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    Well,didn't get a storm again today but came close and i will not moan as it's still early days yet what i did take advantage of though was some nice clouds to be had for taking pics of this little cb shooting up early this afternoon(zoomed in) to become a nice shower half our later and to my southeast another half hour later this scud become some type of wallcloud within minutes which i found was the most dramatic part of the day and to finish off,a couple more panoramic views of the same shower if you don't get the storms,get the pics
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    Heres the video of the last two bits of lightning and thunder from the storm, was going every few seconds at one point. Not bad for a may storm.
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    Nice line of heavy, thundery showers, moving south. Right down the spine of the country; in fairness exactly as forecast this morning by the Met Office. Looks like my shower here in Suffolk earlier this afternoon turned out to be a one-off blip. Radar 19.15 Lightening 19.40
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    Hi don't know if there is a thread on this subject or similar so i started one anyway i travelled to Glasgow yesterday afternoon to pick up my eight week old Alaskan malamute(female) pup,the trip took over ten hours there and back but was well worth it,i didn't get back in until the early hours of this morning,here is a few pics of her and some with my male Malamute,they got on so well as soon as they met,hope you like love the sleepy one anyone else have new additions to the family of late or are having any?
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    Mainly about the boonies while we wait for an LP cell to either explode or shrivel
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    Well Luna is coming on in leeps and bounds,and is settling in nicely now a shot i took last week while Luna was sleeping look at the size of my paws haha! and look at the differance in a couple of weeks thennow she is growing fast,two weeks ago at the weigh in she was 9.4kg,now she is 12.2kg as of today.
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    Yep tell me about it. My friend in Berlin is going to send me some video when it arrives. Had a few flashes here so it wasn't all bad today. Spent the afternoon on box hill in Surrey watching the clouds build. Rain started just as I was heading back about 3pm from an obvious line of convection. Wasn't until around 7pm when things really got going, it's only just stopped raining. Not a bad day.
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    And still its as heavy as ever, another flash of lightning too.
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    A slight exaggeration. A fairly light NE for most but a little stronger in the east and south east. Dry for everyone except the extreme east and south east with the rain spreading west and north by 00Z Tuesday,
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    Couple of photos today Okay one more I had to:
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    Of course having said that the ecm is still looking to track the depression north into the Netherlands next Monday and then sharply west bringing a very wet day to the UK on Tuesday. More runs needed. I've always wanted to say that.
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    Nice to see the showers/storms were pretty well modelled this pm!
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    I agree Cheese about the humidity in this country- a lot of the notable hot spells in recent years had a lot of dry heat with low dewpoints. The July 2006 spell was a prime example- although it did get more humid in the final third of the month at times. People seem to equate anything hot with humidity in this country- I think it's partly down to how well our buildings are insulated which means they retain a lot of heat at night, giving people the illusion that it's still hot outside.
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    Nice work again by Gibby. You really put a lot of effort into your presentation. Back in Skipton for a few weeks , so not looking bad here as we avoid those blustery NW winds. Although in Yorkshire, I would say climate wise my location is more in kind to the Northwest of England. Anyway, Blackpool is a fair bit closer to the Gateway to The Dales than Scarborough. Err , Easterly winds in Scarborough at this time of year... Go west where the sunshine is best.. C
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    What a shame to see the MJO collapsing in phase 4 already - a push toward 5 in the final week of May could have helped us out a lot with getting the ridge to behave. Instead we continue to see quite bizarre patterns in the offering, as high-latitude blocking keeps on being upgraded in the mid-range. ECM: GFS: A brief but vicious looking dipole pattern has now emerged for 29th May, which given the wind strength is more bad news for the Arctic.Here in the UK, we're lucky to see a ridge close enough to our NE and a weak enough low to the south to allow for warm conditions with little more than a few scattered showers for at least the southern half of the UK. We then see some quite monstrous blocking across the Arctic from both ECM and GFS - but with significant differences in the orientation. GFS keeps focusing it on the American side of the Arctic, with a peak over Greenland, which is basically the outcome from hell for the Arctic as another strong dipole rages away. ECM is kinder in this regard - but on the other hand, the high pressure is so extensive and 'warm' that prospects are perhaps little better up there. Down here, though, it could make a difference, as ridges from the Azores can join forces with blocking in that position to bring us fine weather while unstable conditions are held to the south - but only if you've not got a residual low wandering about such as the past few ECM runs have gone with. You know the weather patterns are out of kilter when you have a low moving from SE to NW across the country. As amazing as it sounds, it seems likely to me that the record-early and dramatic breakdown of the polar vortex in early March has combined with a record-warm Earth to set in motion a chain of events in which exceptional imports of warm air into the Arctic promote not just record-breaking Apr-May sea ice melt but also strong height rises in the Arctic. Speculating as to possible causes, I can see the reduced Arctic to mid-latitude thermal gradient playing a role, and/or the warm air imports tending to ride up over colder surface air and then sink down - so raising surface pressure. There are probably other key variables at play too. Perhaps the stretches of open water on the American side are already having significant impacts. All going well, I intend to research this as part of my professional work this week, so that I can speak more definitively on the subject - though I may not be allowed to tell you much on here I'm afraid! This summer should make for an important case study not only into what actually happens but how well the models handle it all (this is where this thread comes in!), unless of course there is an extreme turnaround in the Arctic weather patterns.
