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    ....and with his usual tactic of opposing everything the SNP propose, Jim Murphy will then instantly resign!
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    'Standing up for Scotland'. Pretty much from day 1. If it was Labour, they'd being saying 'Yes, the Tories are nasty so you need to keep voting for us, but there's nothing we can do! <turns around and bends over>'. I think were going to see lots of 'Erm, Naw - that's no happening; what are you going to do?' in the next few years. If the Scottish Grand Committee is saying no, the Scottish Affairs Select Committee is saying no and the Scottish Parliament is saying no, well, that's basically a no.
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    Well this made me chuckle at least Bish
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    JMA model also going off scale in Nino prediction: this is unusual for this agency, normally quite conservative in ensemble prediction. Updated outlook. http://ds.data.jma.go.jp/gmd/tcc/tcc/products/elnino/gif/c_ens_gr_oni.gif
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    You can't beat a nice crusty roll.
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    I think BrianTaylor at the BBC did this deliberately. LOL.
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    Now George Osbourne is saying he has a clear UK mandate to renogiate in Europe. No you don't Geordie. You have an English mandate. I would love a leader from another nation to ask publicly at these events " who speaks for Scotland?"
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    So the "could lead to harsh winter for Britain" was made up by the news team, as no scientist said anything of the sort... *sigh.
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    El Nino Could Lead To Harsh Winter For Britain A significant rise in water temperature in the Pacific Ocean is likely to have a major impact on the world's weather over the coming months, Australian experts have warned. The Australian Bureau of Meteorology said the eastern Pacific is in the early stages of a "substantial" El Nino event, the first in five years. The rising water temperature alters wind and rainfall patterns and is likely to lead to drought in Australia, drier conditions in Papua New Guinea and Indonesia, and floods on the Pacific coast of the Americas. It could also result in a harsh winter for the UK; during the last El Nino in 2009/10, Britain suffered heavy snowfall. David Jones, a climatologist at the Bureau, which has been on the look-out for the event, said: "This will be quite a substantial El Nino event. "This isn't a weak one, or a near miss as we saw last year." An El Nino starts when warm Pacific waters shift to the east and the trade winds that normally bring rain to Australia and Asia peter out. The Bureau expects the weather disruption to peak in the Southern Hemisphere's spring and early summer and last until February. It also said 2015 is now likely to be the warmest year on record, topping the highs of 2014. The scientists stressed that while an El Nino increases the likelihood of significant weather disruption, other factors could modify the effects. http://news.sky.com/story/1482534/el-nino-could-lead-to-harsh-winter-for-britain
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    If the likes of Trueman, Gower, Boycott, and Botham were still playing today I honestly think the ECB would invent reasons not to pick any of them as well. "Not the right sort of chap" or some such nonsense. The Kiwis and Aussies will be loving every second of this farce. Bish
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    Bureau of Meteorology in Australia (BOM) has now moved in line with the US agencies in declaring an El Nino to be in progress. http://www.bom.gov.au/climate/enso/
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    Bap holders. Got some in red, pink, black, blue and white.
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    I take it hubby said 'no' ?
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    or a nice fat sausage. It ticks me off I am off to bed so I can't do one now.
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    It is vimmy and shall be my little vimmy. Not quite the ring baps had to it. How about candy bars instead? I had a little whispa that mars turned in to a right twix when the starburst.. They always are free flowing and get a regular airing.
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    Golf ,water boarding would be more fun .....
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    Yes remember to let your tits out a night ,as vim deposits are easy to shift ,no nead for bapmestos ..
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  20. 1 point
    I also live in burger king 61m b s l Thanks Moki, I have some Great Tits nesting in my head and my baps drag along the floor so I guess I'm A Vim Zombie
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    i knew you would say that Knocks...lol.....but it's true, he's lost a fotune in income on what Colin Graves told him.....eye watering or not he may have cause for legal grievance...TBH, the whole episode is shambolic....Graves should have kept his mouth shut (re. recall) and 2 issues for Andrew Strauss to consider, first of all he should not have inferred that KP wouldn't play for England and then offer him an advisory/consultation position for ODI cricket (although, this could be construed as an olive branch to 'reintegrate KP' into the ECB) but not as a player...and secondly, to continue dangling the carrot by saying that KP is not to be considered for selection this summer but after that, who knows? ....it smacks of a hierarchy that doesn't know its weeble from it's elbow and couldn't make a correct decision if it deployed, DRS, Hotspot, Snicko, or brain scans to get the right result!
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    According to your profile you're a 15 year old boy born on the dawn of the 21st century.
