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    Before you two start hyperventilating by all means let's get some facts. And by the way in case there is any misconceptions here about motives I've almost certainly posted more about the cold in the US than either of you two. Facts. Dec-Jan in the US was the 6th warmist on record. When the Feb details come in this will probably be a bit lower. http://www.ncdc.noaa.gov/temp-and-precip/climatological-rankings/index.php?periods[]=2&parameter=tavg&state=110&div=0&month=1&year=2015#ranks-form In the meantime Freaky February helps smash records for heat — and cold http://www.usatoday.com/story/weather/2015/03/01/weather-february-breaks-heat-cold-records/24223177/ Bottom line is no matter how much you two compadres wish to concentrate on the cold aspect ( I've absolutely no idea why) the winter in the US has been extreme for heat and cold but overall it doesn't rank as being that cold. Fact.
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    I've got "Jihadi John" fatigue. Every time I switch on the news it seems to be the main story. Personally I don't care what the guy was like at school, whether he was a 'loner' or a party animal, whether his fellow jihadists liked him or not!!! All this coverage is doing is just giving ISIS publicity that it probably shouldn't have.
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    So Jeff Farrell- front page for a Monday morning, 2nd day of March, easter weekend being over a month away Temperatures are set to soar to 21C, making it hotter than Spain over the holiday. 21C wow 70F, people will be overcome Millions of families are expected to head for coastal hotspots such as Brighton. - millions But the good weather is not arriving just yet. really is that because it is the start of March Heavy snow and ice is forecast this week, kicking off a miserable March with a sub-zero chill on the way from Canada. wait lets put in a Met Office quote , like N.Rao “This week will be cold with sunny spells and some wintry showers†Met Office forecaster Chris Page The gloomy outlook from the Met Office also predicted torrential rain, cold evenings and wintry showers in the north. - cold evenings, be prepared!!! It comes as four inches of snow was set to fall last night in Scotland and two inches in north-west England and Wales on the first official day of Spring. -did you miss the word hills, Chris didn't? Met Office forecaster Chris Page said: “This week will be cold with sunny spells and some wintry showers. “These showers will see snow fall on the hills in the north. “Temperatures will certainly feel cooler because of the blustery winds.†so no mention of Easter heatwave then Motorists, walkers and cyclists have been warned of icy patches.
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    I'd say it's mainly the pacific coast (specifically) that's been warmer and drier than usual. Same for Alaska (at least the warmer bit). Same for BC/Alberta in Canada. The midwest has seen a colder than avg. February but was having an average winter up until then. The Rockies have seen a winter not too far off avg either though it got off to a mild start. Unlike the Sierras the Rockies have a decent snowpack. Especially the southern Rockies. Albuqurque, NM got 10 inches of snow the last two days. Hopefully a new pattern takes hold next winter. California has been parched for a few years running. The Lake Tahoe area has seen around 2ft plus of snow these past few days. Hopefully a few more storms can add to the snow pack further but it will probably take two strong El Nino influenced wetter winters to pull out of the drought. So if you break it up into time zones rather than generally referencing two halves it gives a clearer picture. Pacific Time zone--Well above avg temps. Mountain (Rockies)--Slightly above avg temps. Central--bit below avg...Atlantic-Much below normal temps. Even then it's not a perfect illustration. In the MTN time zone Utah has been above normal on the western flank of the rockies whereas Denver has been about avg this winter with a chillly February.
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    wow really...seems like yesterday..where does the time go!
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    So its okay for the British government to be co-operating with Bahrain but not okay for Cyprus to be allowing Russian ships to use Cypriot facilities? Historically Russia has always supported Cyprus and have constantly backed them whilst the USA and the British government have done nothing to put pressure on Turkey for its illegal occupation. Regardless of what you think of Putin for Cyprus having powerful friends does help when you're being constantly bullied by Turkey who have the cheek now to want a share of oil/gas fields discovered off the south of the Island. So a part of your land is illegally occupied, then those illegally occupying your land want you to give them a share of profits! And people wonder why Cyprus needs to keep that Russian link?
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    That's a truly wonderful sense of irony.
