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    ​That's the thing with social conservatism, because I'll pass on something everyone else has to as well! Why does it matter to you if cannabis is legal if you aren't going to use it, legalisation hardly brings compulsion. Other people using it has no impact on you, so why should your say stop others? Tanked up aggressive blind drunks are far more likely to impact on other peoples life than someone friends who perhaps slightly over loaded the bong who really are only a danger to the cookie jar.
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    Which reinforces my point further; English MPs could easily vote down Scottish MPs on the matter. It really sounds laughable to suggest Scots MPs can somehow overrule England when we are looking at 9% and 82% representation respectively. Note I’m fully supportive of English votes for English laws. However, so long as ‘English votes for Scottish laws’ still applies – as highlighted by unelected (in Scotland) English Tory MPs overruling elected Scottish MPs on Scotland bill amendments (a purely Scottish bill) – then the same must apply in reverse as small compensation. Westminster is the UK parliament, not the English one. The Tories could end Scottish MPs voting on English matters easily; just make Westminster a devolved English Parliament and work towards Devo Max for Scotland, as is the wish of the Scottish electorate and expressed in May’s GE where greater than 51.4% of the vote went to parties advocating devo max and/or indy. The fact the Tories are complaining about Scots MPs voting in the HoC shows how pathetic and stupid they are. Jeez, they campaigned heavily in the Scottish iref for Scotland to send a huge number of SNP MPs to Westminster! Now they are overruling the wish of the Scottish electorate for devo max which would give the Tories exactly what they want by taking Scots MPs out of Westminster.
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    It would be off the scale nothing beats a picturesque Victorian style village in a blanket of thick snow. Even in London it can make the city beautiful it just evokes nostalgia to me of winters past.
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    Interesting to note the behaviour of low pressure systems these past three months, so many have spiralled in situ just to our NW and crossed to the NE pulling down NW/N airflows, a similar set up in winter would reinforce the cold SST's and it would be a potent polar maritime fest, snow galore for the NW quarter of the country.. quite likely to produce significant cold air advection over mid atlantic and our shores on occasion, warm air advection over central Europe and scandi blocked by a major strong ridge/high pressure over western Russia.
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    I also seem to remember things like "the NHS will be safe within the union", "we'll deliver home rule for Scotland", and various other promises, vows and pledges being made in the past. If all that was promised had been delivered then yes, the once in a generation rule should have stuck. If the promises and vows aren't met then that negates the once in a generation promise.
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    pathetic and stupid? so voting against the Tories on an English matter isn't? That wasn't the point.. Why should Scottish mp's vote against amendments to a policy which affects only England and england only when they have already have adjusted hunting rules in place in Scotland? It was due to be a close victory of only a handful of seats for the adjustments but the Scottish mp's could throw this small margin.
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    How would 59/650, i.e. all Scottish MPs comprising 9% of the HoC, 'railroad' through policy - such as keeping the foxhunting ban - against English the will of English MPs anyway? Jeez, 82% of MPs are English. Someone needs to brush up on their sums I think. Now a PM with only 1/59 MPs in Scotland on just 14.9% of the vote blocking the democratic will of the Scottish people as expressed through a vote for a party with a manifesto commitment to hold another iref? That's totalitarian dictatorship stuff. You know, like the way the Tories used English votes for Scottish Laws to vote down all the SNP amendments to the Scotland bill; a bill concerning Scotland alone. Dave saying he'd try to overrule democracy and block another iref is possibly the worst possible way to try and save the union, if that is the goal. Look what happened in Eire when democracy was overruled by the British. Wasn't pretty and killed that union fairly quickly! Overrule democracy and you effectively give permission for non-peaceful methods to be used to achieve political goals; I'm not sure that's wise.
