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    @Norrona2015, do you not get the impression yet that you are largely talking to yourself? Especially with the new tactic of quoting yourself all the time. Slow down, you'll burn yourself out even before Nicola announces a second referendum, that's 9 post already today and it isn't even midday yet. I lost count yesterday! As for giving answers, well for one, most of us that post in here have been at it since before the first Indy ref, we've heard all the arguments and anti-SNP stuff before, repeatedly, and addressed them numerous time, we're tired of doing so. Secondly, it's blatantly obvious that if we did address them you'd not listen, your anti-independence fervour is just too great. Lastly, most of us just don't have the time, even if we had the inclination.
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    Many of Europe's most successful companies (per head, at any rate) are based in Scandinavia, one of the highest taxed regions in the world. Companies require people, specifically highly educated, healthy and happy people in order to deliver the best work force they can. This is something free-marketeers refuse to acknowledge - and an excessive, fast-paced race to the bottom will leave us all vulnerable, poorer and eventually out of work. Oh, and corporation tax isn't devolved, so I'm not sure what on earth you seem to think slightly higher income tax on the very highest earners or a revaluation of business rates has to do with whether or not English based companies would relocate to Scotland in the event of WTO tariffs or even the simple loss of financial passporting.
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    The last figures for EU immigration were already down. We know people are leaving / not coming any more in key sectors such as higher education / R&D and the NHS. Further evidence of the great British brexodus being already underway in earnest. Brexiters will be pleased; looks like they're getting their wish without the need to spend a penny of that £350 million on new immigration controls. Might have to e.g. wait a lot longer in A&E though.
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    The GEFs continues it's upstream transition to a GOA ridge and a vortex lobe N. Canada leading downstream to a zonal Atlantic with faint ridging to the SW and S. As of last evening some indications of a Scandinavian trough late in the day which may, repeat may, be reflected in some Pm incursions. Meanwhile back at the ranch not a great deal to report with the transition of the high pressure from the east to the south west and south and the westerly flow promoting Atlantic incursions around the ridge. Ergo mainly dry in the south with temps around average or above. As an aside this morning's 100mb chart at T360 is not adverse to the vortex/trough influencing the UK.
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    Countries that join the EU must *commit* to adopting the Euro, they don't have to actually do it in order to gain membership of the EU. Further, to be able to adopt the Euro you must first have an independent currency for two years.
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    That post is like a red flag and you must know it. I seriously wonder what your motives are for posting so frequently in here.
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    Hence with the emoji . Sorry there was a bit of sycasm , it couldn't be any worse really
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    Wow it's so quiet in here..I wonder why?..say no more
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    Excellent post, couldn't agree more. All this desperate chasing of cold at 10 days out isn't going to make it actually happen, as this winter has clearly demonstrated. We do not 'deserve' snow, we live on a mild rainy island where snow will always be an occasional (Scotland and high ground) or rare (everywhere else) exception. Unfortunately, fantasy is always better than reality and people will believe what they want to see and then have a meltdown when it doesn't happen!
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    Scotland can not join the Euro, there must first be a Scottish currency, that must then be within the narrow band of the ERM for an absolute minimum of two years before commencing the change. Entering the ERM is of course entirely voluntary. You seem to be operating on the printed press approach to Scotland, repeat the lies often enough in the hope it becomes accepted fact. Fake news is a problem around the world apparently, in Scotland the MSM is the fake news and it's the truth they see as the problem.
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    OK, easy question for you then, since you seem to be so certain on the Euro stuff. Sweden joined the EU in 1995, 22 years ago, why do they still use the Krona? Why, in 22 years of membership has the EU not "forced" Sweden to adopt the Euro?
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    No, you are being ignored because you simply copy and paste stories on here from whatever Yoon agency you work for. Your questions have been asked and answered on numerous occasions but you choose to ignore them.
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    So its "Snow people" now, and not snowmen,.................... And people still wonder, how could brexit and trump ever have happened ..lol.
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    I think it is your point rather than mine that is lacking. Every argument has a point, and a reason. You are lacking on both...
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    Aww come on Moki! None of our countries, or our continent, can do that overnight, or even over 10 years. What we need (needed) to do is/was work together on it. Now it's "divided we stand" rather than "united" which won't help any of us...
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    And, "God" knows where you will be led now, by your own government(s) Faith in unity has been proven through the ages, CC. Countries have rarely prospered through isolation. I so strongly agree that the EU is flawed, but most models are (weather ones too!). That's no reason to debunk them completely. Rather we build on them and add our collective wisdom. Europe will, politically, divide and re-divide again, but I believe that it will emerge strong and united from the flux. Shame the UK will not be part of the exciting times...
