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    ​That's the thing with social conservatism, because I'll pass on something everyone else has to as well! Why does it matter to you if cannabis is legal if you aren't going to use it, legalisation hardly brings compulsion. Other people using it has no impact on you, so why should your say stop others? Tanked up aggressive blind drunks are far more likely to impact on other peoples life than someone friends who perhaps slightly over loaded the bong who really are only a danger to the cookie jar.
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    Erm, because that's what the Tories are doing. They voted down every SNP amendment to the Scotland Bill; a bill entirely about Scotland (clue is in the name). They seem to want 'English votes for Scottish laws' where English MPs can readily overrule Scottish MPs on purely Scottish matters but not any Scots MPs voting on matters affecting England where they are unable to out-vote English MPs anyway.
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    It would be nice to think that everyone voted after gathering all the info they could, including the paper in question. However, people voted on items such as this: Now less than a year later we are in a situation where the NHS is not protected, the Tories are making moves towards a pay per use service. Here's the Vow in all its glory: Note the line "We agree that the UK exists to ensure opportunity and security for all by sharing our resources equitably across all four nations to secure the defence, prosperity and welfare of every citizen". Tell that to everyone who is having their pay frozen in the public sector or who is having their benefits cut, etc. There was this: Obviously voting NO and then getting stuck with a Tory government was the answer to social injustice? And this: Now the only guarantee on welfare is that it's getting slashed. And don't think this round of welfare cuts will be the last. Once they start chopping they'll not stop. And this: Unlike the UK's economic plan which is rack up debt debt debt and more debt. And then more debt. £1,560,000,000,000 and increasing by over £5,000 a second. And this: I like the part in this one about "retaining full representation for Scotland in the UK parliament". Just not on anything which'll come under EVEL, even if that would have an impact on Scotland's budget. Also the bit about a particular focus of the new powers on greater fiscal responsibility and social security...did I miss that part of the Scotland Bill giving sweeping new powers on social security? I think I've covered the UK's spiralling debt:
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    Steve Finn has done the double, done vice captain and captain both innings. Voges out! 76-4 and still 69 behind,
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    Which reinforces my point further; English MPs could easily vote down Scottish MPs on the matter. It really sounds laughable to suggest Scots MPs can somehow overrule England when we are looking at 9% and 82% representation respectively. Note I’m fully supportive of English votes for English laws. However, so long as ‘English votes for Scottish laws’ still applies – as highlighted by unelected (in Scotland) English Tory MPs overruling elected Scottish MPs on Scotland bill amendments (a purely Scottish bill) – then the same must apply in reverse as small compensation. Westminster is the UK parliament, not the English one. The Tories could end Scottish MPs voting on English matters easily; just make Westminster a devolved English Parliament and work towards Devo Max for Scotland, as is the wish of the Scottish electorate and expressed in May’s GE where greater than 51.4% of the vote went to parties advocating devo max and/or indy. The fact the Tories are complaining about Scots MPs voting in the HoC shows how pathetic and stupid they are. Jeez, they campaigned heavily in the Scottish iref for Scotland to send a huge number of SNP MPs to Westminster! Now they are overruling the wish of the Scottish electorate for devo max which would give the Tories exactly what they want by taking Scots MPs out of Westminster.
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    It hasn't actually got to a vote in the House of Commons, the UK government pulled it. It's all got rather tangled up in EVEL after the Government also pulled back for an EVEL vote when they realised their proposals as they were at time would be voted down. Plus it's worth remembering that Scottish MPs can't railroad anything through the Commons, there is 59 Scottish MPs and 533 English MPs. The UK's only chance of surviving as a political union is with wholesale constitutional change, a fully constituted and fairly loose federation with something close to fiscal autonomy for the home nations, with the House of Lords abolished and replaced by a Senate which has say 25 senators for each home nation, thus providing balance and actually living up to the notion of a partnership of equal nations. That said, the time for that has probably been and gone. Also the Westminster system has proven time and again to be wholly incapable of such radical change, indeed at the moment the UK Government far from abolishing the absurd and discredited House of Lords, plans to ennoble around 300 Tories, party cronnies, funders, friends etc to get a government majority. That is the same government that wants to cut the number of MPs arguing it would save money, while inflating the House of Lords to over 1000 members. By far and away the world's biggest, most inappropriate and completely absurd legislator.
