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    I'm sorry but that's WRONG, and very misleading to newer members. . Lots of Polar Maritime sourced air, and plenty of snow opportunities being shown on the GFS op, especially the further North you are, and all being shown in the more reliable timeframe.
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    I think some living further North in the UK will likely disagree with your last sentence. There could easily be something wintry of note for them over the coming week or so.
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    morning all - Im not normally one to comment on storms as they are really par for the course t'up North, however both the GFS & GFS (p) are pretty well alligned at 150 with a sub 945 system crossing the UK In my mind ( but without facts to hand ) that would be lower central pressure than any storm last year. It would be comparable to the storm of 1987 which whilst on a more southerly track only reached 953 MB- Whilst central pressure isnt the ultimate decider in final wind speeds - anything sub 945 will be in the top 10 uk storms of all time- Post that GFSP sees more amplification destined for scandi - However all the short term news will be the storm.....
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    Can we please drop this whole north vs south, imbyism debate. We all get it - people have different perspectives on the weather depending on where they live. Some apply those perspectives to their posts, some don't, does it really have to be discussed on a daily basis at the moment! There are no rules on the forum about location neutrality, as there aren't about people just looking for one type of weather and finding the rest 'boring'. It's a mixed forum, open to all comers and as long as it's on topic, respectful and friendly then it's fine, so please can we leave it there as it's got zilch to do with the model output.
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    There's no sign of 'big totals'. Some accumulating snow looks quite likely across e.g. SW moors; Cotswolds; perhaps across to Chilterns too. But amounts don't look at all bothersome in the latest E4 diagnostics. At lower levels in the S, some transient sleety falls expected by UKMO later into Tuesday, as WBFL falls widely to circa 100m. But focus next week is the Weds-Thurs cyclogenesis event. Worth adding that latest EC clusters hint of more similar scenarios extending as a risk a fair way further on into the rest of Jan.
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    Continued hints of some snow for England during next week from GFS P it has to be said though NW Scotland looks the place to be for snow with over 12inches in places By 13:00 Sunday the snow is starting to mount up for NW Scotland with up-to 5cm for SW Scotland and NW England lower parts could also see some snow later tomorrow as temperatures plummet from around 13c to just 2 or 3c tomorrow afternoon in the north By 13:00 Monday most of the snow has melted but don't worry more is coming 24 hours later the snow is quickly mounting up again with 7 inches (19cm) in parts of NW Scotland snow starts to become more widespread again with a dusting possible as far south as Dartmoor Fast forward another 24 hrs to 13:00 Wednesday and the snow keeps on building for NW Scotland with the highest totals just short of 1ft snow in the south west starts spreading up towards Bristol but even places as far east as reading could see a dusting By Thursday the south looses the snow with NW Scotland also seeing a slight reduction with the highest totals down to 26cm (11 inches) The snow soon returns as we move into Friday with parts of the south west seeing a slight covering highest totals in NW Scotland are back upto 39c (15 inches) further east in Aviemore totals here are around 7 inches (18cm) Now skipping forward to the 18th a large stretch right down to the south coast sees a dusting back up in NW Scotland the highest totals look fairly stable whilst over in Aviemore a slight increase to 21cm (8 inches) is shown All in all we have continued hints of some snow for parts of England next week just need to see how things develop over the next 48 hrs or so
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    Short ECM ENS for de bilt. Interesting that both the op and the Control are very close to being ice days at Days 9 and 10. And looking at the Extended ENS the Control stays cold pretty much right through to the end (Day 15)
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    Ok, see you next Winter! That chart you've posted just illustrates what the gfs has been trying to do for a few days now in FI and that is transfer the main core of the PV over to the siberian side. A great trend to be constantly seeing in it's output. And it's brother agrees with it...
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    Hey Guys. New to the forum here. Based just down the road from Pomeroysnow in Loughmacrory. Looks like we're in for some hefty snow showers all day and night tomorrow. According to the BBC forecast we are due heavy snowfall from Monday evening right through Tuesday. Hope it comes to fruition.
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    I know the fashion is to look further ahead in this thread, but for those keen to see some snow - maybe roll the clock back a bit from 10 days time and take a look at this weekend. Saturday for example is likely to see a rash of wintry showers, accumulating snow for part of northern Britain, and even some of the white stuff further south.