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    Snowy, do you agree that it's a sad state of affairs that in "modern" Russia it's impossible to have any real opposition parties? In 2011 there was an opposition. Now there is none except for a few small Kremlin controlled parties who are the nominal opposition. Over the last 4 years nine political parties were denied registration and no new parties have been registered. Opposition has effectively been eradicated. But whether an effective opposition or not, Putin hates dissent. Nemtsov was big on dissent, and that is what got him murdered, along with countless others prior to this who have also earnt Putin’s displeasure. Here are some of Nemtsov’s recent comments about Putin and his “modern†Russia; A country of war Mass hysteria about annexation of Crimea Aggressive propaganda — that the west is the enemy, and Ukrainians fascists Goebbels propaganda techniques … primitive, simple, repetitive and very emotional. Putin has brought Nazism into politics. He is a totally amoral human being. He is a Leviathan. Putin is more dangerous than the Soviets. Decisions were taken in the politburo rather than by one man. The army is fighting in Ukraine, but he says it isn’t, they get killed, and he doesn’t help them. They are burying them quietly. There will be more and more graves. I am working on exposing Russian involvement in Ukraine now. ....I wonder why Nemtsov was murdered??
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    http://russia-insider.com/en/2015/02/28/3968 Media Portrays Nemtsov as "The Driving Force of Russia’s Opposition Movement", but His Approval Rating Was Near 1%.
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    Surface air temperature anomaly, December 1st to February 28th.
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    The latest snowfall I've recorded here was on May 4th 2010. This was exceptional given that only 4 days earlier the temperature had hit 29c. Several cold records were broken across this region aswell as towards Carcassonne. It's not that unusual to get snow in the Pyrenees in May however the altitude here is only 1,250 feet, snow was also recorded further east at lower elevations.
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    I have intention of taking part in any point scoring contest. But I do feel that the quite extraordinary events in the NE, which quite understandably received much media coverage, have skewed people perspective regarding the winter as a whole in the US. Of course understanding the dynamics behind all this is what research is all about but hardly a subject for this thread. And just for the record I responded to this because it is incorrect and misleading.
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    Exsqueeze me? I made one six word post, hyperventilation not required but it seems to have got you in a defensive trench as if your *fact* was being challenged by a simple observation made in the article? It is a bit chilly here again BTW
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    Lets get some facts a very cold year across Canada and the USA https://sunshinehours.wordpress.com/2015/02/28/noaa-2634-low-max-records-broken-or-tied-from-2015-02-19-to-2015-02-25/
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    "Jihadi John" - I really wish the media would drop that moniker - it sounds like a bleeding term of endearment. We now know his real name, why not use it when talking about the cretin? And can we not mention Islamic state without it being prefixed with "so-called"?
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    Twas always thus...
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    Update for the week to February 28th The current 5 day mean is on 14,412,600km2 while the 1 day extent is at 14,354,900km2. The daily anomaly (compared to 81-10) is at -1,023,690km2, an increase from -979,110km2 last week. The anomaly compared to the 07, 11 and 12 average is at -215,650km2, an increase from -181,500km2 last week. We're currently 2nd lowest on record, the same as last week. The average daily change over the last 7 days was +7.7k/day, compared to the long term average of +14.1k/day, and the 07, 11 and 12 average of +12.6k/day. The average long term change over the next week is +0.4k/day, with the 07, 11, and 12 average being +20.6k/day. The increase this February was the 9th smallest on record.
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    Australia records its fifth hottest summer on record, and the second hottest February, but extreme heat days largely absent from the coast. Mean temperature anomalies ( 1961-90 ): Dec....+0.9 Jan......0.0 Feb.....+1.7
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    UKIP say stop provoking them and playing world police with everyone in general. They hate our action in Ukraine as much as they hate our action in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syrria. Now what do all those countries have in common? They have become infinitely worse ever since USA/EU got involved. Sorry to burst your bubble, but it's not good guys USA/EU vs bad guys Russa, it's power hungry USA/EU vs power hungry Russia.
