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    Mislead, misinformed. It is indeed dumb to forcibly remove yourself from the largest market in the world - a market of which you are a senior member - and then have to negotiate access back to that very same market from a position of weakness. Catastrophically stupid.
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    I was too upset last night to put any coherent thought on screen. We need to realise that borders will not make a huge difference in this instance - France has a very large Muslim population already and its own citizens are being radicalised. Third, fourth and fifth generations might have been expected to have integrated - the opposite is happening - young people, offered the freedoms of the west, have chosen to adopt the repressive culture their ancestors left behind. This is brought about by the digital media age - are we going to close down the internet? Borders have been broken down in the communications field - no need for anyone to cross a physical border to bring death and chaos to his/her native country. No need to import weapons either - plenty deadly ones in our every day lives - as we saw last night. RIP
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    Plenty of interest next week with some exceptional 850 temps penetrating the south coast: http://www.meteociel.fr/cartes_obs/gens_panel.php?modele=0&mode=0&ech=120 Edit: Original image overwritten by subsequent runs, so ignore.
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    You've had most of the last decade of summers to enjoy the cool and cloudy conditions. It's about time us heat lovers had something to enjoy.
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    A respectful moment of serenity... I cycled up this afternoon to a beautiful little hamlet called St. Leger la Montagne. It has a very ancient church which I always like to go into as it's lovely to cool off and have some quiet time in there. I sat on a pew and just let my thoughts drift, and I was quite lost in them. I barely noticed an old man who came in and sat a pew in front of me until he turned to me and said "C'est une monde difficile" (That's a difficult world [out there]). I nodded, and we said nothing else, but it was one of those moments where even complete strangers know what the other is thinking... It's not really the French security system, or religion, or borders, or immigration that is to blame - it's human nature - and maybe that's why we either feel totally fired up about an event like this, or totally powerless. We are fighting ourselves, and the battle is a formidable one. I really hope the political right does not gain anything from this latest murderous atrocity - they had their say in Europe from the 1920s and they achieved only division and bloodshed. That is not what France or Europe or the world needs. We need human beings in power who understand the spectrum of our humanity - pure love and good to pure hate and evil - and who are prepared to embrace the idea that to survive as countries and as a species, we need to embrace the true nature of our humanity. That's all I feel, I have, like our leaders, no way of translating that into policy or action...I wish I had.
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    Indeed I have: the finance racket ripped them off too - just like they did here?? And, no, it has sod-all to do with Brexit!
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    Which, VFM, was the only point I was trying to make...Has the UK's electorate made the right decision? IMO, no-one can know for certain as-yet; only hindsight can ever be 20-20, after all?
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    When you consider that it was a vicious and brutal attack on families, that includes men women and children out enjoying the festivities which occur though out France on Bastille Day you really have to wonder at the mental processes of the attacker(s). His end as a result of police firearms was too good for him and no doubt there will be others around who well be venerating him as a martyr. What a crazy mixed up world this is. Deepest sympathies to those who lost their lives, those who were injured and all their families and friends.
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    Not that surprising. Whilst we were discussing Turkey in relation to the EU, I did say that the military would not allow the "Islamification" of Turkey & were fiercely secular. I just hope that there is no violence & loss of life.
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    OUCH!! No offence or further damage intended Spikecollie In my defence I did say "Lets just hope that this turns into an event that loads of us, from all around the country can enjoy", and not suffer damage as a result
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    And your lot are going to 'protect our borders' are they, just like they have done for the past fifty-years? Oh, give it a rest, please...The Tories have been in power for twenty-eight out of the past forty-one years...How long do you need - eternity?
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    I thought that that was you, CC: aren't all those extra border patrols going to be payed for with the, elastic in the extreme, £350 million per week, that are also going to be spent on the NHS? I guess that some (all?) of the claims made by Brexiteers are about as much use as a chocolate fireguard? Keep on lying!
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    Thankfully this spike of warmth/heat is mainly in southern areas and prob only last 2 to 3 days at most,so I suppose I can stand it for that length of time hopefully,later next week looks much cooler.