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    There! there!,it's nice to see people getting out about looking for snow and posting some piccies although it has been a pretty dismal winter here,i managed to get out and head up to Warncliffe woods,and surrounding areas of Bolsterstone and are only a few miles from me so here are my pics from today,ok the snow wasn't deep but it will be memorable as my dog and daughter had fun,and me too Warncliffe woods a wood nere Bolsterstone and my dog and daughter having fun,before the drive back home. P.S,will we have another blast at the end of the month?,watch this space and in the meantime,enjoy spring next week.
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    I can't see anything notably cold towards month end although looking through the 12z gefs clusters thereis evidence of the jet coming south again with some signs of lower temperatures after this weeks warm up. T300hrs groupings for example http://www.weatheronline.co.uk/cgi-bin/expertcharts?LANG=en&MENU=0000000000&CONT=euro&MODELL=gefs&MODELLTYP=2&BASE=-&VAR=cslp&HH=300&ZOOM=0&ARCHIV=0&RES=0&WMO=&PERIOD= and the mean chart Of course at that range the mean smooths out the flow somewhat but some signs of a UK trough there. An even chance of some transient polar maritime shots as mobility increases in week 2 especially further north where some quite cold air is lurking.The overall pattern though just lacking enough amplification for anything more currently.
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    School the best days of your life (not) i can remember it like yesterday most people listening and learning me eyes focused out the window seeing what the weather was doing far more interesting. Like yourself HC i too look in the paper to see how my old teachers are getting on not the obituary part but the crime one only a matter of time until all the bullys and beasts are jailed
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    A few posters saying it felt pleasantly warm today. we had a bit of sun at times but it certainly still felt bitter here with that wind very strong throughout. i don't know whether it was because it was coming from an unusual direction but the wind over the last 36 hours has seemed incredibly gusty around the house and woke me up several times overnight. at least it's dried up though.
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    Maybe even some sunshine for us tomorrow, most of the westies should have a lovely day:
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    Happy with that now, just want the spring. Can't wait to be waiting for Storm chances and camping in Wales again.
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    Just hand over monetary policy to a 3rd sovereign Government? ie rUK? I just can't see how that is INDEPENDENCE?
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    Last night near Aughavanagh co Wicklow circa 200 to 300 mtrs asl @Rocheydub only about 30 miles south of where you currently live
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    @stainesbloke exactly. I now find the ramping on the model forum quite irritating, but thankfully there are some level headed posters on there who keep things realistic. Don't want to mention names but there were a few who made it quite clear that this recent 'beasterly' would be short-lived and deliver little snowfall, and they were correct, credit to them. When I was younger it bothered me I must admit,but I have learned the hard way purely through past experience, I don't feel let down any more because there is nothing to be let down about. I'm not saying it will never snow here in the UK, the potential is always there, but ultimately its more unlikely than likely.
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    Don't you will have me blushing plus didn't know you were like that
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    Don't be daft. Eventually that £350 million a week will be spent on the NHS. Any day now.
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    Even a day that's supposed to be sunny ends up cloudy. Will I ever see the sun again.
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    I went to UK for Xmas and I have to say I was just wearing a light jacket. I usually stay in West Yorkshire and I am always hoping for snow so I am complaining to forces in heaven why they did not give me the white Xmas I wanted Oh well!! I am now praying it snows in Beijing but I doubt it :(...Snow just makes everything so beautiful...and sometimes gives me free days off...;)
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    I suspect there is a danger of this becoming a climate discussion and there is already a climate area where much of this has already been discussed and where discussions are ongoing. This is not to say sea ice is not relevant here, it most certainly is IMO, and I would suggest that this graph, which covers the satellite era, highlights this quite well. We will will have to wait on some post winter analysis to perhaps gain some insight into what the effects have been
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    Officially gave up on snow, probably the earliest ever, my interests have turned to early spring warmth, this winter has been sooooooooo bad.
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    Same here. I am not counting those few flakes the other day. Even March 2013 didn't settle very long.
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    Your obviously dying to make a point. Get on with it.
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    I don't like the way you say "the Europeans". What continent do you live on/in? Or are you content to have an island mentality which is completely infeasible...
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    Until our friends in Europe design a fairer Europe one which eradicates youth unemployment and one which gives a fairer deal to southern members I see nothing but generations of pain on the continent
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    Just when you think that high might shift south it manages to stay put so away from the far north it should be mostly dry and mild till at least D9 or 10
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    Interesting fact about china ,china has poured more concrete in the first 10 years of the new millennium than the US did in the entire 20 th century. PS . Welcome aboard Scarlet
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    Hi there, Scarlet. Lovely to see you on here. I went to Hangzhou a few years ago in January. Everyone warned me how cold it might be, and I packed my suitcase with warm clothes and coats. I ended up walking around the lake and into the hills in my t-shirt and light trousers! It was between 16 and 20c during the days! The pollution was a problem, though, and my eyes were very badly affected and sore. When I flew back from Hangzhou into Hong Kong for a stopover, the yellow pollution haze in the atmosphere was so distinctly visible from the aircraft. I'm not sure that weather is reliable anywhere in the world these days, but has it ever been? Time will tell whether we are experiencing normal variations or the result of the horrid damge we have inflicted on our planet. Do keep posting, I work with a lot of Chinese colleagues and students over here in France and I love to keep in touch with China's news and events. Happy New Year of the Rooster, by the way...
