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    Another glorious sunny Autumn morning dawns. Dry as a bone here. Trapped under centre of Euro High for another 10 days at least. No snow on the horizon. Its going to be a late start to our winter sports season. All I can do is chop fire wood and wait and make more tea... looking at these latest model charts depresses me. Time to turn off and talk to the wife for a change ! C
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    BOM has just released the national statistics for October and it was a monster of a month. The mean maximum temperature as expected was a national record with a +3.44C anomaly ( 1961-90 )...the largest anomaly ever recorded for any month ( exceeding September 2013 which had a maximum anomaly of 3.41C ). More than half the continents land mass exceeded its previous October record, reflected in measurements from hundreds of stations across all states that returned a record. This is the third spring in a row for a monthly mean maximum record ( Sep 2013, Oct 2014, Oct 2015 ) The overall mean temperature was also a record high for October, with an anomaly of +2.89C, overshooting other historical highs by a long way. This is also the highest mean anomaly recorded for any month ( exceeding September 2013 which had a mean anomaly of +2.75C ) It is also the third spring in a row to have a monthly heat record in the season. ( Sep 2013, November 2014, October 2015 ).
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    A few graphs for October 2015. CET: Before and after corrections The corrections themselves. October 2015 compared to the historical averages and extremes October 2015 ranks as the joint 46th warmest on record, with only 24 of those warmer months occurring before 1950. This is the 11th October with a CET of 11.0C. The warmest daily average was 15.8C, exceeding the warmest daily average for September by 0.2C. This has only occurred in 19 other years, the most recent being 2011.
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    Interesting article about all the recent cold winter hype.http://www.itv.com/news/anglia/2015-10-30/will-it-be-a-cold-and-snowy-winter-or-wet-mild-and-stormy/
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    In the shorter time frame the ecm still has the shallow low Brest by midweek before reverting to a nice southerly flow and some quite warm temps. The dafs certainly think it's xmas already.
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    Best months of the year now for daylight hours (November to January). Enjoy it while it lasts.
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    Moki has a big booming hangover after booming to 5 am ......
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    Still foggy and dull, better than gales and pouring rain. Agree with Ben what is people moan about benign weather. Sorry but even this beats gales and rain, even if it is default autumn weather. At least if the fog clears it will be really warm.
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    October confirmed as 11.0C http://www.metoffice.gov.uk/hadobs/hadcet/cet_mean_2015
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    Beautiful clear autumn morning here. Blue skies and chilly. No major rain or Atlantic storms for the next 10 days it seems.. Long may it continue. Why on earth are folk on the MOD thread crying over the benign weather is beyond me, let's be real here, it's 1st November therefore if it isn't the benign weather it's mild Atlantic wet crap. Save the cold weather for December/January when we actually have a chance of seeing snowfall. Off out for for a run with the dog now in the sunshine. Happy Sunday
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    Nothing major to speak of, albeit a shift towards the Atlantic looks like a possibility after a few days of relatively settled weather. One thing I've noticed in the trends - silly to look for anything more than that at this point - is the notable downward trend in 850s. See this for leeds from the 18Z GEFs Ens: http://modeles.meteociel.fr/modeles/gens/graphe_ens3.php?x=267&ext=1&y=13&run=12&runpara=0 Quite a few of the postage stamps show HLBs by the end of Lala land so just something worth pinning in the background - if only to remind us that with November starting as of 30 minutes ago, wintry Synoptics need never be too far away...
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    A poor start to the day but the afternoon was good. Not that I was too bothered: a new book dropped on the doormat this morning (cheers Sandy): 'Set Adrift upon the World' - James Hunter's account of the Sutherland clearances, written in his usual lucid, compact style. I remember reading Prebble's account of the clearances when I was young and it all felt very abstract and academic... now that I know the Sutherland straths and also know I have family connections there from that period, this latest book is starting to tear me apart.
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    The snow's made another decent push west and Russia's about 90% filled in! Scandi is also getting in on the act with Finland fairing well. At this rate we should see snow in about three weeks time!!!!
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    One of one of those once in a blue moon moments this morning when I was strolling around the lake. I nearly got some very good photos but not quite unfortunately. I was sitting quietly when the peace was shattered out in the middle of the lake as Charlie the Cormorant surfaced with a large eel, Mayhem ensued during which the eel got wrapped around Charlie's neck. I lost them then as they went under but I think the eel got away. Anyway Charlie came ashore for a wash and brush up and to explain it was this size guvnor.
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    "Those of us who don't want november to be one long mild benign bore fest will like this run" If the November weather is like today, long may the "borefest" continue. If we can't get blizzards then let's have what we currently have rather than the usual wet and windy.
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    If you think someone is trolling, report it rather than point it out publicly, it just serves to derail the thread And can we please drop this mildie -v- coldie nonsense please.
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    Trolling? Not sure how.Just posting a potential option on the table. But as its not what coldies want to see no wonder it gets shot down...
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    You'd need the Hubble telescope to find cold on the charts I'm looking at.
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    Crazy temps over the last few days. Thursday evening it dropped to 4c, Friday night up to 17c. Currently 13.6c, calm and cloudy. We had a mini power cut on Friday night, off for about an hour. Plenty of candles on hand, plus oil lamps and torches. Then the internet crashed and has been playing up something terrible since. Spent a lot of time talking to BT in the hope it will sort itself out. It's been OK now for a whole thirty minutes! The joys of living in the Highlands and Islands!
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    The GEFS anomalies this morning are not unfamiliar. The 6-10 has the ridging to the east, deep trough mid Atlantic resulting in warm south west stream lines. The 11-15 flattens the flow but weakens the trough and importantly retains the HP orientated more east west and still influencing most of the UK. How far north this influence extends is the key but so far so good with most of the movement of the Atlantic systems being tracked to the N. Does this morning's ops run reflect this. Pretty much. Although there is a fair bit of mobility as the warm and colder air jockey for position with occasional ingress of the former, generally speaking the warmer air wins out as can be seen by the charts at the end of the run which illustrate this quite well. And just to reiterate these charts are not being used as a forecast. Charts weatherbell and http://www.tropicaltidbits.com/
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    Happy all hallows eve. Another very mild one,thats 3 out of 5 yrs. 2011, 2014 and now 2015,halloween has lost that autumnal feeling lately. Overcast here until early afternoon,now it is mostly clear and sunny. Current temp 15.5c ,got up to 15.9 a while ago. Last night low 13.7c. There is a decent chance of some fog tonight which should make it feel more seaonal if it happens.
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    I only have a least-favourite season - Autumn; the end-of-October 'daylight-robbery' gives my SAD a kick start!
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    Hans Renssen has done a lot of research on past climate events in the N. Atlantic/Arctic region - an extensive list below. http://www.falw.vu/~renh/pub_list.html
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