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    this policy has been the only option for years and its wearing a bit thin
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    There are a number of reasons why France has become the main target of Islamic terrorism in Europe, most of which are readily accepted, but the one that has hitherto largely gone unchallenged is their very poor and extremely haphazard attitude to internal security. I said as much post Paris and got slated by many, but the disconnect between the police and security services is huge, in effect the left hand has very little idea what the right hand is doing and this scum are all too ready to capitalise on this failing. It has already emerged that this filth was know to the police but not the security services, despite convictions for petty thefts and carrying firearms...yes carrying firearms. Upon conviction for this offence his name should have automatically transferred to the security service watch list, but as with half the terrorist population in Belgium and within other french hotspots like Marseille and Lille this simply didn't happen. In short France should be left with nowhere to hide here, they simply have to put their hands up, accept their enormous failings and start to sort their sheet out pdq, otherwise these atrocities will go on increasing in both number and severity. With regards to Nice specifically, there should have been an outer, central and inner security ring around the event, through which all traffic should have needed to pass, but in the ideal world (and what would have probably happened in UK) there really should have been no traffic allowed within a 1-2km cordon of the event. Let's not forget this was a country on the highest level of security alert possible, with 10's of thousands of military and reservists deployed to counter the threat, yet someone was able to drive a very large vehicle containing weapons and explosives not only into the area but for almost 2kms along a crowded seafront killing and maiming dozens before it was eventually stopped...that is an utter scandal. France has a duty of care both to it's citizens and to those who choose to visit, yet in a matter on months it has allowed the mindless slaughter of over 200 people to take place within it's wide open borders - it's time it was held to account for these failings, it may be too late for the victims but certainly not for their poor families. Edit: Just seen this....oh the irony! http://www.ft.com/cms/s/0/f450b3aa-42aa-11e6-9b66-0712b3873ae1.html#axzz4ETnsZUzX
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    I don't think the question of border controls had anything to do with this incident - the offender has been described as Tunisian/French, so it is likely he never had to cross a border. The French do not have the same strict arms control as we and arms are more freely accessible there. From the circumstances of this outrage I am suspecting that this was either a man operating as a result of his own initiative or that of a quite a small group, not necessarily belonging to te larger organisations - as such, he may not even have been on the radar of the French security services. The big problem is that of extremist propaganda and sympathisers. The propaganda twists their minds and the sympathisers amongst their communities protect them. I think that part of the problem is that there are many, mostly Arabs living in the ghettos of the HLM (Habitation à Loyer Modéré) the French equivalent of our social housing which develop into inner city sinks, the same as here, where we have kids growing up, many ill educated and with little hope of progressing in our modern society who develop a resentful sub culture and as such they fall prey to the grooming of the extremists, either near their homes or in the prisons where many end up. We have to find a way of breaking that circle which exists not only in France but in the UK as well, together with many other western countries where there is a relatively large section of Muslim groups. This is made more difficult by the fact that the majority of Moslems are just normal people trying to make their way in the world the same as the rest of and the only difference between them and us is that they happen to have a different religion and in our societies we cannot penalise a whole section for what is a very small minority of extremists. And we have the problem of how do we sort out the wheat from the chaff. What we can do however is to trying and be more welcoming into bringing the main section of this society on board through attempts to enable fuller integration with the mainstream of society. Employ youth workers who are able to present themselves as role models in such a way that they can combat extremist teachings and above all try to instil in each and everyone of these youths a sense of self respect, hope and an aim in life which they can see as a way forward for bettering their lot, backed up by employers who are willing to take them on and give them a meaningful start in life. I experienced something similar as a youngster through joining the Air Training Corps and convinced that such groups with appealing interests and a structured route towards achievement can do a power of good.
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    Maybe the dumb thing to do was call a referendum in the first place
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    Yep, not surprised GFS modeling has converged with ECM/UKM on a potentially stormy outlook Tues/Weds - euros always leading Already considering booking a day off for this one, should current outputs hold to Monday. Moisture in abundance, plenty of instability, and an adequate shear profile would ensure good storm development/low-end severe convective episode. Still a little too far out though, but, finally, something in NWP outputs to get interested about.
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    The guy's an utter tosspot, bullingdon grade. Look at European reaction and further afield, it's bizarre how he's got that job. Leadsom has a very negative association with environmental matters, it's bizarre how she's got that job. Hunt, same story. Bit of a pattern there, not sure what May's game is, but she's playing fast and loose with 3 very important posts.
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    If I'm being deflective, then you are being selective! I said I'd be livid if they took away my passport and then explained why that isn't what's happening... I'm not trying to win any arguement, just trying to make some points that might give a different perspective on things. I can see you are not for moving! I respect that...
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    Because if the remain had won by a slight margin. Then the majority of England would have been forced to stay in. So what right would Scotland have had to keep us in. It's just the nature of a British wide ref
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    Great summary C.S. Remarkable contrasts in temperature from Nw to Se, from 10c up to 26c! Just shows the significance of wind direction.
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    Love it!!! Helloooo, Boris
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    Lovely looking Ecm12z ens mean up to and including next midweek, following a warm and largely fine weekend in the south with temps into the mid 20's celsius, early next week becomes very warm or hot and increasingly humid from the south with spells of sunshine but an increasing chance of heavy showers and thunderstorms, even the north becomes warmer.We should see parts of the south hitting 30-31c on Tuesday and still into the mid to high 20's c on wednesday further south / southeast. Looking further ahead, although we lose the very warm uppers, it still looks on the warm side with sunshine and thundery showers with temps around the low 20's c.
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    Ugh you're right, it's only Friday. Googling MCS and MCC four days prior to a non event must be bad for ones health.
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    Scotland will leave the EU, that is something else you are going to have to learn to accept imo, but I'm sure the Sturge will be given time to look good before being told it ain't gunny happen hen. To make such a point as your second one you need to understand how the security framework operates, it never has been, is not and never will be EU driven. Langley controls everything, everyone else effectively does what it's told, but the likes of 5 and 6 enjoy much greater say and kudos due to their unquestionable professionalism and history. Regarding the remaining European countries (clearly not Israel) Langley has no respect for any of their security services, in fact they respect the Russians more, so in this specific part of the poker game HM Government hold 4 aces and the EU absolutely nothing.