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    I also seem to remember things like "the NHS will be safe within the union", "we'll deliver home rule for Scotland", and various other promises, vows and pledges being made in the past. If all that was promised had been delivered then yes, the once in a generation rule should have stuck. If the promises and vows aren't met then that negates the once in a generation promise.
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    pathetic and stupid? so voting against the Tories on an English matter isn't? That wasn't the point.. Why should Scottish mp's vote against amendments to a policy which affects only England and england only when they have already have adjusted hunting rules in place in Scotland? It was due to be a close victory of only a handful of seats for the adjustments but the Scottish mp's could throw this small margin.
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    How would 59/650, i.e. all Scottish MPs comprising 9% of the HoC, 'railroad' through policy - such as keeping the foxhunting ban - against English the will of English MPs anyway? Jeez, 82% of MPs are English. Someone needs to brush up on their sums I think. Now a PM with only 1/59 MPs in Scotland on just 14.9% of the vote blocking the democratic will of the Scottish people as expressed through a vote for a party with a manifesto commitment to hold another iref? That's totalitarian dictatorship stuff. You know, like the way the Tories used English votes for Scottish Laws to vote down all the SNP amendments to the Scotland bill; a bill concerning Scotland alone. Dave saying he'd try to overrule democracy and block another iref is possibly the worst possible way to try and save the union, if that is the goal. Look what happened in Eire when democracy was overruled by the British. Wasn't pretty and killed that union fairly quickly! Overrule democracy and you effectively give permission for non-peaceful methods to be used to achieve political goals; I'm not sure that's wise.
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    I think you'll find that your the ignorant one and not your 'toking' associates. A friend was diagnosed with cancer 18 months ago and because of the awful side-effects of chemotherapy decided to try the cannabis 'hash oil' route. This has left him almost penny-less but he's still with us and his tumour has ceased to grow and doctors have told him to keep on 'self-medicating' but to reduce the amount he's been taking as the they believe the tumour has become benign. Commercially available cannabinoids, such as dronabinol and nabilone, are approved drugs for the treatment of cancer-related side effects.
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    In my experience, even when you call them when a burglary is taking place and they arrest the burglars, they end up releasing them because the court throws the case out, due to lack of evidence. The police need all the funding they can get, because crime isn't going down, even though the police and media are telling us it has. I had a house full of police recently and not one of them believe in the BS we are sold by themselves or the media. Rapes are up, knife crime is up, violent assaults are up, robberies have increased too. Gun crime is down, but that's because people are stabbing each other instead, due to the ease of obtaining knives. Most boroughs of London have gangs and youngsters solve disputes with violence and pretty much leave the police out of it. This isn't exclusive to London, it's a nationwide problem in cities and is turning the UK into a super duperhole.
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    I suspect the opposite will happen - prohibition is a wonderful incentive to try something. While my friends and acquaintances tried to shield their children from perceived evils and the seedier areas, I operated an immersion therapy policy. Only by experience, can children make the right choices. They will not do so under a sheltered environment, protected from life's realities.
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    I worry for this country if everyone wants to smoke dope, it is not an environment I want my kids to grow up,and it is not a substance I want readily available to them. I agree the situation is a hypocritical one, smoking tobacco (agreed not good) is being ever more targeted as bad, yet substances such as alcohol and recreational drugs are being downgraded to just a bit of fun or relaxation. I also agree that one cig, one drink or one joint is not going to hurt anyone, but the result of addiction to the last 2 has far worse outcomes than the first. There have always been drugs of one sort or another but the thought of half the nation spending their time getting high is concerning. Once we go down this road maybe a little snort of coke or a small shoot up with crack becomes ever more acceptable.