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    Seen enough output in recent days to believe it's a case of all roads lead to cold. The 00z reaffirms this. The nature and degree of the cold is the only thing up for grabs.
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    Interitus mentioned 3 examples above. 2012, 1986 and 1991. Lets have a look, shall we. 1986; A quick overview: The strat warming was there, but the real effect was nothing more than a North America ridge, to be exact. Tho that ridge had its role down the line, the real kicker in this animation comes from the E Europe ridge that is tropospherically driven, and that kicks up really strongly and even almost instantly leaves a good wave bumb at 30mb, and a bit later even at 10mb (not shown on this animation, but I did check it out). So via the feedback from this wave, the mid strat vortex bounces and aides in creating the cold spell down in the trop, where the vortex core moved more over Scandinavia via the help of the N pacific ridge. Near the end of the animation you can also see the trop vortex splitting via the new Atlantic/Azore ridge, and with some delay the 30mb level goes into wave 2 mode. All in all, this was a period of more tropospheric dominance rather than stratospheric. http://youtu.be/5O_rB99toYM 1991: Well. A big mess, to put it simply. On a quick glance again, the warming was again on the outskirts of the vortex, on the Asian side into Pacific, aiding a ridge formation over NA/Alaska. Meanwhile you can see a small ridge bumb being created at 30mb over Atlantic on 17. and 24.01, created by the Atlantic ridges a few days earlier. The Atlantic ridge persisted as the natural wave response, ultimately splitting trop vortex and soon at 30mb via wave2 attack. The Atlantic side of the strat vortex, free from the wave bounds quickly re-intensified, sending the response down to the trop, creating a strong cyclonic area, and via wave response helping to further intensify a menacing Atlantic/Azore ridge which bumped up and completely splited the trop vortex and up into the strat and the game continued. The rest is history. Of note is how the vortex "stabbed" itself in the beginning of February with that Azore ridge. http://youtu.be/XKeb00iUDoo 2012: Boy is this one an even bigger mess. To note before start, the vortex both in the strat in trop is more organised, and in at 30mb a bit less prone to effects from tropospheric Atl. ridging like the two examples above, which were constantly affecting it with every cycle almost. Starting out notable is the warming combined with strong pacific strat high, creating a ridge over NA, and via wave response an Atlantic/Azore ridge. The game continued with re-intensified strat Pacific highs pressuring the vortex and in the process pressuring and elongating the trop vortex aswell, and creating NA ridging, and down the line more Atlantic/Azores ridges. With the aid of further warming and this ridging game, the trop vortex broke into a wave 3 pattern, partially "disconnecting" from the strat vortex, but also soon reflected in the strat with a wave 3 pattern, which gave a feedback down again when the core in the strat resettled and briefly intensified and reconnected with the trop core, also in the process stabbed itself with an emergent Azore ridge created in the troposphere that went fast back up into strat, and also bringing the frigid temps into central Europe. After this, the vortex was driven by the trop processes. http://youtu.be/NZhGq9WGHwA summa summarum Pretty much a game of back and forward, like it always is, between the trop and the strat. These animations just simply show it more nicely. I created a brand new color table for the last video, to better show ridging. So please give me some feedback, which color table looks better. The one on the top two videos or the last one. Data is from the ECMWF ERA-Interim dataset. Regards. Edit: Added zonal height means to each year, which show, like the animations, that 2012 was the only year with a stronger strat involvement.
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    I'm still here folks. I'm always lurking and checking in to read every few days. Truth to tell I've been a beta tester for a game on the iphone that has has been released now for over a year called galaxy on fire alliance or GoFA for short. I'm the leader of the Jedi on server 1. It takes up most of my spare time that I'm allowed by my wife and kids. We have a thriving community from across the world. We got ourselves a website and some of our guys put an album together. It's quite eclectic. kinda doors meets oasis meets leftfield. Anyway if your boarding check our website in www.gofajedi.com and if really bored join the game on server one and let me know. I'll get you into our academy. One of our members works in a bar in cork and my folks went to it over the summer. He fed them and wouldnt let them pay. Gave them a tour of the factory. He is planning a star wars theme night and we are hopping one of our American guys will be over for it. It does make me sound like a total need but you know what... We all love a bit of star wars and we could be doing far worse things. Quere and windy out there the night hay! Looking forward to some snow soon!!