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    happy 125 years lassie are you still taking the vim in a golden challis like Sean Connery ,or are you a vim chomping zombie ??😀😀😀
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    I remember the cuban vim crisis well, I was 72 years old at the time, and being water boarded for not declaring all my vim if cuba didn't move their secret vim stash, we would all be toasted baps by now.
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    As nearly happend in the Cuban vim crisis causing Kennedy to clean up :0...
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    I think Abba are being water boarded as we speak. I don't think their music was that bad. If that doesn't work, then the US government will use Vim.
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    Are they thermonuclear vim bombs ??? To give the whole world that fresh it's all over feeling ,of just toyota hilux launched vim bombs favoured by bapis the Islamic terror group or was it abba ???..
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  29. 1 point
    I'm making Vim bombs, good for blinding zombies whilst keeping them and your home smelling meadowy fresh.
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    yes ,will cause death just like an electricity pylon warning sign ( difficult to swallow will need vim later :0)..
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    Nothing like a pint of Vim at the end of a hard day. If you mix it with Yak milk, it makes a great anti wrinkle cream. (not suitable for zombies) You can eat it too (not suitable for human consumption, will cause death).
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    Sadly we may well be in for a crop of 'sensationalist drivel' if nino does build into a strong event and drive global extremes...............
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    http://www.express.co.uk/news/nature/576712/Rare-weather-phenomenon-El-Nino-worst-winter-in-Britain-for-years Apparently Britain is going to experience its worst winter in years thanks to El nino
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    Are you training for the Olympics young lady? My local has a shelf full of Vim. I bought the lot to keep in my bunker for the forthcoming Zombie Apocalypse !
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    my vim is ok and no isopod crustaceans where hurt either ..
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    no bag of turnips fell over , no vim was hurt ..
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    There was a wood louse walking across my path during the school walk and i jumped over it. That's my exercise done for today and not a vim in sight.
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    very nice lassie ,had a turnip disaster today ,but as always vim saved the day ..
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    I haven't really studied el nino much.. But what I do get from the charts being posted, is this will be one seriously strong El nino event.. We don't really know much what effects this does have on us here all the way over the other side of the planet.. But it does impact us. We know it has impacts closer to home. I think we should really really monitor this as a globe to see and research what happens. If previous events are anything to go by, winter 2015/16 could put some winters to shame
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    For political history buffs. As Scotland finally gets to see that's its MPs are not wanted in Westminster.
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    I wear the red ones on my head, they block Alien mind control rays. Oh and they are lacy with bows and they look pretty. I don't leave home without them.
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    cricket is different though....a group of individual fantastic players does make for a great team.... anyhoos, strauss is backing cook, and says regarding KP that it's a trust issue.....what a load of cobblers, there is now no doubt that this is strauss's personal grudge against KP.....stauss's position is already untenable and he should be removed (he won't be though) he should've never been appointed in the first place.....I'm disgusted with him and the ECB, and looking across the internet, millions share my thoughts
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    Westminster is an utter farce, it's wrong from start to finish. From elections using FPTP right the way through the whole thing, farcical is the best way to describe it. If you were to sit down and design a modern, fair, representative parliament it would not look like Westminster. At all. As for Scottish Labour, the Labour MSPs really need to stand up to Murphy. Publicly hound him out one way or another. It's the only way they'll get any respect back. Murphy is a busted flush. If they ousted him by a public rebellion it'd show they were ready to stand up not only for themselves but for people across Scotland. Create their own proper independent Scottish Labour and go for it, even if it means having to have by-elections in all their seats. It'd make everyone sit up and take notice, but it's never going to happen. They're too chicken.
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    Why have a Tory light Labour Party in Scotland when you can have the real deal with Fluffy and Ruthie? SNP, Greens and the SSP have the centre, environmental and socialist bases covered so it's pretty well game, set and match. SLAB no longer have any relevance, they should just declare themselves morraly and financially bankrupt and let something useful rise from the ashes.
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    Dear Jim, please stay. We love you, really, really we do love you.
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    absolute sh*te from Strauss....absolute scum of a man IMO......what a Lettuceing prick
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    Immigration controls are likely to be along the lines of no xenophobes, no bigots, no teetotallers! I'm tempted sometimes to offer to swap places with you but I don't like the look of French politics these days either. But you can hide in the hills too. We should definitely keep the Auld Alliance alive.
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    True but at least you can escape at some point. At that time you might have to put controls on immigration from the south as theres likely to be a stampede of people trying to get out !
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    My sense of humour withers when I'm tired, and I feel weary when I'm depressed by another tory gov't. Some of those foliticians are awful excuses for human beings and yet more of our neighbours voted for them than any other lot.
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    Who'd have thunk it? There *is* an amplification of trends in the tropical troposphere… http://iopscience.iop.org/1748-9326/10/5/054007/article …
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