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    I think you'll find that your the ignorant one and not your 'toking' associates. A friend was diagnosed with cancer 18 months ago and because of the awful side-effects of chemotherapy decided to try the cannabis 'hash oil' route. This has left him almost penny-less but he's still with us and his tumour has ceased to grow and doctors have told him to keep on 'self-medicating' but to reduce the amount he's been taking as the they believe the tumour has become benign. Commercially available cannabinoids, such as dronabinol and nabilone, are approved drugs for the treatment of cancer-related side effects.
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    Snow brings a dead world alive. Skeleton trees seem to come alive, the drab colours are replaced by a brilliant white, decaying vegetation is covered. It brings a "light" to the long dark nights. A full moon and a snow cover is a beautiful sight.
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    I worry for this country if everyone wants to smoke dope, it is not an environment I want my kids to grow up,and it is not a substance I want readily available to them. I agree the situation is a hypocritical one, smoking tobacco (agreed not good) is being ever more targeted as bad, yet substances such as alcohol and recreational drugs are being downgraded to just a bit of fun or relaxation. I also agree that one cig, one drink or one joint is not going to hurt anyone, but the result of addiction to the last 2 has far worse outcomes than the first. There have always been drugs of one sort or another but the thought of half the nation spending their time getting high is concerning. Once we go down this road maybe a little snort of coke or a small shoot up with crack becomes ever more acceptable.
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    Nice autumn day with occasional sharp showers coming in on a cool N wind. Just fed cattle with some of last years hay so winter feeding routine is not far away. A maximum temperature of 12c today. World Orienteering Championships in our neck of the woods this coming weekend so heatstroke shouldn"t be a problem for the competitors.,
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    Snow addicts, how about a roll in this lot ? Outside my place back in February 2013. El Nino , means only one thing, snow for all of you before Christmas and lots of it. White out Blighty ! C
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    Ever since experiencing the holy kalt of winters in 62/63, my addiction to snow has never diminished with time. Now I spent 6 months of the year living in it and still crave for the first fall to occur. Even in the summer I sometimes drive or walk up to the highest bergs in the area to touch it.
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    For our region in particular that North Atlantic cold anomaly could be a significant player, so I'm keen for it to remain or even grow and intensify as Autmumn drags on and winter arrives. That snowfall in late January this year from a NW airflow was spectacular while it lasted, as was the Boxing Day 2014 fall. This time round, should the low Atlantic SST's remain, we may be on the right side of marginal far more often. A potential snowy "cold zonality" winter on the way? A very, very early ramp! Anyway, knowing our luck, that cold pool will disappear by mid November and/or the Northwesterlies will die off. The one time I'd want some weather off the Atlantic we'll probably get a raging beasterly... ...with that being said, I'd take it!
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    Just watched BBC forecast and couldn't help but notice a SMURK on oor Lou's face as she pointed out the 25C in London and 15C (max) Scotland. Also saw continuing high temps over southern Yoorp. I feel another holiday coming on.... Oh apparently I have to earn some stuff to keep the nice people at the Nationwide happy.
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    The 'Holy grail' for me would be a winter to end all winters,starting very early in October and running right through into May.I do not know what years would be nearest to this but the years that spring to mind [although quite short from it] are 1978/79 1954/55 and 1916/17.
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    I'm guessing the naive and stupid comments was not aimed at me as that would be unnecessary aggression against someone who disagrees with your political stand?We don't need to make things go away, independence has already been rejected once, it is now neverendum time. By the way a year and a half or so is not "years". Mind you if that is as long as a stance lasts I wonder what the views will be in another 21 months. Anyway here is a more recent "wee quote" http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-29196661 I wonder what changes of meaning and context another few months will bring or is it a case of whatever the SNP says is right was always right and will always be right and anyone who dares question it is stupid or naive? After reading hundreds of pages in here I am beginning to think so. At least I had the pleasure of speaking to a couple of SNP canvassers in the last couple of days and they will be that little bit more aware that their party does NOT speak for all the people of Scotland.
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    Isn't lying what politicians do best?
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    No you'll have to pay for it and then there maybe an issue with drivers depending on the hardware of the rig.
