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    As i have been given permission to share, something amazing happened this evening, some intence showers crossed the Island, 2 of them produced 2 waterspouts, one of showers had what apperared to waterspout, along with 2 funnels next to it
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    Beauty.....it's in the eye of the beholder. Snow.....mmmm, love the stuff. Quite why opaque frozen water manages to captivate me, and many others quite so much is impossible to explain. Personally speaking it's for so many reasons....dark, dank, bleak winter landscapes transformed almost in an instant to a glistening, brilliant, sparkling vista; those grim winter light levels are restored to high summer brilliance as the sun is bounced off the snow. For a girly who likes glittery things, nothing, not even diamonds, can beat the sparkle of a ray of sunshine on a snow covered tree. The silence. In these days of non stop living and noise, deep snow is about the only time when the noise from traffic stops almost completely. Nothing around here stirs, it's as though something or someone has pressed the pause button on life, step outside and the entire world is yours and yours alone. Just you and your crunchy footsteps. The neighbourliness. After your moment of owning the world, fellow adventurers appear. People who live just a few doors away but you never see, often have never met, suddenly have time away from work and can only spend it in their village. New faces, smiles, chats, mutual appreciation for the fun to be had spark a camaraderie which stays, so that stranger who you used to see drive past is a stranger no more, now it's someone you share a wave and a smile with. The elderly, the infirm, the neighbours, get a knock at the door and a chat - need anything, wood brought in, anything from the shop? The excitement. As a lady of ever advancing years there's one thing and one thing alone which can in an instant transform me into a little kid again. I can remember being excited as a kid on Christmas eve, longing for Santa to come, wondering has he been? If I'd been naughty, wondering if he'd come at all. But remembering isn't the same as being or feeling. A forecast of possible snow and I'm right back there to that Christmas eve feeling, up and down like a yoyo looking out the windows, is it? Has it started? Forecast said overnight snow possible... who needs sleep anyway? Finally admitting defeat, crawling into bed at stupid o'clock, say a little prayer, cross my fingers and fall asleep hoping. Next morning, (and I'm not a morning person, tea, coffee, fags and I'm kind of awake an hour after getting up) it takes possibly as long as 20 seconds for my brain to register the light, the very unique light that only a fall of snow can create, is filtering through the curtains. I'm out of bed, across the room and throwing open the curtains and windows, grinning like a Cheshire cat in less than 2 seconds. The fun. Sledging, ski-ing, snowball fights, building snowmen. What's not to like? How bad is my snow addiction? Let's just say I'd be more than happy to have a little shack on top of Ben Nevis to retire to for the winter, and if winter dragged on a bit and we had a really late spring, it wouldn't be the end of the world :-)
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    Morning all, slight warm up still on the cards for the SE as we enter August and GfS keeps the rain stalled for a while before the Atlantic starts throwing early Autumn at us by the middle of the month. Time flies..... White Christmas watch soon
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    Snow brings a dead world alive. Skeleton trees seem to come alive, the drab colours are replaced by a brilliant white, decaying vegetation is covered. It brings a "light" to the long dark nights. A full moon and a snow cover is a beautiful sight.
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    Im gonna tell my mate too, as they are his pictures, just he allowed me to share these with you guys And cheers Greenday, couldn't agree with you more!
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    Nice autumn day with occasional sharp showers coming in on a cool N wind. Just fed cattle with some of last years hay so winter feeding routine is not far away. A maximum temperature of 12c today. World Orienteering Championships in our neck of the woods this coming weekend so heatstroke shouldn"t be a problem for the competitors.,
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    I suppose its ok if you live to work
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    Its alright watching it snow, its when it settles then it becomes a ballache. Im more addicted to watching it melt. Nowt better than watching mild winds get to work on a lawn full of mucky slush and compacted ice thats no good to anyone.
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    I don't see any plumes, just temporary ridging ahead of the lows as they swing through. The things being called plumes only take the temperature back to just above average; that is not a hot plume of true Spanish origin, by any stretch of the word.
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    Actually mushy the coming weekend doesn't look unsettled at all, for many of us it looks largely fine with sunny spells with just the chance of an isolated shower, Sunday looks best.
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    Snow addiction fans would love this chart from February 1969. Yes, this produced a proper Polar Low with very low temperatures and widespread deep snowfall in the North of England. I remember it well, 9 inches at Manchester Airport on the edge of the Cheshire Plain and 15 inches in the Cheshire Peak with deep snow drifts. The temperature at 4pm was -5c just after the Polar Low passed and fell to -20c in the days following. C
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    NO HE ISNT.... This really jaffa cakeses me off. You are misreprisenting what frosty says. Frosty only posts what the charts are SHOWING.
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    Snow addicts, how about a roll in this lot ? Outside my place back in February 2013. El Nino , means only one thing, snow for all of you before Christmas and lots of it. White out Blighty ! C
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    It's your opinion but I feel I have to exercise my opinion as regards to this. I think you need to go to Specsavers because it can be a thing of beauty. This is what I took 5 years ago
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    Ever since experiencing the holy kalt of winters in 62/63, my addiction to snow has never diminished with time. Now I spent 6 months of the year living in it and still crave for the first fall to occur. Even in the summer I sometimes drive or walk up to the highest bergs in the area to touch it.
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    eh? lovely warm southerlies? hardly, just a miserable dull windy thaw normally with rain at around 8C
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    Mornin' all single figure night @ 7.8°C, plenty of moisture in the air as all surfaces are damp.
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    lol, think it snowed in June once. You may well have, managed to avoid the showers here today, but all around me were threatening, dark skies. When is that cold night coming, it's 14c at the moment. Big party going on next door, they are still barbecuing. Haven't been invited because I called them a bunch of onions for parking in front of my drive and blocking me in! I take it that giving me some barbecue and birthday cake will also be out of the question. ....... again.
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    nice photos ,that second shot is a beauty
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    I walked outside this morning then doubled back for my coat! felt chilly at 7.7c this morning. Don't you just love these warm long summer days..
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    Caught it on my time-lapse towards the end
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    That's magical: rime and snow is a beautiful combination. For me, it's also the sound; there's a certain kind of muffled stillness that you just don't get at any other time. Just a shame it's so damn rare.
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    Yes this is interesting because it has been much debated. From your link Does this latest paper support the Firestone paper from the above link? Evidence for an extraterrestrial impact 12,900 years ago that contributed to the megafaunal extinctions and the Younger Dryas cooling http://www.pnas.org/content/104/41/16016.abstract?ijkey=fa63250befe1e15daabd83d5626a3852ab70b3aa&keytype2=tf_ipsecsha
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    In your opinion, perhaps not. Personally I think that photo is stunning. There aren't many better weather-related sights than a fresh covering of snow in my view.
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    I start checking this Svalbard webcam > http://www.svein-nordahl.com/svalbard/webcam/webcam_LYB.php > for snow from Mid-July onwards
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