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    To me honest I'm more in favour of those of British descent, many of whom still regard the UK and Ireland as their mother country and I am more ambivalent regarding the remainder, not because of any racial element but being pragmatic I am prepared to accept that the UK is not big enough to accommodate all of the commonwealth but believe that those with family connections should have first crack of the whip.
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    Crikey. That could have come right out of Nigel Farage's book of nonsense verse!
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    No need for a visa system, MiA, The anti-EU/foreigner rhetoric, the precarious economic outlook in the UK following Brexit, and the pervasive right wing sentiment taking hold in England/Westminster will do the job of reducing inward migration fine - to the detriment of the UK, I might add.
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    Having lived in and around London all my life I have always lived in a diverse community and on the whole things have been great . I have a lovely neighbours that are Muslim and are from Algeria and Poland respectively and I would not change them for anyone they are friendly and great . Hopefully they think the same of me . I have noticed though over the years that a general trend has been for the white population to move out of central London to the suburbs this reason mainly given by many that they felt London was becoming a more dangerous place to live due to immigration now I do not share that view but it is one given by many. I also work in London and a very diverse area actually probably the most diverse area you could imagine (Norbury) and on the surface anyway everyone seems to get on great and although quite a deprived area there is a great community that I help with . I know this is going way off topic but I just wanted to state I suppose is I wish and want everyone to get on and I do my part believe me . It is just my opinion that these groups that attack and spread hatred will always be around no matter what and we are better off not mixing further but my fear that this has already become too late and the seeds are sown . Many wish to fight this and want to carry on regardless of attacks on all sides Be it ISIS or any white supremacists and I respect that it is my view but my view is we should contain regulate and try to have an element of control , something I feel we currently don't have . I do really struggle at times to get my opinion across and often replies come back and I get so frustrated as I'm thinking that's not what I am trying to portray . Regards Mark
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    Good Morning Norrona, That is indeed excellent news, but it does not detract from the fact that if, as seems increasingly likely, as stated by a later post on this thread, (re May alienating the EU negotiators) we are unable to secure a trade deal with the EU, we will have to find a market elsewhere in the world twice as large as that which we currently enjoy with the USA to just stand still. Add to this the protectionalist rhetoric spouting from The Donald with America First then one has to query whether the existing trading levels with them will be sustainable. I do, however, admire your optimism and hope that for our nation's future prosperity that it is not unfounded. Kind Regards Dave
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    That does sound fair since the leavers always claim to be so emphatic about democracy.
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    Both sides lying is the perennial argument put up by the leavers to try and excuse their conduct - I'm sorry that does not wash.
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    This doesn't make sense. You'll need to expand. When article 50 is triggered, the UK becomes irrelevant in terms of EU membership decisions. May already has to sit outside the room when important discussions are being held.
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    The tragic thing is that she will most likely sell the NE of Scotland down the river in order to get the best deal possible for the Tory shires. Norrona from rural Aberdeenshire will not feature very high on her list of priorities (and neither will the Scottish fishing industry for that matter). Further, even if you were of the persuasion that immigration is a bad thing for rural Scotland (where depopulation and brain drain have historically been a big problem) her utter failure to reduce immigration as foreign secretary proves she can't even do that very well.
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    Google "street view" is coming to the pistes of the Alps! What a great development - I've often wondered what the pistes (runs) are like when I'm considering visiting a new resort. With this development we'll soon be able to go to Google maps, select the resort and "street view" and move around the pistes from our armchair! I bet the resorts will be wanting conditions to be perfect when Google visits them, with no brown patches in sight! This from the French media: http://www.ledauphine.com/hautes-alpes/2017/02/09/le-google-street-view-trekker-sur-les-pistes The "Google street view trekker" on the slopes In the near future, the virtual tour of most of the Hautes-Alpes ski areas will be accessible from Google maps. A first for the Department. This technology was reserved until now for the great historical sites of the country (the castles of the Loire Valley or Versailles) or abroad. In connection with Google and on the initiative of the Agency of Development of the Hautes-Alpes, the tracks and snowy landscapes of the stations will be digitized thanks to a "Trekker". A 23 kg mobile camera with fifteen lenses that allow 360 ° shots to offer users the possibility of wandering from their computer through the stations. This tool to promote territories was tested this week by the resort of Ancelle using a snowmobile specially equipped for these shots. Back to the here and now, and it continues to be a very reasonable season for resorts in the southern Alps of France and Italy with another moderate fall of snow in the next 48 hours, e.g. Val D'Isere (France) 12 cms and Gran Sasso (Italy) 15 cms. Arpege snow accumulation 48 hrs to Sat 11th Feb
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