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    Perhaps we should ask Ruth Davidson how the postal votes are looking.
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    Answers below in red. Hope that helps.
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    Madness here. Was cutting the grass earlier in a t-shirt. Now coming on 1/2 a cm of snaw with almost palm sized flakes. It's all Sturgeon's fault. You've been warned. --- EDIT And guess who had his full on summer tyres fitted last week. Aye.
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    Almost the coldest night of the 2014/15 season here in Crail @ -2.2c. Coldest reading all winter was -2.6c which puts it in perspective.
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    There is a chocolate bar from America called Baby Ruth
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    Crow bar :0........!!
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    Rather predictably, I'd suggest that figure was a protest vote more than anything else. Lol... Just read a quite entertaining piece by oor Marina on the Graun, entitled, 'when you're hot, you're hot.' No prizes who's the subject. Recommended to bring a smile to your face, if needed. http://www.theguardian.com/politics/2015/apr/28/nicola-sturgeon-snp-election-campaign
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    yorkie bar complete with lorry and driver ??....
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    What about a Wagon Wheel Now that's going to hurt!
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    Be interesting (mildly) to see what support UKIP has in Wales - I would have thought somewhere between that in England and Scotland. Farage possesses a peculiar English trait of smug ignorance that is borne largely of privilege and insularity. For him, really, despite protestations, his idea of the Britishness does exclude Scottishness - with apologies for those words.
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    lion bar could , if impact didn't kill the mauling would 😄😄😄
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    My original thread was to discuss ghost stories, pictures etc NOT a battle ground on who believes and who doesn't. Please make a new thread to argue.
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    I've still got easter eggs left
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    I see you're not a chocolate fan .......
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    Me too, I haven't had any chocolate for ages now, apart from the Twix i had for breakfast, the four Wispas i had for lunch and the 1kg Fruit and Nut bar I just had for tea. Apart from that, no chocolate will pass my lips for another 6 weeks.
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    The royal prince BAP ????????????????...
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    I miss chocolate .....
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    Politicians promising the earth and delivering stained glass window all ......
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    Cakie must have a swimming pool the size of the Channel, she's be swimming since the 24 of April
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    Yeah we had a referendum last year. Unfortunately some of us were taken in by the lies from all the English folitician visitors. Otherwise we'd be looking at a sunny future already.
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    I don't think many tears will be shed for either of them to be honest!
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    Well im very happy that my 700th post is going to be a snow one! :cold: Had a brilliant snow shower about 30 mins ago, proper big flakes. What a treat. Shortens the time I have to wait until next winter to see more haha. Couple of pics below but they havent come out great, it looked better than this lol:
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    Min of -0.7C this sunny morning and a light dusting of snow now quickly melting. The Galtees have a thin cover of snow too
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    Anthropogenic contribution to global occurrence of heavy-precipitation and high-temperature extremes http://www.nature.com/nclimate/journal/vaop/ncurrent/full/nclimate2617.html commentary: http://www.nature.com/nclimate/journal/vaop/ncurrent/full/nclimate2640.html …
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    Only a few days after Sydney copped the wildest storm of the century, an impressive hailstorm in the city late Saturday. Temperature range of 14-26, then a maximum of 17 on Sunday.
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    I've seen a couple of inches of snow in Paisley in the 2nd week of May (12th May 1995) We were walking in a snow shower earlier up at Bowmont Forest. Very enjoyable walk
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    Plenty of big anvils were about earlier on bringing heavy hail/sleet showers to Glasgow at teatime. When heading to EK at 8pm just to the east of me I could see another huge Cumulonimbus cloud with the hail coming out it. There was some Thunder from it aswell.
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    Heavy sleet shower just passed through after wet snow showers throughout this afternoon. Should turn back to snow as we go through the night. Currently 2.9c with dewpoint 1.8c. Remarkable weather over the last couple of days for this time of year.
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    Very cold and clear currently 0.5c grass already very crunchy any new cut grass willl burn tonight. Ice forming on the puddles Last snow shower of winter 14/15? Photo shows it moving away to the NE about an hour ago.
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    Rumour is that Lord Ashcroft is a closet centre-left Scottish nationalist.
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    Was just about to write the same. Its quite surreal to watch snow showers this afternoon coming down the Cawdor hills towards us from the SW at the end of April.
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    Lord Ashcroft's report of his focus groups in Scotland makes for an amusing read.
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    That's what I thought here too but the grass and cars are covered after some monster snowflakes.
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    a wee surprise to see wet flakes of snow in Glasgow at this time of year wee poem Cold blast returns Winter coats pushed to back Summer shorts rained from dust Lingering thoughts of walks In sunset warm evenings Smiling at the spring blacksmith Forging the colours and life vivid Then a drop of rain A gust of northern wind The clouds chased to London Dragging polar air down The rain turns colder A huddled picnic Left to the birds Winter having one last laugh A reminder there is no control The sun takes a week off The cold and grey spreads Meanders across the weekend Plans scuppered for indoor dates
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    Wonder if the precip will hold to tonight when it might have a chance of lying plus more snow? Snowing here again! P.S. Why is this snow as the precip seems to be swinging in from the SW?
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    I didn't finish all, too full and all that. So hubs ate what I couldn't.
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    Unexpected wee sleet flurry earlier this morning, and not a warm day by any stretch. Clear and cold now.
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    A reminder winter can quickly bite back in Scotland at this time of year. A major switcharound event, some parts of the Highlands basked in maxes approaching 70f on Wednesday whilst today struggled to get above 1 degree! A notably late snowfall. Here we managed a very light hail shower today and nothing else.
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    Some nice photos from todays snowfall guys cant believe its only 8 weeks until the longest day then we start creeping back towards winter
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    A few photos from few miles inland where there is between 2 and 4 inches
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    Aberdeen at 6.50pm Thanks Ravelin & Gogoslo
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    Big chunky flakes now! Tremendous. Richard , go to "more reply options" and upload a photo
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    Well the snow from earlier melted pretty sharpish once it stopped. Then it came back again with a vengeance. Temp now 0.9/LL.L. About as good as I've seen it here all winter.
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    And here is the proof.The horsechestnut coming into leaf and garden as yet not fully sown out
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    Half crown flakes in old money settling and getting white now 1c .What a switch round,cattle all sitting on fresh straw smiling watching snow fall .Maybe be the old farmer knew something
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    I was wrong, the snow is now lying on the grass, fences etc. Actually it now thicker than those pictures show but it seems to be getting brighter out.
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    A9 just outside Inverness
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    From 23'C degrees earlier this week to 1'C and snow - the Highlands in spring!
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    A bit of rain overnight has been replaced with bright blue arctic skies with fantastic visibilities and a peppering of snow showers to the north in their true winter colours of grey and yellow clouds. Currently 3c with a fresh cap of snow on the Cawdor hills down to about 1200 feet. If the sky looks as wintry as it does today then the next two days may be quite exceptional for the time of year. Cows and calves still in at night although they did not want to come in on the last two warm days but we will have no problems tonight. Young Mr. Norththernlights took home a load of silage bales from a neighbouring farm last night and there is more concentrate feed on the way in case we have to keep the cattle in till May
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