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    While yesterday felt like summer, today is back to October. We had to go to Glasgow and when we arrived around 7:30am the weather typically Glaswegian - grey and chilly. However coming coming back down through the Southern Uplands the drizzle began (again quite normal) however dropping down into England the expected clearance didn't happen and crossing Shap we were in up in thick cloud, from there on the rain increased in intensity through the Lakes, Lancashire and Manchester, the rain only let up when we got back home in Runcorn around 2pm. Again a case of October in July. Meanwhile the expected warmth expected this weekend has well and truly been kicked into the long grass with a scorchio 16C expected - sadly you can't make it up.
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    As you should know MS you can destroy the people, you can destroy the weapons but you cannot destroy the idea - the only thing you can do is to replace them by putting something better in their place.
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    A lies to you and I Pete, but plausible inasmuch as it was, no doubt, believed by many.
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    the appointment of Magube was hardly a true reflection of democracy at work.
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    I'm not saying your wrong, but why would ISIS care about who people vote for? I think the killing they do is for different reasons as to who is in power of France's government
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    Massive swing in the right direction from the GFS. A stonker of a plume from Monday to late Wednesday! Main concern would be the nasty storms that would result. Substantial wind shear overlapping a very unstable environment. A close eye and bated breath will await each run from now on in!
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    Just an observation from further south but thunderstorms have increased here in the last 50 years from being confined to mid summer in late July early August in my childhood to occuring today from late April to end of September. Outwith this I have seen lightning in December 2010 over the hills . Another observation is the increase in forked lightning today compared to 50 years ago when sheet lightning dominated in my area. Please feel free to move if off topic. This culminated in my first ever loss of a cow and calf to lightning three years ago in early July.
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    Perhaps the very reason he was sacked was he lied about an emergency budget . Do you think may would have sacked him on his track record with regards to his first term in office? (Before last general election )
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    What is happening then? If Scotland remains in the UK and the UK leaves the EU, can I be still an EU citizen with an EU passport as someone Scottish?
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    Birmingham summers are warmer by 0.1c.
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    Can most definitely. The EU parliament has already passed a motion saying that in it's opinion, E&W have triggered article 50. Did so after Farage's rant. It's the Council biding its time; the need to agree that Britain has formally signalled intent. Council could e.g. formally request whether E&W is actually going to trigger article 50 like it says it will, and if no answer is forthcoming by a specific date, consider the clock ticking. Whether they will is a different question. We currently have a situation where the 7.5% thinks it can dictate to the 92.5% (or rather half the 7.5%...) It's even more silly than Scotland voting to leave the UK, then thinking it could decide when negotiations started. Big Scotland telling everyone else how it will work etc.
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    For that reason I'm starting to like this cabinet, but I'm still very worried about Boris's diplomatic skills. We really do not want to tread on anyone else's toes, and he already has some apologies to make before he's even started.
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    You are being deliberately obtuse. A good summer is not defined by whether or not the CET is average. We are talking about the weather that people actually experience, not some numbers on a screen. If the overall mean was average, but daytime highs were below average, sunshine was below average and rainfall above average, it'd be a poor summer by anyone's standards. A summer mean that is 1.3C below average is very noticeable in a country where summers are lukewarm at best.
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    While Obama being of Kenyan descent isn't the reason and that was a ridiculous thing to say (the reason is most likely Obama's Marxist father), Boris is right when he says Obama is one of the most anti-British Presidents in history.
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    Mean temperature for Heathrow so far this month is 17.5c, compared to the average of 18.7c, so it's still poor.
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    This woman (or the hands inside the glove 'Yes, Minister reference) is playing a blinder! There will surely be some interesting moments to be a fly on the wall, now and in the future. I'm really feeling quite uplifted by what I'm reading and hearing.
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    How dare you! The tears I shed on the morning of June 24th were very, very real... I may have chosen to live in another European country, but I would have liked to have been able to be both a British and European citizen while doing so. That privilege has been taken from me. I was born in the UK, but fortunately for my continued European citizenship, I also hold an Irish passport. I don't particularly mind what country the document is from, so long as that country upholds the united spirit of Europe and is committed to freedom of human and economic movement. The ability for me, and those who share my mindset, to work, study and move freely around Europe, and for our country to be able to reciprocate that freedom is inviolable to me. These are my principles and my personal values and I will not have them debased and insulted by those who choose to use infantile phrases such as "crocodile tears", or those who post facile cartoon pictures.
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    "French Foreign MInister Jean-Marc.......WHO??"......
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    When I see people wearing shorts at the same time I am wearing a coat, I just think they are nuts. The last 2 days have been coat weather, even though I have seen nutters wearing shorts.
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    Three months? It's September in SEVEN weeks !!
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    So, please correct me if I'm wrong... You voted in the EUref so you must be a British citizen, hence you're not at any risk of deportation, so of course are not concerned. In the EUref, you voted to deny other other UK people EU passports, and to deny other EU citizens from coming to the UK freely. But that's fine because you and your family have that freedom, in terms of both the EU and the UK. That about right?
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