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    I have decided to leave this topic, Some people Bully out right attack for no reason and make fun, I am not going to put up with that, Today some people on here decided to just bullies me, Again i am not putting up with that, If these people need to feel better for doing it well done i wont mention names but im sure most know who their r, I find it sad that people will openly bully people that their do not agree with I hope you all debate well, But i wont put my self at risk of personalize bullying as i was today, When you have zero respect for people you can not debate with them, I will not be debating with people who ganged up and tries to openly bully me
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    Good afternoon everyone, I thought long and hard before I started this posting, but in the end decided to do so. Pre Referendum I spent a lot of time very undecided as to which way I would vote, but in the end I went for Remain. I acknowledge that the EU is far from perfect, but on balance I felt we would be better in than out. What, however, has saddened me since the result was known is gloating by certain posters on this thread who take delight in trying to annoy those who may have a different viewpoint to their own.There are ways to conduct a reasoned argument and one liners (or if we are lucky two liners in a condescending manner) is certainly not the best way of doing so to my mind. Another thing that I find particularly.distasteful (I will refrain from naming names as you know who you are) is that there are instances of excitement being expressed at the possibility of economic meltdown for those countries remaining in the EU. In case anyone forgets each nation comprises ordinary people like you and I, each with loved ones to support and I find it incredible that anyone should wish ill fortune upon others. It is as if such posters considers others to be of an alien sub species to their superior selves. Such opinionated twaddle is also very shortsighted as a weak Europe means they would be less able to trade with us and buy our goods and services and those from China and India and could then result in a world wide recession which is certainly in no one's interests including those of the UK. Although a Remainer I want Brexit to work as the majority of the electorate voted for it, be it by a fairly narrow margin, but that is democracy in its basic form and we should go with the majority decision irrespective of how aggrieved we may feel at the outcome of the vote. I feel better now that I have got that off my chest. Although initially reluctant to do so I felt that I had to in the end. Kind Regards Dave Kind Regards
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    Don't really see why I should rise to MIA's bait so you're not getting the details, but I have various links with folk in France, the Netherlands, Finland and Germany. They've partly come about due to longstanding family links but some due to forming friendships with people I've worked or studied with, much of which wouldn't have happened without the EU existing. Have you any idea how rewarding it is to spend time with people from other cultures? The Dutch, Europe's non-stop partyers, Finns who live in the woods and go on night-time fishing trips in one of a million lakes... German (cliche alert) engineers who can make anything work.... and then, these people come over to visit Scotland and they love it here! I remember a Russian visitor saying, how lucky you are, you have the sea, farms, mountains, cities, forests... Yet we're saying, no, we want out. How bonkers can a country be?
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    Well i know some on this forum have little or no love for him but i will be the first to say, Thank you Nigel for everything you have done with out you their would of been no vote, You will go down in history Thank you, Now might be a good time for Bojo to defect and lead.....
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    I'm not sure what your trying to prove here? The majority of people that voted leave in England are white English, the majority of people that voted remain in England are white English. Lets take a look at Scotland - The majority of people that voted leave are white Scottish and you guessed it the majority that voted remain are also white Scottish. Must be racially driven this referendum unless we live in a primarily white Caucasian country?
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    Had to laugh at an article I just saw saying the English football team are stuck in Calais. Under new UK rules only skilled people can be admitted.
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    I actually think that Farage is a amazing man, to do what he has done almost single handed is quite incredible. Unlike may that do just rant on about these subject and people they know little about, I have have listened to what Nigel has actually said. I have not at any time heard him say anything racist, if others in Europe had listened they would be fishing far less bodies out of the Med. And however you spin the argument on immigration, its simply too high and needs to come down. Farage has been the catalyst of political change, and is something I welcome. Like lfcdude I considered leaving this debate a week of so ago, but not on your Nelly I am staying!!!
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    We won personal attacks on dyslexia you do not have, But sadly today i was openly abused and made fun of on this forum for it. Regarding your self i will debate you anytime as you know, I am not going to debate with people who personaly attack my disability
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    The world queues up to win trade deals with Britain after Brexit: America is clamouring for a deal while talks are set to begin with Australia, South Korea and India http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3672815/World-queues-win-trade-deals-Britain-Brexit.html?ito=social-facebook
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    What a prattish post not worthy of a response - do you have any respect at all for views other than your own?
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    an absolute ton of posts just hidden......for gods sake, some of you are like children, nothing but keyboard warriors or wind up merchants and you are completely wrecking this thread for the many who either debate in here or enjoy reading the informative debate from the majority of posters......get a grip and start behaving like the adults you claim to be!
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    Yes it would seem that Osborne asked him to say that by leaving we would probably have no access to the market and it would irreversible. More lies from the remain camp to exaggerate the economic threat of leaving. And they accuse the leave campaign of lying.
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    He's right though isn't he... All you have done is spit poison at remainers with a condescending tone since the result and it's really pathetic!
