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    Actually temperature wise it was the midwest US that was hit hardest last year by the so called "polar vortex." That cold air then traveled over to the eastern seaboard . But the most brutal and sustained chill was centered on Chicago, St. Louis, Minny, etc. This winter the trough has been slightly further east. The eastern third of the country has been more at heart of the cold air plunges from Canada/Siberia. The midwest has also been affected by these cold blasts but they've had some warm spells that they didn't see hardly at all last year. Whereas this year the cold air has remained stationed over the east coast for longer periods.
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    Carbon Lake Glacier Retreat, Alaska
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    Letter to the Editor of the Tory North British Hootsman from the Chair of the Scottish Prison officers Association. My highlights.
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    Got just under a half inch over night. So it's about sixt tenths of a inch from this system. Some lingering showers today. Not too bad given that we weren't supposed to get much at all from this according to forecasts three or four days ago. Doesn't do much to alleviate the drought but keeps the hills green and this wlll help stave off the fire danger until the latter half of the summer.
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    The sun is now waking me up before my alarm. This is always one of the first signs of Spring coming to me.
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    Here's more. Malcolm Bruce is current MP for Gordon where Salmond is standing. https://t.co/VwqK8bsoNl As one twitter commenter put it, maybe the Tories, Labour and the Libs should unite to form a national movement like the SNP, but British. They could call themselves the British National Pa... Oh.
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    June 2012 wasn't the wettest summer month here (as usual, we dodged all the thunderstorms), it was most notable for its lack of sunshine and persistent coolness. It was wet, but not record breakingly so; in fact July 2012 was wetter. As for the worst summer months for outdoor activities, here are my top 5: 1. August 2008 2. August 1992 3. July 2009 4. June 2012 5. June 1997 All characterised by a large number of days with rain and long spells of cool and/or dull weather, rather than just rainfall totals. Note that none of the summer 2007 months are in there- there were some dry spells of several days especially in June, which were OK for outdoors.
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    If you thought June 2012 was bad, you should have seen June 1987 in Manchester.
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    Clocks go forward in five weeks. Five weeks ago the date was 18th Jan - seems weird to think that in another five it'll be getting dark at 7:30pm.
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    And a significant number of non-Russian scientists disagree. But time will tell! I'll personally go with 2015-2019 averaging warmer than 2010-2014, despite the upcoming solar minimum.
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    The PDO turned positive in January last year, 2 months before the large Kelvin wave developed. The state of SSTAs across the equatorial Pacific play a role in determining the PDO value, so as the SSTs across the region have changed, they have altered the PDO values slightly too. We can also see that a new large kelvin wave has recently developed and is already supporting subsurface anomalies of >4C in parts, which looks like the biggest warm wave since the record breaker last spring. It will be another month or so before this surfaces, but it is certainly worth keeping an eye on, as last years large wave surface into Nina like water, where as things are already much warmer this time around.
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