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    HERE IS MY LATEST ANALYSIS USING DATA SUPPLIED BY THE NWP OUTPUT COVERING 5 OF THE WORLDS MOST POWERFUL WEATHER COMPUTERS ISSUED AT 09:00 ON MONDAY MAY 23RD 2016 THE CURRENT GENERAL SITUATION Pressure is building to the North of the UK with the slack Northerly showery flow gradually weakening as it veers NE over the next few days. http://www.wetterzentrale.de/pics/Rtavn001.gif CURRENT SNOW FORECAST AND/OR FREEZING LEVEL OVER THE UK The freezing level and snow forecast is now suspended until the beginning of October. http://www.snow-forecast.com/maps/dynamic/uk http://www.natice.noaa.gov/pub/ims/ims_gif/DATA/cursnow.gif MODELS-2 WEEK HEADLINE Some rain or showers at times but plenty of dry and fine weather too especially in the North. Occasionally warm in the South. THE GFS JET STREAM FORECAST The Jet Stream is expected to feature largely to the South of the UK over the next few weeks. It features in a cyclonic form around Low pressure to the SW later this week this easing out only slowly as a period of slack and poorly defined period of flow seems likely in a week or so and through the second week although what flow there is seems to remain biased to be at a point South of the UK. http://www.netweather.tv/index.cgi?action=jetstream GFS OPERATIONAL The GFS Operational Run today shows Low pressure forming to the South and SW of the UK and High pressure to the North becoming the driving forces within the UK weather over the coming weeks. The situation develops over the next few days as an easterly flow develops with some reasonably warm conditions especially towards the West but with an increased risk later of thundery showers moving up from the South eventually affecting many areas from the start of next week with only slow changes in the overall patterning then through the second week involving more showers at times but with some dry and bright and potentially warm conditions for many at times as well. http://www.wetterzentrale.de/pics/Rtavn1441.gif http://www.wetterzentrale.de/pics/Rtavn3841.gif GFS CONTROL RUN The Control Run shows a similar pattern to the synoptics over the first week while the second week leans an influence towards warm and sunny conditions developing with the risk of the occasional thundery shower as High pressure looks more resilient in this run although some insertions of shallow Low pressure looks possible too. http://www.meteociel.fr/modeles/gefs_cartes.php?code=0&ech=144&mode=0&carte=0 http://www.meteociel.fr/modeles/gefs_cartes.php?code=0&ech=384&mode=0&carte=0 GFS ENSEMBLE DAY 14 DATA The clustering today continues to show some variations in expected conditions across the UK in two weeks ranging from slack pressure with showers to dry and fine weather under High pressure. There is nothing too dramatic shown though within the clustering for the UK so quite average benign conditions would be the most likely patterning. http://www.weatheronline.co.uk/cgi-bin/expertcharts?LANG=en&MENU=0000000000&CONT=euro&MODELL=gefs&MODELLTYP=2&BASE=-&VAR=cpre&HH=372&ZOOM=0&ARCHIV=0&RES=0&WMO=&PERIOD= UKMO The UKMO model this morning shows the theme of an ENE flow for a time this week before the winds fall light as the pressure pattern slackens always with the risk of some potentially thundery showers at times probably most focused towards the South. http://www.wetterzentrale.de/pics/Rukm1441.gif THE FAX CHARTS The Fax Charts show High pressure to the North with an Easterly flow developing across the UK. A lot of dry weather for many for a time but later in the week troughs from both the East and South threaten parts of the UK with showers by the end of the week. http://www.weathercharts.org/ukmomslp.htm#t120 GEM The theme of GEM shows a week or so of easterly winds with the increasing risk of showers by the weekend before High pressure slowly builds NE into the UK over the Bank Holiday weekend and next week with showers dissolving and conditions becoming sunny and warm for many. http://www.wetterzentrale.de/pics/Rgem2401.gif NAVGEM NAVGEM keeps slack Low pressure conditions across the UK from later this week, through the weekend and out to the end of the run with a continued risk of showers, some heavy especially in the South but with some warm, dry and bright weather for many too at times. http://www.wetterzentrale.de/pics/Rnvg1681.gif ECM ECM today is not the best of the group this morning if it's fine and settled weather your after as persistent High pressure North of the UK keeps Low pressure albeit weak and slack near to the South with thundery showers at times right out to Day 10 from this morning's run. http://www.wetterzentrale.de/pics/Recm2401.gif ECM 10 DAY MEAN (12z) The 10 Day mean Chart from last night shows the UK in almost 'col' conditions between two Low pressure areas East and West and High pressure areas North and South. This often means quite quiet and benign conditions with some warm sunshine mixed with occasional showers. http://www.wetterzentrale.de/pics/Reem2401.gif NOTABLE TRENDS & CHANGES FROM PREVIOUS RUNS The theme from the models today seem to lean towards slack pressure being maintained for the foreseeable future meaning light winds and a sunshine and shower mix of weather across the UK with day to day variances hard to predict. 