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    This sort of nonsense makes me angry, they call us Nationalists, Nazis, racists, etc but it's them who are far more Nationalistic! Really fed up with all of this.
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    Aye, and another step closer to indy. SNP on 60% in the latest Holyrood poll for next May. Cheers Dave!
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    RIP Chris loved and cherished by many in particular his service to the SE/EA thread for organising together the fantastic snow-cup, heaven gained another Angel.
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    They may do this a lot on many issues, they seem to be wanting to become a second tory government, from what I'm seeing and hearing.
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    Prove Scotland has no voice and influence in Westminster and the Unionist parties have made the SNP's core argument for them! Of course the SNP has no members of the House of Lords, but I'd imagine widening the franchise of the EU referendum is one thing that might well happen to the bill in the House of Lords.
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    I think you might have got it right the first time: if you can't get any power through elections, why not obtain it through obsequiousness and kow-towing? Spineless cretins!
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    It is with the deepest regret that I have to inform you our dear friend and weather buddy Chris Mantle lost his short battle with cancer and passed away last night. Chris was a big part of our community on the SE & EA thread, for those of us that had the pleasure of meeting him in person at our regional get together events know he was a true gentleman, although some of us have moved on from Netweather I thought I would share the sad news as I'm sure there are still many here who will remember him fondly - RIP Chris x Ali - aka MKSnowangel
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    An absolutely disgusting decision, IMO. I'm buggered if I know what Labour stands for, these days...
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    Bloody dire decision be Labour: you can pay taxes and get shot; but, hell-no, you cannot vote for your own future!
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    ^So the Bain principle lives on, Labour once again votes against their OWN policy in order for the Parliamentary Party to uphold it's policy of voting against SNP motions and amendments!
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    Great challenge we all loved to take part in
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    Osborne also selling off RBS. "We won't get as much as Labour paid for it", he says - like they had a choice. He forgot to add though "but if we hold on to the shares for too long, the chance for our friends in the city to make a killing will reduce, and they haven't had a millionaire's only tax cut for nearly 2 years".
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    UKIP leading the charge against the corrupt EU on TTIP, EU doing their best to push through this corporatists dream bill. We cannot let this disgusting bill pass. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/watch-ttip-vote-in-european-parliament-descends-into-chaos-after-ukip-meps-spark-protest-10310457.html http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/ttip-ukip-lead-dramatic-eu-5858981
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    Yep. In response, I often hear the argument 'But all MPs are equal and so if Scotland votes for MPs that don't end up in government, well, that's just like what e.g. happens to the north of England when the SE votes in the Tories. Live with it'. But meantime, the Tories are making it clear that Scots MPs are not the same as rUK MPs with EVEL, destroying this argument.... You can't do EVEL (+ celtic fringe devolved parliaments) - which is essentially devolution for England - and not have a federal type UK parliament/senate where it is one home nation one vote on budgets etc. Current situation is England decides for Scotland and soon fully for itself under EVEL by force of numbers. That's asking for trouble. Tories have always been the ones to act the most to encourage the break-up of the UK and it seems they are going to continue on that path.
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    Well, well, Lassie. Dark Skies the film, or the 1990's TV series? Try Orange is the new Black? Another multicultural abomination from Netflix!
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    And who says that only people with willies can play rock and roll??
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    Sounds racy! Saw Dark Skies..........spooky Dawn of the planet of the apes, it had talking apes in it but it was onions
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    I meant party oops.
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    Sad news. He was always up for a storm chat. He'll be sadly missed.
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    Can you decipher John...are they saying above 80% chance most of the world is going to be above average? And is that the 60-90 average? BFTP
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    Most folk would call it weather, colder then average summer season forecast, its shows we have had a few warmer ones in recent years so overdue. If you take the view this cold weather is due to global warming and is 'abnormal' , like whats happening in the Antarctica I guess that is another view. Your on a win win, ie if its colder its global warming if its warmer it global warming.
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    This SNP amendment to the EUref bill was just defeated 338 to 59. Labour backed the Tories. They're happy for the vote to be ethnic nationalism based, for 16-17 years to be excluded, and for what Wales, Scotland and NI think about their future in the EU to be irrelevant if England decides to leave. #Familyofnations #ScotlandshouldleadtheUKnotleave #BetterTogether
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    a huge, HUGE win by England....210 runs the margin, about as one sided as you'll ever see! already spoken about the outstanding batting...I thought eng's fielding and catching was excellent, as was the bowling generally........Rashid showed his all round importance with an excellent 50 and impressive leg spin bowling, he bowled his googly beautifully and was not afraid to give it plenty of air and revs.....Moeen Ali will be looking nervously over his shoulder as Rashid ticks all the boxes for me.....Finn bowled really well, and Plunkett & Stokes bowled with plenty of pace
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    I agree, but with one caveat: although Saharan dust is entirely natural, how can it be excluded from the readings? It must have similar effects in, say, Paris and Rome that greatly exceed our own? Apart from those, and a few largely fictitious regulations concerning such life-threatening stuff like straight bananas, I've yet to see one single European ruling that actually damages ordinary people. I can't say the same for our own government.
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    Been watching the EU debate and still waiting for John Redwood et al to explain exactly all these powers that the EU has which are so bad for the UK. The only issue for some of the public seems to be on immigration, apart from freedom of movement what exactly is causing so much trouble? On a wealth of issues the EU protects UK workers, helps consumers , exactly which legislation do Eurosceptics have a problem with? Putting aside the immigration question what exactly do Eurosceptics want from these negotiations. All I see from the Tory benches is a lot of moaning about these terrible EU regulations and not a single example of exactly why and what negative effects they're allegedly having on the public. Are Tories annoyed at health and safety, workers protection, statutory sick pay, maternity leave, holiday entitlement, equality for part-time workers etc. Yes the terrible EU with these awful laws that make life so difficult! I bet a lot of the UK public didn't even realize that the EU has done more to protect UK workers than the apparently wonderful Westminster!
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    Sense8 on Netflix...But, warning to all you sensitive 'kippers: it has gay and lesbian sex scenes in it! The end-of-the-world-is-nigh!!
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    Antarctic sea ice sets new record for the month of May.http://www.reportingclimatescience.com/news-stories/article/antarctic-sea-ice-sets-new-high-in-may.html
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    3rd warmest April on record according to the JMA 1st. 2014, 1998 (+0.31°C) 3rd. 2015 (+0.30°C) 4th. 2010 (+0.27°C) 5th. 2005 (+0.20°C)
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