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    Well, i have to say, the ECM 12Z was a bit of a stinker of a run for Coldies..... In America! In all honesty though, a very pleasing ECM tonight, and 'maybe' small signs later on in the run of a pattern setting up similar to the one BA was talking about earlier.
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    Evening All- Well it has seemed like an eternity, however in reality its only been 8 days of Jan with pretty dire model outlooks unless your a ski hut on the top of Glencoe.... Some light though is now appearing in the sodden tunnel, although if your in the south it is a long long tunnel to tread through- however whats developing is what I would call 'Classic' UK synoptics whereby we have polar air engaging with atlantic air & along the boundary there can be snow. Infact, in the models I would hazard a guess that similarly to last year the Scottish highlands are going to get very deep snow- a pity then the resorts will be stormbound. So, when I see these classic patterns that bring rain & snow I know straight away the South is out of the game, however IMBY aside its proper North West Midlands, Derby Peaks, Welsh hills & Pennines type snow events coming along, with the peppering of Wintry & snow showers effecting NI & the NW as well as Scotland. The GFS shows a very high chance of these scenarios evolving - at 150 - http://modeles.meteociel.fr/modeles/gfs/runs/2015010812/gfs-0-150.png?12 Quasi stationary low east of Iceland filtering in Sub -6c air across the NE atlantic engaging with shallow systems driven east by the jet. At 150 track dependent is a snow event in the making, more especially at elevation past 200 M- where the WBFL will be around or below 0c. THicknesses around 1290 DAM will need elevation support http://expert-images.weatheronline.co.uk/daten/proficharts/en/2015/01/08/basis12/ukuk/th85/15011418_0812.gif For those south of the midlands it will be no good hoping for an extreme southerly track, there will not be enough cold air in place from a NW flow to deliver snow. These are strictly North midlands North events. Post this bout of excitement is where the cold momentum has moved from a snails pace to a Hamsters pace- with the models highlighting 'perhaps' enough sustained attenuation in the jet aligned NW SE that there is a potential for Pressure to build over Scandi - The GEM, again highlights this ( however is very similar to the GFS 12z GFS ) with some sort of sliding trough disruption diving SE across the UK. http://modeles.meteociel.fr/modeles/gem/runs/2015010812/gem-0-240.png?12 Look at the jet alignment - way down towards Spain- with the core of the low heights recurving west of Iceland. - clear signs of potential undercutting events. But lets not get ahead of ourselves, some tedious stormy weather to endure over the next few days before the wintry weather sinks south east into the UK. At last, perhaps a change to think about... S
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    We ought to get a scale made up of these wind speeds - a sort of Netweather beaufort scale using wheelie bins, door knockers and flying trampolines!
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    Some thoughts on Jim's stragegy vs the iref... During the iref, the entire UK media machine was full guns blazing for No. Likewise, unionists were bussing up activists (as unionists have so few on hand in Scotland) to knock doors and scare pensioners. UK-wide unionist party money getting thrown at the rebellious north to fund the No campaign. This time, the focus is England; Labour vs Tory vs UKIP and Green threats. All the activists, all the money, all the UK media focussed on that. Jim Murphy and the discredited Scottish media are on their own. LiS also seriously short of cash. Personally, I think Murphy knows SLAB are in likely in deep doo-doo. Likewise, he thinks Ed doesn't have too much hope of being PM. He's wondering whether he can hold his MP's seat; I'd say its 50/50. Ed doesn't like him that much either, so Murphy's reached the top of the greasy poll in London unless he can pull something off in Scotland. So, what to do? Well, announce he wants to be in Holyrood, but don't announce how or when he's vacating his MP seat. Then, try his best to stave off disaster in Scotland in the GE. If Labour recover, Jim Holds his seat and returns to London victorious in Scotland. If Labour win the UK election, Jim helped do this with his Scottish victory and is back into the Ed fold. If Ed loses and is forced to resign, Jim again has an opportunity to rebuild his Westminster career in opposition. Hell, if he just held off the nationalist surge in Scotland, he could maybe aim for UK Labour leader. But what about Holyrood? Jim doesn't give a onions about Holyrood. The only thing that would get him in there is losing his Westminster seat. If Labour held off the SNP in May and Jim kept his seat, he