31 DAY HISTORICAL VERIFICATION STATS FOR GFS, UKMO & ECM The verification Statistics of GFS, UKMO and ECM show at 24 hours ECM ahead at 99.5 pts with UKMO at 99.4 pts and GFS at 99.2 pts. At 3 days ECM is leading with 97.3 pts to UKMO's 96.0 pts while GFS lags behind at 95.8 pts. At 5 days ECM leads with 89.0 pts to UKMO at 87.0 pts and GFS at 85.2 pts. Then at 8 Days ECM has the leading spot from GFS with 58.6 pts to 51.4 pts. Finally at Day 10 ECM has the lead from GFS with a score of 38.2 pts to 35.7 pts. http://www.emc.ncep.noaa.gov/gmb/STATS_vsdb/allmodel/daily/cor/cor_day1_PMSL_MSL_G2NHX.png http://www.emc.ncep.noaa.gov/gmb/STATS_vsdb/allmodel/daily/cor/cor_day3_PMSL_MSL_G2NHX.png http://www.emc.ncep.noaa.gov/gmb/STATS_vsdb/allmodel/daily/cor/cor_day5_PMSL_MSL_G2NHX.png http://www.emc.ncep.noaa.gov/gmb/STATS_vsdb/allmodel/daily/cor/cor_day8_PMSL_MSL_G2NHX.png http://www.emc.ncep.noaa.gov/gmb/STATS_vsdb/allmodel/daily/cor/cor_day10_PMSL_MSL_G2NHX.png MY THOUGHTS A few days off from the models and I was hoping that changes towards High pressure based weather with UK wide warm and sunny conditions would greet me this morning but with the odd exception or two I see that is not the case and in fact changes since I last reported on Friday are minimalist in a picture of very slack conditions across the UK with fine and humid weather mixed with the risk of potentially thundery showers at times. The main focus of the weather appears to be High pressure positioned to the North of the UK keeping our risk of warm humid and continental style conditions moving up across at least the South of the UK later this week and looking reluctant to move away thereafter. This means of course an Easterly flow across the UK so west will be best for warmth while Eastern coasts look occasionally cool and cloudy at times with winds off the North Sea. Thundery showers will focus on the South at first but could occur elsewhere too with time. In these slack pressure patterns many areas end up with conditions set fair or better with little in the way of significant rain whereas localities could see some very heavy downpours at times and the devil will be in the detail day to day over the coming weeks. Temperatures shouldn't be a concern and it could feel warm and humid at times away from that East coast. Then if I had to make a judgement on where we go longer term I would favour a slow build of pressure, hopefully from the SW which would be the best direction to bring our best shot at warm and sunny weather and I feel there is a chance of that happening as we enter deeper into June. Next Update Tuesday May 24th 2016 from 09:00
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    I very much doubt there will be much head scratching apart from next weekend the details of which are somewhat elusive. This morning's GEFS for the 10-15 period continues to be not bad.
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    Took this tonight (2045) of the shower that passed north of Newcastle no sferics from it though looked might fine to
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    Day 4 - Near Leoti, Kansas An honour to see such an amazing structure!
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    Bright sunny morning with a little bit of Cu bubbling up. Temp 9C and a zephyr from the SSW. Some possibilities this PM
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    Time to abandon ship me thinks. Mars, I hope you're ready for us!
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    First chance for a group shot, here's everyone except me, as I'm shy.
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    2016 Atlantic, Caribbean & Gulf Of Mexico Hurricane Season Forecast (Updated On May 14) http://crownweather.com/index.php/discussions/2016-atlantic-caribbean-gulf-of-mexico-hurricane-season-forecast/
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    Met Office predicts slightly above-average Atlantic hurricane season https://blog.metoffice.gov.uk/2016/05/12/met-office-predicts-slightly-above-average-atlantic-hurricane-season/
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    Hi spike her name is Luna and thanks,yes she is beautiful sorry for the late reply i have been busy this weekend biulding this place like fort knocks and elevating things out of her reach of chewy! chewy! lol i am quiet tyred because she keeps howling the place down around 6am but it comes with the package with these type of dogs,i have a six year old male and he does the same,the neighbours are not keen either but hey ho! and there is the toilet training too but she is quiet good with that from her breeders hands and she is starting to go outside now to the toilet,i will keep posting her progress on here through the months and post pics too,talking of pics,i took some today love it when they are puppies because they are always sleeping and you can get some cute piccies as well as dress up time,you always do this with puppies and a cheeky look. will have a look at that scheme thanks,and good look
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