on many things such as the angle of the fronts, the actual wind direction and strength at various altitudes and the strength of the frontal uplift etc. Carmarthen might see a reasonable snowfall this time, though all things being equal on occasions like this, it is unlikely to be as much as higher ground to the east most of the time. So for example here is the precipitation across south Wales later this evening, from the Arpege model - The black line is a cross-section from Carmarthen eastwards to Monmouth. Looking at the vertical velocities along this line, the easterly wind flow (from the right hand side) shows strong uplift on the eastern flank of the Brecon Beacons, with descent on the western end through to Carmarthen (at the left hand edge) - The descending air warms (not shown here but 850 temp varies roughly between -8°C and -2°C) and dries out, shown in the relative humidity cross-section - This drier air limits precipitation forming, and also evaporates or sublimates snow falling into it; the fall speed of the flakes from upwind to Carmarthen will likely take them on a journey right along the drier section of lower humidity air. (whatever happens, Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Hapus!)
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    Had to be done.... some cool formations on west facing roof
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    No showers reaching here now. Had a go at getting to work but even with winter tyres on the old Skoda I gave up as it was starting to drift. Wind really got up now and drifting significantly. Pics from around 9am.
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    Hats off to MetO as I think they got this pretty much spot on. Good response too from the Council, despite the vitriol on the twitter when they announced schools were closing!
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    Enjoy this while it lasts as can feel the M4 snow shield upgrading its firmware to M4iOSJellybean2.0 as we speak might be a long time before we see something along these lines
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    This is Allhallows this morning. Basically cut off, as are many villages on the peninsula. My sister is a nurse and lives in High Halstow on the peninsula and says that nurses etc are being offered lifts for work by 4×4's.
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    Dead easy for us bunch of amateurs to moan about the met office given their responsibility to the whole country. Easy, but unfair. If there is a clear screw up that was obvious at the time the forecast was made then fair enough to criticise. Otherwise, not. It's the weather.
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    I think we've possibly beaten 2010, certainly the most snow I've ever seen fall over just 24 hours.
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    This is outside my mate's farm in shotts, near to harthill and the road is now became completely impassable. They're out trying to help stranded motorists but the drifts are absolutely ridiculous. Total carnage and the strong winds are set to make it worse right through the night.
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    Latest radar looking menicing - If you get in the circle zone then inches & inches of snow will fall....
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    You’re banned! The same thing happened a few days back, a lot of misery peddling by some in the threads because the damn App said no. And then more moaning about the weather warnings when as we’ve seen the weather doesn’t behave according to a weather warning. Anyway that’s my last word on Appgate!
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    once again for people asking The forecast is for storm Emma to track up up the SW of britain The large clump of PPN that everyone can see on the radar is going to push up with it Some models take the eastern side of the PPN up through the shires, some further west- However we are not really looking at that YET We should be looking along to the east of the main band to see if any instability builds in the form of showers 12-4 pm HERE
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    Sledging at Cathcart Castle golf club and can see all the snow over the Campsies
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    Emma has landed and is in the mood for snow. Baltic on Dartmoor snowing heavily and down to -4.7c
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    Canny get ootside at all - nae wellies! and the snaw is way over the top of my boots! NOT HAPPY lol
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    need to start digging out again. Earlier effort filled in wi new snaw
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    The GFS 06 hrs run is now developing that Channel shortwave , this will delay the push north of less cold air into the UK. It doesn’t however manage to separate this from remaining attached to the main upstream low. To extend the cold further you need that to separate cleanly and work towards the Low Countries. Alternatively work back nw with enough energy splitting from it eastwards. I think for the timebeing it’s best to remain dubious of a quick return to less cold conditions for most of the UK. The main jet is still heading towards Africa and there’s very little momentum from the sw.
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    It's gone bonkers up here now. How odd that as soon as the red warning was announced, our snow stopped. And as soon as it expired, our heaviest snow for two days has started falling ;-)
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    Just to clarify things a bit more , the main uncertainty isn’t with the low itself. The expansion east in some models isn’t because the sw is being downgraded in terms of snow . Its in relation to the strength of some fronts ahead of the main low. I think what’s happened is some mixed messages so as some members further east have been happy to see that expansion the impression might have been it’s because of a change in the track of the low .
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    Seen reports of freezing rain in Bournemouth, which is causing glazing on all surface, which will make it lethal, seems that temps further east are holding low enough aloft even near the coast for mostly snow. However, heavier snow seems to be struggling to get too far inland atm, perhaps because the surface is so dry further east, thanks to proximity of dry feed with low DPs off near continent, that heavier snow with higher water content is perhaps evaporating and not reaching the ground, but small flakes are. Certainly may explain heavier stuff struggling to get inland for now.
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    Holy crapola! My windows have completely frosted over! This is weird as hell!
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    And yes the other 2 for the South East were indeed 01st-02nd Feb 2009 17-18th December 2010
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    Until I clicked on the picture I thought it was the classic train clearing the snow picture from winter 62/63 . Nice photo what height roughly would those drifts be
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    it will get 10 miles south of Crewe before it spots the turn left sign and says F**K You NW England C.S
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    Radar suggests Mother Nature may be about to even things out after 5 largely snowless winters!
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    “It’s cold out there every day”
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    Seen a jogger go by earlier, I'd like to lose a few pounds myself but I ain't nuts enough to go out jogging in this weather!
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    At 1800 Lake Vrynwy max -5.1C Sennybridge -4.6C http://www.met.reading.ac.uk/~brugge/18.html
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    This is where my sister stays near Dublin, Ireland. It was on sky news, they are getting absolutely pasted with snow just now. She will send me pictures soon. It’s great to see many areas across the UK and Ireland having some epic snowfalls
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    One thing I have noticed is that Hollywood got it completely wrong... "The Day After Tomorrow" is in fact the day before tomorrow......lol
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    Woke up to a blizzard and deep drifts! what a brilliant spell of weather!
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    One daughter school is closed, other daughter school is open. Phoning open school to see if they'll have them both I've got sledging to do, can't have them under my feet
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    Normally so annoying when you wake in the middle of the night for a pee but awesome tonight! The snow is coming in sideways. Had 12inches at 8pm (near Peebles). Earlier tyre tracks are covered on the road so I'm thinking there must be a few more inches already. Don't want to be the mad neighbour out at 4.30am measuring so will have to wait until the morning to update. Family arrived from Belfast yesterday a good few hours before M80 became blocked, they're amazed with the snow. Unfortunately, husband stayed in Edinburgh as needs to be in work, hopefully he'll.get home on Fri! -I'm a lurker normally but it's been brilliant past few weeks reading everyone getting excited and then now the snow has arrived reading all the posts!
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    Never mind feet deep snaw, inches deep snaw or cm deep snaw how about plantpot deep snaw! Next band incoming on radar
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