could say his job was done; Labour had defeated the SNP and were back on track. Hell, he's got 5 more years of a cushy job. Not going to give that up for pishy Holyrood! Labour don't care about Holyrood and if the SNP have just been defeated heavily for Westminster, the latter can't push for an iref again. So, even if the SNP win in 2016 it's not important to London Labour. The media will portray this as all fine and Jim will step down as SLabour leader, handing over the reins to some Holyrood flunky who was 'impressive' in the GE campaign. Jim's maybe tired after all the hard work in the iref and GE. Anyway, a strong Scottish Labour group in Westminster needs a strong leader right? Of course he has to explain at some point how he's going to stand for Holyrood and give up his Westminster seat even though he doesn't plan to do this at all if he can. The media are not pushing him on this so he has time. However, at some point the candidate list will be prepared for his constituency and he'll need to decide whether to stand. At that point it will all depend on the polls. If he thinks he can hold the seat he'll try to. Some lame excuse will be produced about how Jim will stick with his long term constituents and step down only when the Holyrood battle begins will be produced. The media will deem that all fine. If he thinks his seat is definitely lost, he'll step down ahead of the vote and go for Holyrood in May on the list, likely elbowing himself to top spot on it as leader. However, I think the chances of him actually giving up the Westminster seat are really low. Hell, even if he stands and loses it, he can likely get on the Holyrood list anyway. As polls suggest Labour are on the back foot, Jim is not going to try and win in Scotland in May, he's going to desperately try and hold / not lose. The nature of FPTP means Labour could lose sizeable shares yet still return a good set of MPs. That's all that matters. If they lost 10% yet still held most of their seats, that can be presented as a stunning win for Labour as the polls projected the SNP would wipe them out. The BBC etc would all sell this happily. That's why McTernan and McDougall are the team. Both are heavily negative campaigners whose expertise is scaring people and putting them off voting at all. 'Vote SNP get Tory' will be rammed home again and again. Nothing positive will be put forward, just dire warnings of the SNP secretly wanting another iref right away, of planning deals with the Tories etc. Lies, smears, lies smears over and over and over. Just like Better Together where the goal was the same thing; not to convince scots of the benefits of the union, but to terrify them into not voting Yes. The problem is, with at least 45% and possibly over 50% wanting independence, they're not going to be scared off by the though of another iref. Neither are they terrified of the Tories that much. They hate the Tories and Labour both equally. It doesn't matter to them which wins any more. Their hopes and dreams have been dashed by Labour (temporarily at least). They want revenge on the Red Tories and they want to send one big f'n grenade right into the heart of the British establishment. Ergo, Jim is highly likely to fail. He clearly does not understand what has happened to Scotland. He's a dinosaur and his boozy sectarian football Vote SNP get Tory crap shows he's still living in 1970's Glasgow. Not the yes city it is today.
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    I expect in the next 10 days a lot of snow showers north of the M62 and maybe some frontal snow down to the Midlands. The south maybe backend snow at higher ASL's from frontal precipitation but most likely rain with the odd flurry. Am waiting for the negative AO in 3-4 weeks time from the current Minor SSW. We will see if the UK is favoured by the mid-lat cold, for a change? I don't suspect we will know where the cold will fall for a couple of weeks. The current AO and NAO fall is helpful for medium term cold.
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    GFS Australia now on Meteociel. Looks fairly mild.
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    One gunman has reportedly escaped. How did they manage that?!
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    OK I understand where you are coming from I just wanted to highlight that there could indeed be quite a difference to what the Northern/Southern halves of the UK may experience weather wise in the near future (although it looks to remain generally unsettled for most for now)
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    Those charts would produce gusts of 80-90mph maybe 100mph over central & northern areas. UKMO similar track but not quite as intense. Unusual to see such agreement at this range!
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    Might want to change your name to Hurricaneforce 12 next week is that storm comes off!