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    I'm guessing the naive and stupid comments was not aimed at me as that would be unnecessary aggression against someone who disagrees with your political stand?We don't need to make things go away, independence has already been rejected once, it is now neverendum time. By the way a year and a half or so is not "years". Mind you if that is as long as a stance lasts I wonder what the views will be in another 21 months. Anyway here is a more recent "wee quote" http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-29196661 I wonder what changes of meaning and context another few months will bring or is it a case of whatever the SNP says is right was always right and will always be right and anyone who dares question it is stupid or naive? After reading hundreds of pages in here I am beginning to think so. At least I had the pleasure of speaking to a couple of SNP canvassers in the last couple of days and they will be that little bit more aware that their party does NOT speak for all the people of Scotland.
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    yeah free upgrade is just for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users im afraid. To pay for Windows 10 i think its £100
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    Isn't lying what politicians do best?
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    No you'll have to pay for it and then there maybe an issue with drivers depending on the hardware of the rig.
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    I have heard this but haven't tried it as not a smoker, if they prescribe it in someway other than smoke form I will give it a go.
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    To Address 'night Kings' reply to me. Only the young can push for change. Those above 65 seem the most socially conservative, with that decreasing as they get younger. Use may not be higher than 30/40 years ago but general awareness most definitely is up and America's cannabis lobby can be a great example for how we should proceed. Skifreak - fantastic post. I may be a 'conservative' but my 'social' views are what makes me a liberal. Not a fan of social conservatism at all, infact it's infuriating to me. To address this post - No beneficial properties? Well what does? Any 'high' is just a reaction within your body. Be that passing your driving test, graduating uni, birth of child etc etc. A drug which relaxes you is obviously beneficial, in the same way coffee gets (some people) going in the morning. Consistent drug use is never good but most things in moderation are fine. Do you drink? Hypocritical if you do. If you don't, then ok but sometimes you need to seize the day and some experiences are better with some 'help'.
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    It wasn't the smartest thing for David Cameron to say, he should have sidestepped the issue. His stance simply plays straight into the YES movement's hands. Imagine if there was a 2nd referendum and it was another NO vote. That would be the issue settled for 100 years and the SNP dead in the water.
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    No, that was this lot...And it took ages to get the title right!
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    lol, thought that was buster bloodvessel :0.....
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    Dentist adverts for toothpaste ,we all know he wants to decapitate and skin you ........
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    Slugs , low life ,get a job then a house :0....
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    Faulty snails ,you know the ones that go round in circles ...
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    Nyet. Still sitting here shirtless!
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    Liberal democrat tories, not many left anymore Owen Wilson never liked his nose either Suarez never liked his ears Gogglebox ............you're watching people watching TV.................why?
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    The electorate voted to remain in the Union at that juncture. Then in May we voted again, this time on the basis of a manifesto supporting FFA the SNP won 56 of 59 seats. It cuts both ways.
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    I remember something similar called the Vow, but it seems to have got lost in the post somehow!
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    This is brilliant stuff. Come on England!
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    a rock hard red leather projectile hurtling towards your skull at 90+mph........that's the problem I think a quick rewording of the ode to Mitchell Johnson might be in order "he bowls to the left, he bowls to the right, he bowls 90mph thunderbolts, and your pants quickly fill with sh*te"
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    All the army recruitment adverts, 'if you can fix a bike, then you can fix a car, if you can fix a car then you can fix a lynx helicopter...... they miss out the bit about getting shot at.
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    Absolutely! I saw this at close quarters and the heartbreak that went with it. I'm pleased to say my children were fine and now implementing similar for my grand children.