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    June has been an interesting month for many parts fo Western Europe, featuring excessive rainfall and floods for several parts of e.g. Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands. This was caused by relative weak pressure differences over mainland Europe, on average rather low pressure and relatively moist air. However, July has shown a turnaround in the pattern. A steady westerly flow has brought a series of troughs and low pressure areas towards Europe, resulting in mostly changeable weather. Will this westerly flow persist, or will we see a significant change in the weather patterns to come? Westerly flow - but ridge to come The westerly flow has also been dominating today with low pressure to the north of the UK and high pressure to the south. However, change is on the way if we look upstream - just south of Greenland. GFS analysis of 500 hPa heights (colours) and surface pressure (white contours) for Sunday 12Z. To the south of Greenland, a weak ridge can be identified mainly in the upper levels (orange colours pointing northward). Often such high pressure areas (or ridges) tend to stabilize the weather for some time. - But for how long? The ridge will pass by the UK around this Wednesday, but it does not seem to be a rather transient feature. This fits very well in the pattern which we have observed over the past week or so - with ridges and troughs quickly alternating in a meandering westerly flow. GFS forecast of 500 hPa heights (colours) and surface pressure (white contours) for Wednesday 12Z. From the west a new low pressure area (green colours) is again approaching the UK. But will it also reach the UK? The models agree that this will somewhere around the weekend. However, one can also see notable differences developing between these models on the details of the low pressure area. (Un)certainty and phase differences The further outlook is what one could call certain as well as uncertain - depending on the point of view. Although there is a lot that can be said about the general pattern - it is about nigh impossible to have a certain local forecast in 6 days out or more! And we can caputure this (un)certainty in just one plot. GFS ensemble spaghetti forecast of 500 hPa height for Monday (8 days out) 12Z. The image above shows an ensemble of GFS forecasts for 8 days out. Here one should focus on the bottom lines, indicating the height of the so-called 5760 dam (5.76 km height) surface. Each line represents one model run. First of all, it can be seen that all lines are generally very close together for the 576 dam line, suggesting high certainty in the overall forecast. This forecast suggests low pressure to the north and high pressure to the south, with a potent westerly flow in between. One can also see this from all lines running west-east. See also the forecast of the CPC (Climate prediction center) for day 6-10. However, there is one huge caveat if one wants to apply this to a local weather forecast. If you examine all the lines individually, you can see that there are slight meanders in them. The position of these weak meanders (which can be interpreted as ridges if they point northward and troughs if they point southward) varies from run to run. However, the exact position of such a small scale feature is very important for the weather on that day. For example, a ridge for a given day (a northward pointing line) would argue for settled conditions, and a downward-pointing line would suggest a trough and thereby unsettled conditions. This uncertainty is what one could call phase differences, as depicted in the figure below. Illustration of phase differences between various model runs. Note how the location of the ridges (H) and troughs (L) differ strongly, an indication of a phase difference. Summary It appears that the westerly flow which has been present over the past few days will continue to persist for at least the next week (and probably thereafter). This will create changeable weather (with a possible drier interlude on tuesday-friday). Details at long range are hard to gauge due to the phase differences discussed above, but it is pretty certain that the main theme will be changeable weather.
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    I must admit I have felt quite dismayed at some of the demeaning one line comments made in response to your posts especially coming from a supposedly educated quarter, particularly if they are aware of your dyslexia.
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    Does that mean more than 65% of Europeans are racist!? Oh my these are dark days we live in. They should be embracing all this new culture into their countries with open arms.
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    Kent, not half of my country being treacherous and deceitful, just the leading members at the top who designed this treacherous and deceitful campaign - the majority of those who voted for them were victims, as we pretty well all are, to serve the vested interests and personal ambitions of a small group of people with little regard as to the future of our country - they didn't even have any policies thought out to cover the eventuality of them winning - can you get to be any more irresponsible? Your prognosis of the EU being a creation eventually leading to misery is completely OTT - you have no evidence for this at all - as remainers we always accepted the EU was not perfect but is and is in the process of being reformed, only you decided to throw your toys out of the pram without giving it a chance. Your comment relating to the inconvenience etc is disingenuous and insulting - did/does it ever occur to you that our motives for voting remain were concern for the future of our country and its people rather than for personal benefit, or is that an alien concept to you? I'm afraid that it is your side who are blinkered not ours.
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    Doesn't necessarily mean all ex-bankers have no people skills now does it....
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    I didn't pay any attention to the campaigns and I still came to the conclusion to vote OUT.
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    Do you? You're the one who wants to void a democratic referendum remember.
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    Your reply confirms what I thought LOL
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    You are a keyboard protester. Quite clearly you are still very angry, and even more clearly you have a hell of a lot of time on your hands, so I just wonder to myself why you don't actually "protest" properly?. Or are you?. I assume you were at the protest in London at the weekend?, and I assume you are lobbying your local MP every day?. Or are you just posting on a "weather forum" where nobody will, one!, actually be that bothered about what your say, and, two! not be able to change the outcome for you.
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    That remark means s0d all!
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    Good grief what a reactionary comment. Implement that in this thread and all the Brexiteers will vanish in a puff of smoke.