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    I have heard this but haven't tried it as not a smoker, if they prescribe it in someway other than smoke form I will give it a go.
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    To Address 'night Kings' reply to me. Only the young can push for change. Those above 65 seem the most socially conservative, with that decreasing as they get younger. Use may not be higher than 30/40 years ago but general awareness most definitely is up and America's cannabis lobby can be a great example for how we should proceed. Skifreak - fantastic post. I may be a 'conservative' but my 'social' views are what makes me a liberal. Not a fan of social conservatism at all, infact it's infuriating to me. To address this post - No beneficial properties? Well what does? Any 'high' is just a reaction within your body. Be that passing your driving test, graduating uni, birth of child etc etc. A drug which relaxes you is obviously beneficial, in the same way coffee gets (some people) going in the morning. Consistent drug use is never good but most things in moderation are fine. Do you drink? Hypocritical if you do. If you don't, then ok but sometimes you need to seize the day and some experiences are better with some 'help'.
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    No, that was this lot...And it took ages to get the title right!
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    Faulty snails ,you know the ones that go round in circles ...
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    Nyet. Still sitting here shirtless!
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    Liberal democrat tories, not many left anymore Owen Wilson never liked his nose either Suarez never liked his ears Gogglebox ............you're watching people watching TV.................why?
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    The electorate voted to remain in the Union at that juncture. Then in May we voted again, this time on the basis of a manifesto supporting FFA the SNP won 56 of 59 seats. It cuts both ways.
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    We might sneak a few warmer days snowy, especially for us who are further south and east than the rest of the crew. For example, the last time I looked Monday was forecast for 20-22ºC in the south-east (I'm including you in that), so perhaps not as bad as it's been. Still showery though at times.
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    I remember something similar called the Vow, but it seems to have got lost in the post somehow!
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    The usual cloudy dross here again today. Sunshine till about 9am and the predictable mid level murk moves in and kills the day. Feeling cold too.
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    No rain yet today but disappointingly cloudy and cool. Not liking the look of the next few days forecast to be honest (apart from maybe Sunday); much as I dislike dull cool weather I loathe SE vs the rest splits even more. Monday better not come off like the NW chart says, we had enough of that nonsense at the start of this month.
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    A dry pleasant morning so far with some sunny spells but feeling cool in the Northerly wind, Temp 11.8c. On a side note, The annual WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP HEN RACING is this Saturday at Bonsal folks, An event not to miss! We have the worlds finest racing chickens at the ready.
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    Hope you had an enjoyable time away Dan. You posted some nice pics! I've been fighting off Mrs Blessed with regard flicking the heating on for half hour. She's been watching the telly wrapped in a fleece! I live in a bit of a valley surrounded by hills and it gets quite chilly at night. Tonight looks "unseasonably cool" (to quote this morning's Look East forecast) so I'm expecting a low here easily down into single figures. And disappointing to see East Anglia still in the firing line for heavy showers today. The forecasts says we may even hear a rumble of thunder. The forecast a couple of days back had us completely dry today. Oh well - here's looking forward to Fri, Sat & Sun and the warmer temps.
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    If they could, they would, they have already cut support to big urban authorities (& therefore largely Labour). by far bigger percentages than the cuts imposed on more rural & affluent (& therefore largely Tory), authorities.
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    Absolutely agree: I could grow my own supply of marijuana, if I wanted...But I just can't be bothered!
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    Back in London, jubilation a orrid neighbour has put his house up for sale on for £680k someone could easily add 100k onto that if they spruced it up. it will need to be fumigated and all the rest of it. It has been really quite chilly near the coast especially once dark it took me back to those dim days in October. I can take the rain as it was needed - but these unseasasonable chilly temperatures are not to be obliged. Back into low to mid 20's would be pleasant.
