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    After tomorrow, looks like quietening down for a bit convective risk wise. So browsed the 18z in search of a gem (as you do)... Day has temps in the mid-20s and dew points to 20C... Yeah, that would be a juicy atmosphere indeed. Very humid. Jet/shear absent, but 2500 j/kg of MLCAPE and high moisture would guarantee strong storms with large hail. Only a week Sunday as well...
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    Just a crappy little vid of the big drops- nothing special..
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    Seeing as the BOE has been mentioned with their input. The former Governer Mervyn King said one month ago. Quote. "The one size fits all economies of the EU was doomed for failure from the beginning. Its a disaster that will be totally dominated by Germany. It will soon be game over for the grand Euro project." Believe who you want.
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    A lot of toasty runs appearing for next weekend - this morning's are not the first. Long way off but one to watch:
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    Looking at the anomalies this morning there is some indication of it getting warmer and more settled towards the end of the month although of course it's nowhere near a done deal. In the nearer 6-10 time frame not bad agreement with troughs western Atlantic and Scandinavia/eastern Europe with the Azores HP nudging in from the south west. In a nutshell during this period we lose the current patter as the trough moves east and HP builds from the SW. This is but transitory as the eastward movement continues with the trough out west moving to mid Atlantic. This introduces a south westerly upper flow and portends some wet and windy weather, particularly to the north and west. But this may well be short lived as the indications are, at the moment, that the trough will weaken and for heights to build in the eastern Atlantic. Thus more settled weather and temps above average.
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    Got a feeling William is on the hunt for it!
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    Did not see this coming! To my East!
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    Have not had ANY storms in OVER A YEAR here in Colchester!!! Anyone who has heard a rumble is lucky!
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    Interesting to see the pressure rise just before it, it's not even 1hPa, but as it reads in tenths of an hPa, you can spot the small differences. Not far off the money, them charts..
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    Perfect weather day to be fair. The sun came out, pushed the temp up to 23.7°C - making it the warmest day of the year, and then a nice shower with some T&L in the late afternoon, oh and a good watering for the garden.
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    This is escalating quickly.
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    I think the problem is the lack of a buffer in terms of growth. If the UK was booming then you might be able to ride out the storm. If the UK was leaving and then had to deal with just two or three countries in terms of trade it would be much easier. As it is the majority of EU countries do not have a trade surplus with the UK, all 27 remaining EU countries need to sign off on any trade deal and the UK also has to re-negotiate another 50 deals it has with non EU countries. These things take time, there are no quick fixes here. In the mean time businesses will put off investment decisions till they're sure of what the state of play will be.
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    Another Unionist loaded QT audience up in Aberdeen. Where do they get them from?
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    Yep its Thursday and yes you r, Bless you tho their is hope for everyone
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    Coming together? we can all work with the region we r in.. Does not mean we have to sell r sole to them and lose who we are and be a colony of them
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    Its ok i know you vote leave. u just like playing reverse physiology on here
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    I think Id rather your rendition of I have a dream.
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    I know the roads down there very well....it'll take him well over an hour to get to Newton Abbot....storm will be long gone by then
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    Bloody ell something we agree on! best take a picture of this moment Ed ha
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    A..sholes come in all makes , shapes, and sizes, It's like my missus says , "They might be young women , but they're certainly not ladies. It's just a shame I won't be around to see the nursing homes full of tattooed . studded little old women, that's if cirrhosis of the liver doesn't get them first.
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    It's heading WSW, straight for the Purbeck area atm. More sferics in the Forest now, frustrating to have seen it develop almost overhead but not quite produce here!
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    Ive been watching that cell build up from the start, theres loads of big Cumulus to east of itt too which im keeping my eye on
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    Plenty of huge towering cumulus moving SW here, all good signs!
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    Can't edit my post for some reason but Everton haven't confirmed it yet
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    'Gives myself the red card!' Taking advantage of the sunshine getting work done in the garden No surprise really Rafa will no doubt be mentioned
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    On the BBC TV news they suggested that although Farage's following still remained committed it was felt that he would do little to convince the undecided. I must admit he has done little to convince me
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    Cannot believe Summer Sun has not posted this yet! Everton Sack Roberto Martinez http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/36098344
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    Is this the year of slugs and woodlice? There were literally hundreds and hundreds of woodlice stuck- motionless on an outside wall last night, and hundreds of slugs littering the garden, never seen anything like it before!
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    That's an impressive looking garden.
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    Be interesting to see how this turns out. It's heading straight for Newton Poppleford.
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    Hi Dave, Just a question but can someone explain the racist posts on this forum I wasn't on that much at the beginning of the week so I dare say I missed them. and obviously if there were than that is unacceptable and memebrs should be banned.
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    Even the beeb / met office are not 100% certain what track the low will take next week it could be another few days before the models start to firm up on its track Until then plenty of dry weather and some sunshine
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    I think the difference is here that as 'remainer's' we do look at both sides of the argument and we are quite prepared to admit that the EU is not perfect, as I have done frequently but on the other hand I cannot recall any of the 'outer's' admitting to any flaws in their argument and let's face it, nothing can be that perfect. Not sure who this 'someone whom I believe is really far more up to CURRENT speed on security and intelligence issues than the Dame or any ex for that matter' unless you are referring to the lady MP on the intelligence committee and unless one is working professionally in the security services I cannot see how they can be so currently up to speed on these matters because of the very nature of the work. If it is somebody else please let the rest of us in on the secret. It's not just that fact that you cherry pick the items to support your arguments, here I am speaking about all the outers, not just you, but many points which we raise as remainers are totally ignored and to be quite honest if you were interested in the debate I would have expected some response. If on the other hand you are totally engrossed in your own viewpoint to the exclusion of everything else then perhaps I can understand why this should be the case. The other thing I find difficulty in understanding is that by virtue of your employment I take it that you are a caring person, yet a Brexit is likely to put 1,000's, if not more out of work and as such it is bound to wreck lives and cause some to lose their homes because they can no longer afford the mortgage but you are still keen to head along this route despite these possible repercussions.
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    http://meteoradar.co.uk/ Contradicts the BBC completely, saying it will go inland
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    Not really Mike, there are enough points of view on here to cover both sides of the fence, like it or not. Dearlove's view is actually backing the opinion taken by someone whom I believe is really far more up to CURRENT speed on security and intelligence issues than the Dame or any ex for that matter Can I also just reiterate the view of others on here that you also pick the argument and research to suit your remain point of view and I guess as fervent inner theres not much wrong to finding facts to support your point of view, so please don't criticise others for doing the same thing - what is good for the goose is good for the gander as they say. To be completely honest I've promised myself almost every day to withdraw from commenting on posts put on here as nothing will change my view and I spend far too much time on here when I should really be doing other more timely things (like now I should be putting the shopping up); unfortunately some people have really without doubt pressed my buttons at times and I broke my resolve to keep quiet.......this lady aint for changing her view and curiously we had a discussion at work this afternoon when we seemed to discover that no one has actually spoken to anyone else who is going to vote to remain in the EU....
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    As Dave mentioned, GPS tracking is up already, with the stream on later. The new GPS map for the team went live yesterday, and now allows you to view the SPC outlooks, watches/warnings and mesoscale discussions on it (along with the radar). Just click the markers on the outlooks/warning boxes etc for more info on them. http://www.netweather.tv/index.cgi?action=chaselive;sess=
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    They don't have to give me any specific details to express their general concerns. Of course you can choose who to believe or not and given your bias I'm not surprised. But someone who works in intelligence carries more weight than anyone on here on that matter.
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