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    Lol. Aye. Imagine the Record telling people to vote SNP. Who'd a thunk it! 'Anyone but the Tories' of course in this case means 'Labour'* (a quick scan of the editorial and vote SNP = get Tories as you'd expect from the Record). Although I suppose it's impressive that they aren't telling people to vote Tory to stop the SNP... * doubt they're advocating a vote for the Libs (to prop up the Tories), nor UKIP, nor the pro-indy greens...
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    This is a good example of why Scotland should have control of its own immigration policy / be able to issue its own visas. Been a real headache for us the Tory anti-foreigner policies. This one in particular. A considerable proportion of our PhD students are e.g. from the middle east. We are a Petroleum Engineering Institute after all and Scotland is regarded as one of if not the top place to get a Pet Eng degree. When they complete their PhD, many want to stay and work for our Uni spin-out company for a year or two. Good for us, good for them, particularly for generating export business to the middle east. Once they go off into the wide world, they come back to bring business to us, thus the country. Getting visas for them is now much more laborious. Costs our business a lot of time and money. Also frankly an embarrassment these days; treated like terrorists by UKBA at times. Some of our female muslim PhD students have been asked (by male UKBA staff) at Heathrow about what underwear they're wearing for example. Anyway, one size does not fit all and Scotland needs its own visa system to suit its economic needs. For now, UK policies continue to damage our economy significantly.
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    In response to the various unionist party tactical voting charts, there's now been one released for tactical pro-SNP voting.
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    Just had a vision of AS on the balcony of Bute House there. "Don't cry for me Escocia, the truth is I never left you..." EEK. Prefer Madonna. Mrs SS wept a wee bit. But then she's French; you know these latin types. They love their revolutions, failed or successful.
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    Exceptional twentieth-century slowdown in Atlantic Ocean over turning circulation http://www.nature.com/articles/nclimate2554.epdf?referrer_access_token=MVxvuUT8GEjHovuxDcIVDdRgN0jAjWel9jnR3ZoTv0NAhBvJD3qQKAFJ5ZYnRB2DfVKqstvbeSrKxpKUhj2SxF7BcI_loegLGlYCV27ok_Njli4FpCNFd520NkNH-gNy_R7BHOTlk8WVlOM-EydqJ_fXB_3x-E3hIshOeW5WWHqcaPgYVH6Ha2paJACMrQS0vL1bzMOuRrJUW7F2fIb6zTOfarfleGahqDJs4nRADLaiLU5g6rQIKxir0Igbm9o6CWHumkVB6-NveR4QQcF04yFUDA2eESQkZFHTbg4BEjKBHXhfaqQGs3pynjaPS2xr3OFrcGgtAslw6mlPCY2pJBOlEUK_YsjENr2KkPIeQBQ7FzzPlGXxNcMiC-v59Pxv&tracking_referrer=www.washingtonpost.com Discussed here http://www.realclimate.org/index.php/archives/2015/03/whats-going-on-in-the-north-atlantic/
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    There There is an easy to read explanation of the MJO here. http://wwa.colorado.edu/climate/iwcs/archive/IWCS_2008_May_focus.pdf
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    I guess the only reason is that it wouldn't fit on their banner!
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    Thanks NSW for an interesting post.
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    Storm activity returned to the region after a fairly settled first week of March. On the 8th, storms were mostly isolated affecting areas nearer to the ranges and around Coffs Harbour. Heavy rainfall accompanied the storms with 50.2mm falling in an hour at Coffs Harbour and 50mm in 30 minutes at Woolgoolga. A storm warning wasn't issued until after the storms had affected these areas... More storms generally forming in the same area on the 9th brought more heavy rain falling at similar intensities to the day before and a wind gust of 113km/h occurring at Grafton Airport. Storms were more widespread affecting other parts of the north coast, including here during the 13th. Coffs Harbour experienced a severe storm again. Yet again it caught the Bureau unaware as there was no storm warning issued before it came. 46.6mm fell in 30 minutes with rain continuing afterwards over already saturated ground from the wet summer (549.4mm fell in February alone). The 183.4mm fall made it the wettest March day since 1974. The storms brought flash flooding to Coffs Harbour - (Source of both pics: Higgins Storm Chasing - Facebook) (Source of both pics: NBN News - Twitter) Yesterday (the 21st), parts of inland northern NSW and inland southern QLD were affected by very severe storms that brought hail up to 12cm in diameter. Chinchilla (QLD) and eastern parts of Narrabri (NSW) were the worst affected towns. The severe thunderstorm warning issued did warn that the storms could become supercelluar, and supercells definitely developed: "Thunderstorm development in the warning area is expected to be rapid this afternoon with some thunderstorms quickly becoming severe once the storm starts. Supercell thunderstorms are considered a real possibility." Hailstone that fell near Narrabri - (Source: Narrabri Shire Weather Station Network - Facebook) (Source: The Courier Narrbari - Facebook) Hailstone at Chinchilla - (Source of both pics: Chinchilla Community Forum - Facebook) The small town of Bingara was also affected by severe hailstorms - (Source: Tamworth & Region Weather - Facebook) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PoQ3oHkk1uE A couple of other videos of the severe hailstorms - https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=853692378035426 https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=10152753910632844 https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=10152837033669389 http://www.thechronicle.com.au/news/video-huge-hail-stones-smash-chinchillas-bulldog-p/2582071/ Last night, heavy rain and thunderstorms brought falls of up to 178mm about the southern parts of the North Coast causing localised flash flooding. Lake Cathie, a small town about 10 minutes south of Port Macquarie, had 123mm in two hours (51mm falling in the first hour, followed by 72mm falling in the next hour). The heavier stuff (50-100mm+) was to the south, missing here by about 30kms.
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