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    This is a good read from the Met-O: http://blog.metoffice.gov.uk/2015/07/24/has-2015-really-been-that-windy/ Small wonder I've been lulled into thinking the weather hasn't been too bad, if you look at the charts in the blog you'll see the rainfall spread. I've had less rain than average in a part of Scotland which is drier than most of the rest of the country.
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    Montbretia.. Spelling not certain. Crocosmia is its latin name, again spelling uncertain.Just checked, spellings sound
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    That's magical: rime and snow is a beautiful combination. For me, it's also the sound; there's a certain kind of muffled stillness that you just don't get at any other time. Just a shame it's so damn rare.
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    I start checking this Svalbard webcam > http://www.svein-nordahl.com/svalbard/webcam/webcam_LYB.php > for snow from Mid-July onwards
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    If it was spelling I was picking up on I'd be forever correcting folk on forums and social media. Spelling or incorrect grammar is not a sign of 'ill-education' but your comments on addiction clearly are. Know the facts before typing such 'twoddle'.
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    The greatest potential harm non abusive use of cannabis presents is the consequences of being caught with it and prosecuted and thus having a criminal record. All for no other reason than US pressure induced prohibition, that ultimately had nothing to do with effects or scientific evidence, the origin of the war on drugs in the US was far more to do with smashing the global hemp industry in order to boost the emerging US petrochemical industry.
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    Is this a wind up post? So if you suddenly quit smoking there are no withdrawal effects? Nicotine is one of the most addictive drugs there is, on a par with heroin. The bit in bold is just illustrative of the juvenile attitudes towards a serious issue.
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    The same percentage of people that don't smoke it. Also what is the evidence are you basing this on? There is no conclusive proof of this whatsoever and you yourself said "young" people? Surely it would be better if it was legalized, controlled with age restriction and proper education was given about the possible risks to those with predetermined mental health backgrounds or those under 16? The media like do like to parade a sick person though and blame it on cannabis because it provides good news material. Even a BBc documentary made not long ago came out with minimal risks which tend to be to children under 15. Why don't we ban drinking after all that is much more likely to cause mental health disorders? If you drink too much it can do you a lot of damage physically and mentally and does so to millions each year with many deaths associated to it which is something you can't say about cannabis as its never killed a single person. Why can't it be a persons own choice? http://www.schres-journal.com/article/S0920-9964(13)00610-5/abstract http://www.leafscience.com/2014/03/18/drug-made-cannabis-treat-schizophrenia/ Also we can see the results of legalization in some states of america to see how devastating it has been - http://www.collective-evolution.com/2014/09/13/7-ways-marijuana-legalization-has-already-benefited-colorado-in-only-8-months/
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    A few butterflies around this morning and plenty of damsel flies. A Comma and a damsel
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    Unless it appears almost undeniable that below average temperatures seem likely it seems the met office always predict average to above average temperatures by default in their long range forcasts, especially months in advance. They could be right of course but it seems that if they're not sure they will always tout average to above and to be honest when average to above seasons have been the form horse for most of the last three decades it probably seems a safer bet on their part so who could blame them, especially as they're obliged to make some prediction and can't simply state uncertainty even if that's what they thought as they must quite often, as they would lose funding if they stated that all the time and as a consequence be unable to advance the tools necessary to improve the science, putting the whole ambition of more accurate long range forecasting behind. Especially with such demand from businesses and the public to know what the weather's going to be like in x amount of time. I doubt they're that confident though of anything at this stage so if like me your hoping for a below average Autumn and hoping even more for a below average Winter there's still plenty of hope with over a month until the start of Autumn and over 4 months until the end of Autumn and start of Winter no matter what they say at this stage. Note I'm not trying to criticise the met office as such and I don't doubt they're one of the best if not the best weather forecasters in the world. All's I'm saying is we all know long range forecasting is not an exact science so all should be taken with a pinch of salt at this early stage and I guess I'm just trying to convince myself just as much as anyone else when the met office make a seasonal prediction of above average temperatures, not to be despondent more than a month in advance of the 3 month season they're trying to predict. But then again the weather will be what the weather will be and it's simply out of our hands. Only God or the great creative force of the universe, whatever you want to call it knows for certain and whatever he or it has decided should be fine and good with me or anyone else and I'm really being silly to hope for things I have no control over.