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    Update : making reasonable progress. Weight is up 1lb but not much fat increase (trying a slow bulk until end of March then slowly cutting for summer). Biceps for example were 11" in circumference at the start of December and are now just short of 13", legs, pecs, abs have all improved too. Agree with all that has been said in response to Daniel really. I struggled at first to get my calorie intake up but now it's easy, I struggle to keep it below 2000 now. Alcohol pushes my calorie intake up quite frequently which means I'm not bulking as much as I want to since I'm trying to keep my body far % low. I just workout and run on alternate days. You need to have a look at routines and see what would suit you. Personally, I have a set 12 movement routine (not including push ups and other exercises with no weights) which I do 8 reps on week one, 9 in week two until 12 reps on week 5. If that's completed successfully then I up the weight by 10-20% and go back to 8 reps and start the process again... Never give up would be my advice. No excuses. Fit the hour long workout (it shouldn't be much longer than that) around your day but try and always get it done. You'll probably be an ectomorph ('hard gainer') so you dont want to run too much (more than 4 times a week for more than 45 mins) as that can inhibit your body making gains. The thing is focus on getting protein in and frankly up to two years in you'll make good gains, first 6-12 months you'll make the best gains. Try and at the very least hit maintenance calorie intake as you need to put your body in a carbolic state (anabolic is the cutting state I think...). If you consistently do that then your body will respond with increasing muscle gain. Elite athletes will gain at best 28 grams of muscle a day... So in other words, it's a long process, there's no getting away from that.... Also, (I can't find the link) but I read about a survey they did on some marines. This is in reference to 'cutting'. Group 1 they put on just a diet, group 2 diet plus running 3 times a week, group 3 diet plus lifting 3 times a week, group 4 diet plus lifting plus running. This was over 3 months. Group 1 retained 40% of the muscle they had gained (they had bulked up prior to the experiment) from the starting point pre bulk. Group 2 retained 65% Group 3 90% Group 4 97% So clearly, continuing to lift with some cardio (despite cutting) is the best routine
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    Now it's a bit nearer the time, how do you think the potential currently stands for snowy weather this upcoming Spring?
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    The most ideal synoptics for a substantial cold snowy spell in March in the Tyne and Wear/Durham/Northumberland area are much the same as what we saw during the 24th November to 2nd December 2010. The Arctic is at its coldest in late February/early March and, while polar continental air increasingly translates to dry cloudy weather as we head into spring, an easterly with a "northerly" source tends to give a mix of sunshine and heavy snow showers well into spring, as was demonstrated on the 1st/2nd and 17th/18th March 2001. (In fact, I remember a mix of sunshine and sharp rain/hail showers from a north-easterly sourced over Scandinavia as late in the season as the 16th-18th May 1996). Furthermore, looking at long-term averages, such synoptics are statistically more likely to happen in March than in November or early December. If the synoptics of 24th November-2nd December 2010 were to be repeated during the 1st-9th March 2012, chances are the first three days of the spell would give overnight accumulations of snow, and perhaps in heavier daytime showers, but also afternoon thaws in any sunshine with maxima of 3-5C. Subsequent days, with the -10C 850hPa temperatures encroaching from the NE, would probably see maxima struggling at 0-2C with minimal thaws despite the strong sun. The increased thaws caused by sunshine may well end up at least offset by greater accumulation rates during snow showers (especially overnight) due to the lower SSTs in the North Sea. I should probably stop discussing this as I find myself getting quite excited even at the thought of such a setup occurring in early March 2012 (lol). The nearest approach in the past 40 years was probably the north-easterly snowstorm in mid-March 1979 which gave a whopping 46cm at Newcastle.
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    It's perception! Before 2009, everyone was considering March to become a winter month and December to become part of Autumn. But if you look at it, it seems that nobody is happy here. For example: EVENT = SNOW IN DECEMBER, COLDEST DECEMBER IN X YEARS; REACTION = WINTER ENDED BEFORE THE NEW YEAR, WINTER STARTS AFTER XMAS February, sun too strong for cold and snow? I think our coldest ever weather has happened in February and we've had more classic cold spells and snow falls in February rather than December. However, there are some people on here who are dreaming of (and always are) a tasty beasterly in February. For me, well If there is the Beast From the East, then it better be the type of the Forth-Clyde Streamer we got in November last year rather than a January 1987 event, because Scandi HIs don't bring snow to the north. A greenie hi for me please!
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    I think a lot of British people who don't have an general interest in weather do underestimate the snow potential in February, March and even April. I think a lot of people think February is early Spring although I think even March is late winter.
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