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    This is just the sort of statement that remainers have been telling our kids, one thought petrol was going up to £100 per ml because of BREXIT. Can you actually qualify your comment 'demise of the UK' ?
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    Personally I didn't vote UKIP but what he has helped achieve I reckon he deserves a knighthood. And if Theresa May gets the job I will be voting UKIP in the next GE.
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    That's OTT even for a remain supporter like me, Nigel looks like a guy you could have a good laugh with in the dog and duck..
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    Snowy L, how many more times must I say this, How can a result obtained through telling lies be considered democratic? If somebody sold you a car and at the time of told you lies in order to persuade you to buy it about itself mileage, condition, roadworthiness, and that they promised to add some extras but didn't, you would expect your money back wouldn't you? Remember what Michael Dougan described it as, 'Lies and deceit on an industrial scale'. It seems to me that the leavers have no qualms about how the votes were obtained they are happy and resent anybody raising any misgivings at all. They just want to bury that part under the carpet. Well I am afraid it will not wash with me, as it will not with a lot of people and the conduct of this referendum was a disgrace to the nation. That is what is upsetting the remainers.
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    I speak Japanese? Do their? No i guess not. Thanks
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    Simply untrue. I have read the interview. Daniel Hannan has just suggested Osborne asked Herr Schäuble to buddy up and provide a scare tactic for the remain camp. Please have a read yourself and show where he says this. In fact, his words were that this would be an irreversible step. I invite you to show me where I got it wrong. Otherwise this is yet another example of spin from the leave camp, intended to produce a backlash against what they termed Project Fear.
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    Probably more reliable than all your posts of economic ruin linked to companies that were most likely cajoled into saying so by Osborne.
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    No, I think not, its up to you to back up your statements, if you cant, then..................
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    He has offered to negotiate for the UK on BREXIT, not sure if you can do that from jail? As I say people have the nerve to criticize Nigel Farage?
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    He lives just the road from me in a normal house, he drives a old VW, and as for history Blair and similar make him look like a monk!
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    Indeed, lfc: thank you, Nigel; thank you for reminding us all of just how persuasive Nazi propaganda posters must have been...
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    I think alexisj9 might be on to something, it can't be coincidence that Farage resigns just as the Partick Thistle mascot job comes up. I await an announcement from Partick forthwith.
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    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news Just like the little man in a bar who shouts his mouth off to the extent a fight develops and once it does he scuttles away.
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    Describing half of your country as treacherous and deceitful because it doesn't suit your way of life is another reason why you lost this referendum. There are many that believe the EU is not the best way forward for the UK and being stuck with this creation will eventually lead to misery whereas you cant see past the inconvenience of perhaps having to apply for a visa for your future trips to Disney Land AKA France.
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    and they wouldn't accept yours. I've always said I'm not against immigration per se, but we just cannot absorb immigration at the levels we are seeing atm. Integration/adaptation and providing extra housing and services takes time. In the past we have had successive waves of immigration, and then a break before the next wave started, and we managed this quite well, although there have always been a minority that are racist.
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    My welsh friend who is over at mine just said a few choise words about this i.e your racist and wrong and dont speak for wales
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    That's how propaganda works isn't it? To install impressions in peoples minds and bugger the truth, what has that to do with it.
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    What a great post, ideally we could close this thread with this post alone, sadly the Punch & Judy show will no doubt continue.
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    Shock construction slump stokes fears for wider economy http://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/business/shock-construction-slump-stokes-fears-for-wider-economy-ntxhd6w8m (paywall) Brexit threatens billions of super-cheap EU loans http://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/business/brexit-threatens-billions-of-super-cheap-eu-loans-g2nfs3rlv (paywall)
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    Some people just like to be right, I think that applies to a most posters in here. Including me at times? when I've tried to make a point. Do we really have to turn it into a slanging match, just to prove who has the biggest ego? It's like having teenage sons, who just need their heads banging together at times.
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    Asking someone if they actually do any proper protesting is poison is it? LOL
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    The French generally think of us from these islands as Anglais, though I have hear the odd Scot from time to time reply with, Non je suis Ecosse - I suppose that happens because we all speak English. But please remember there are some good Englishmen left - we are not all perfidious.
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    The polling does support your thoughts. You were much more likely to Vote out if you identified as English first, there was a clear correlation with younger voters who were much less likely to identify in that way and hence we saw the strong remain in their demographic. Older voters were more likely to identify as English first. The vote turned into so many different proxies such as: Anti-establishment Anti-austerity Anti-immigration A reclaiming/re-assertion of Englishness Of course you did see a cross over in some areas, the vote wasn't really anti EU, its just that got caught in the crossfire. That's why referendums are a bad way of deciding on complicated issues.The governments austerity programme and lack of investment in infrastructure was a big issue, the problems will remain even with the UK outside of the EU because no government wants to face upto the reality that rampant capitalism has led to anger amongst voters who feel that they've been left behind. Unless we see a more humane form of capitalism then this anger and resentment is going to continue to grow.
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    I didn't say immigrants are not needed. We do need immigration, what we do not need is a number equivalent to 1% of the population coming in every year.
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