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    If they could, they would, they have already cut support to big urban authorities (& therefore largely Labour). by far bigger percentages than the cuts imposed on more rural & affluent (& therefore largely Tory), authorities.
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    Absolutely agree: I could grow my own supply of marijuana, if I wanted...But I just can't be bothered!
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    Tories, Shy Tories, Not-so-shy Tories, Extant Tories, Extinct Tories, Labour Tories, Any other kinds of Tories.
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    Sardines Malt loaf Volkswagen turbos Cyril Smith Carl Walden ( never liked his nose ) Strawberrys ( the wild ones ) Paint Blood (especially my own) Hovis bread And liberals ..........
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    and by cutting those he will be increasing the future cost of nhs. However the long term goal of privatization will be easier to achieve if the Tories prove the NHS failing.
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    Montbretia.. Spelling not certain. Crocosmia is its latin name, again spelling uncertain.Just checked, spellings sound
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    It's not your spelling. It's your misinformed opinions of drugs that are being challenged.
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    If it was spelling I was picking up on I'd be forever correcting folk on forums and social media. Spelling or incorrect grammar is not a sign of 'ill-education' but your comments on addiction clearly are. Know the facts before typing such 'twoddle'.
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    The greatest potential harm non abusive use of cannabis presents is the consequences of being caught with it and prosecuted and thus having a criminal record. All for no other reason than US pressure induced prohibition, that ultimately had nothing to do with effects or scientific evidence, the origin of the war on drugs in the US was far more to do with smashing the global hemp industry in order to boost the emerging US petrochemical industry.
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    Is this a wind up post? So if you suddenly quit smoking there are no withdrawal effects? Nicotine is one of the most addictive drugs there is, on a par with heroin. The bit in bold is just illustrative of the juvenile attitudes towards a serious issue.
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    Hypocritical and sanctimonious is how I'd view current drug laws and the tripe peddled by some politicians. Even with Durham taking a more liberal stance the attitude was still anyone smoking a joint was some hopeless drug addict that needs help. Maybe we should take this attitude to all drinkers who present a much bigger danger to society. Politicians need to wisen up, people smoke cannabis because they enjoy it, 99% do not need any help and live perfectly productive lives. They certainly don't need out of touch, politically correct politicians telling them they're in desperate need of help.
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    Such outcomes result from very heavy use of very strong strains of cannabis, and the evidence does suggest that cannabis can't induce psychosis in someone who doesn't have an existing predisposition to it. It's also likely to be a bit of a chicken and egg situation, and similar to substance abuse of alcohol or anything else - such excessive use patterns are themselves likely to result from an underlying mental health issue.
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    The same percentage of people that don't smoke it. Also what is the evidence are you basing this on? There is no conclusive proof of this whatsoever and you yourself said "young" people? Surely it would be better if it was legalized, controlled with age restriction and proper education was given about the possible risks to those with predetermined mental health backgrounds or those under 16? The media like do like to parade a sick person though and blame it on cannabis because it provides good news material. Even a BBc documentary made not long ago came out with minimal risks which tend to be to children under 15. Why don't we ban drinking after all that is much more likely to cause mental health disorders? If you drink too much it can do you a lot of damage physically and mentally and does so to millions each year with many deaths associated to it which is something you can't say about cannabis as its never killed a single person. Why can't it be a persons own choice? http://www.schres-journal.com/article/S0920-9964(13)00610-5/abstract http://www.leafscience.com/2014/03/18/drug-made-cannabis-treat-schizophrenia/ Also we can see the results of legalization in some states of america to see how devastating it has been - http://www.collective-evolution.com/2014/09/13/7-ways-marijuana-legalization-has-already-benefited-colorado-in-only-8-months/
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    A few butterflies around this morning and plenty of damsel flies. A Comma and a damsel
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    Anyone who thinks the EU is an 'honourable' club after the way they have treated Greece is seriously deluded. Kicking someone when they are down is the sure sign of a nasty bully.
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