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    Perhaps we should ask Ruth Davidson how the postal votes are looking.
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    I am a believer that something 'exists' . I even believe that there are somethings we aren't supposed to know the answers to, and the supernatural in any shape or form is part of that. And until someone with concrete evidence that ghosts etc are part of the human imagination and therefore DO NOT EXIST as a actual being, then I will continue to believe.
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    Answers below in red. Hope that helps.
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    Babe Ruth wa a baseball player from the 1940s I think ... not shure if there's a connection though ..
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    There is a chocolate bar from America called Baby Ruth
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    Crow bar :0........!!
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    Rather predictably, I'd suggest that figure was a protest vote more than anything else. Lol... Just read a quite entertaining piece by oor Marina on the Graun, entitled, 'when you're hot, you're hot.' No prizes who's the subject. Recommended to bring a smile to your face, if needed. http://www.theguardian.com/politics/2015/apr/28/nicola-sturgeon-snp-election-campaign
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    UK. However, turnouts were very low. And you can blame SNP voters for our skipper MEP; polls 'had it in the bag' so they disproportionately didn't turn out letting Coburn in by a whisker. Still, I think it's good to have him. Serves as a reminder of the need to vote. Incidentally, he thinks Scotland is full up so should stop further immigration from England. Well, that's what I understood from the below; English people being the biggest immigrant group in Scotland.
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    yorkie bar complete with lorry and driver ??....
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    What about a Wagon Wheel Now that's going to hurt!
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    Be interesting (mildly) to see what support UKIP has in Wales - I would have thought somewhere between that in England and Scotland. Farage possesses a peculiar English trait of smug ignorance that is borne largely of privilege and insularity. For him, really, despite protestations, his idea of the Britishness does exclude Scottishness - with apologies for those words.
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    lion bar could , if impact didn't kill the mauling would 😄😄😄
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    Does 1 kg of Fruit and Nut count as a portion? It only has 50,000 calories and contains ten bags of sugar. It also counts to your five a day as it has a raisin in it. I have three large Easter Eggs left. If you dropped a Flake (by accident of course) from the Empire State Building and it hit someone on the head, would it kill them? That would be death by chocolate Would a Curly Wurly be fatal too?
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    My original thread was to discuss ghost stories, pictures etc NOT a battle ground on who believes and who doesn't. Please make a new thread to argue.
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    I've still got easter eggs left
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    I see you're not a chocolate fan .......
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    Me too, I haven't had any chocolate for ages now, apart from the Twix i had for breakfast, the four Wispas i had for lunch and the 1kg Fruit and Nut bar I just had for tea. Apart from that, no chocolate will pass my lips for another 6 weeks.
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    I miss chocolate .....
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    Politicians promising the earth and delivering stained glass window all ......
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    come on lassie it must be a circular pool :0....
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    Cakie must have a swimming pool the size of the Channel, she's be swimming since the 24 of April
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    Yeah we had a referendum last year. Unfortunately some of us were taken in by the lies from all the English folitician visitors. Otherwise we'd be looking at a sunny future already.
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    I don't think many tears will be shed for either of them to be honest!
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    So you're just taking his word for it? Thing is extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.
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    Well im very happy that my 700th post is going to be a snow one! :cold: Had a brilliant snow shower about 30 mins ago, proper big flakes. What a treat. Shortens the time I have to wait until next winter to see more haha. Couple of pics below but they havent come out great, it looked better than this lol:
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    Anthropogenic contribution to global occurrence of heavy-precipitation and high-temperature extremes http://www.nature.com/nclimate/journal/vaop/ncurrent/full/nclimate2617.html commentary: http://www.nature.com/nclimate/journal/vaop/ncurrent/full/nclimate2640.html …
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    Only a few days after Sydney copped the wildest storm of the century, an impressive hailstorm in the city late Saturday. Temperature range of 14-26, then a maximum of 17 on Sunday.
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    Rumour is that Lord Ashcroft is a closet centre-left Scottish nationalist.
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    Lord Ashcroft's report of his focus groups in Scotland makes for an amusing read.
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    I didn't finish all, too full and all that. So hubs ate what I couldn't.
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