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    Anyone who thinks the EU is an 'honourable' club after the way they have treated Greece is seriously deluded. Kicking someone when they are down is the sure sign of a nasty bully.
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    Hi guys, Ithink I have varied a bit in my life - Grew up having to go to school 2 miles away in hills and couuntry lanes in the late 40's. I had to walk and loved it. Even in the bad winters of 47 and early 50's where the snow was drifted to twice my height! I must have been an 11 at that stage. Later at secondary school age had to travel about 5 miles along the A1 in North Notts in my dad's old Morris Minor whenever the school bus didn't arrive (particularly 56)! I remember having the feeling I was skating on ice at times that year along quite a wide flat road, but there was very litle traffic around fortunately, so I rate myself as a 10 at that stage. Before i retired (15 years ago) I used to do a lot of driving. So I took myself of to have lessons in skid control. Each year thereafter, as soon as any snow fell I used to dash off to a local hardpatch and have an update (it really is like a riding a bike, or skiing, in that once you have the skills, they soon come back). I rate myself as a 9 at that stage because I had all the usual addictions, but I was still aware of how little control many others drivers had. I remember being sat patiently waiting at some traffic lights, when suddenly a car overtook me silently skiing along into the oncoming traffic with the lady driver looking transfixed. That sort of thing did worry me!. I put it down to the fact that in the 90's and 2000's people did not need those skills. Since retiring I must admit to being a 12.!!! I have recently resorted to subterfuge to feed my addiction! I told the wife that we needed to lop a tree down in the front garden because it was overhanging the pavement. The real reason? yes you've guessed it, it obscured the lamppost opposite from my bed!!. Although I try to sleep if these is a chance of a snowflake, I wake up about every 10mins and look at the lamppost. I'm very fortunate the wife is a good sleeper and understands my addiction!. (She is probably a 6 on the scsle). I have even refused to go away on holiday this year in the january to march period! The reason?. Yep you guessed it - I was away in Australia in 2010 and I missed the snows of 2012 as I went to South America on Jan 9th, just as the Easterly started. (It WAS the exact same day it started!) What sort of luck is that. I am not leaving it to chance this year!! So I need help. PS I also need to get to the skidpan again. I think even that is an addiction now! Any suggestion or help would be gratefully received. MIA
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    Since winter 1962/63 I have been a 10, and no sign of my desire for snow waning as I get older. Winter 62/63 absolutely converted me to snow and cold. I remember being totally dismayed in March when the grass started showing through the snow for the first time since December 26! I have been on ice and snow holidays and made an igloo and spent the night in it using my boots as a pillow. They were frozen in the morning, but the sleep was pretty good and in the morning we could stand on the igloo roof and it still stayed up OK. No matter what I am doing, I will shovel snow at the drop of a hat. When it looks good for snow I put the snow shovel outside the backdoor in the hope I'll be digging myself out in the morning. I usually get up during the night to check on snow progress and the charts. Behind us we have hilly fields and there are several spots whee the snow is always very deep when we get a good fall. i head straight to those with the dog! I simply love snow and am obsessed by it. My partner is about a 4 and accepts my snow obsession, even encourages it slightly!
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    Thanks Phil. I used to be a 10 but can't manage the all nighters anymore staring out of the window! Although if snow is forecast I still tend to wake up early with anticipation. I think snow is still one of the most beautiful things though, it really is otherworldly. The thing I most love is that feeling of disconnection from the outside world, its like a comfort blanket where you feel in this weird place of serenity where the worlds problems hit the " snow forcefield". Does this make sense? I think snow connects to a spirituality or something within us that's difficult to really put into words. I'd better stop before people call the men in white coats to come and take me away!
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