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    Yes ties in with the JMA and CFS week 3-4 outlooks. Normally I would expect very little from this setup in the next 16 days but we are seeing the 850s PV axis favour us by edging east so we benefit from the cold ejecting from the core cold closer to the UK so more potent than the usual PM flow: As the LR and Dr Cohen indicates no real pattern change though a reduction in the zonal intensity is welcome during week 2.
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    Looking at the latest EC32 output after the 21st I can't see anything significantly different, perhaps a period with more influence from the Azores HP, but generally LP to the NW and pretty zonal with temps average or a tad below. Certainly no indication of any lengthy cold period. Of course this is pretty broad brush and at this stage doesn't indicate the proportion of the Pm and Tm influence which is what it appears to boil down to.
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    It was 10 years ago that Carlisle was badly affected by flooding
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    Then a brief lull before the next batch of wet & very windy weather moves in later today with stronger winds affecting areas further south this time, the wind at this stage doesn't look to be as severe across N Scotland but still the N Isles could experience gusts around 80mph or so. 60-70mph across Ireland, S Scotland and N England. Attention then turns to next week with the prospect of more stormy weather, Especially round the 15th, this has been shown on many runs now. Good ensemble support. http://www.meteociel.fr/cartes_obs/gens_panel.php?modele=0&mode=1&ech=150 UKMO
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    Good morning UKMO maybe slightly less frightening but it is a little further West and still deepening so it would be worse by the time it crossed the UK. I guess it doesn't matter right now as it will change every run and fingers crossed it downgrades. As you say GFSp makes a reasonable first of an Atlantic ridge whereas GFS Op remains unsettled with lows running NW/SE.
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    Being so close to the sun, Mercury tends to be hard to spot, particularly in far northern latitudes. The next few days will probably be the best chance to see Mercury this year - if we get any more clear evenings, of course. Right now it's easy to find, just to the right of Venus and visible low in the southwest half an hour after sunset - saw it with binoculars through some high cloud yesterday evening, and would probably have been able to glimpse it with the naked eye if it had been perfectly clear.
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    i reckon loughmacrory is just as high if not higher than pomeroy. worth checking!
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    I would have thought that some parts of Loughmacrory would be around 170 meters above sea level Sperrin. Nice part of the world to blow into lad
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    Could i ask what Lee Wind effect is? Tried to google it, definitely didnt come up with anything relating to weather lights starting to flicker here now which is very unusual, might have to locate the candles just in case!
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    Well its only spitting here after heavy rain, the winds died down a bit, but bi heck its proper muggy warm here now!
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    Temp now 11.8, ind increasing. 50mph gust..
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    We're warmer than pretty much all of Europe and even lots of North Africa right now!
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    16.2c/62f here now at almost 7:15 Pm, STRANGE.
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    Hotly followed by a very excitable Paul Sherman!
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    http://www.liberationnews.org/u-s-cops-kill-100-times-rate-capitalist-countries/ U.S. cops kill at 100 times rate of other capitalist countries. Dirty harry.
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    Hi, it is my 3rd time here now and easily my favourite Alps resort. Despite the low snow base the skiing has been more than adequate this week although it could have been better obviously. We had a few cm above mid station this afternoon so were treated to some powder for our last session! Add to that we have had glorious cloudless skies for 4 days of the 6 and it has yet again been a great holiday all in all.
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    Plenty of sunlight today up until about 2:30 when the sun might as well have set an hour and a half early it clouded over so quickly! Walked the dog this morning without a coat and didn't regret it even with some very strong gusts. Temperature as warm as it's been all day, at 13.6 C right now. Back at university in Reading on Monday so gutted I haven't seen any snow this winter whilst at home!
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    Storm next week not quite as deep and further north on the 12z, still very windy for many, timing brought forward as well.
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    Remarkably mild.. 16.2c. Max 16.3c so far. Not sure what the record is for this area.
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    06Z - hope this gets a downgrade TBH T+138 Thursday 15th - was this date an anniversary - 1991? Ian
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    Yep, but having run through each of the runs they are almost all very transient and are simply pauses in the zonal flow. Tbh both the 00 & 06Z suites were pretty disappointing again IMHO. I do understand though that others may disagree. Last night, I actually had a look back at some of the charts from this time last year on meteociel and last years actually didn't look as bad as some we are seeing now. That doesn't mean anything really in terms of how the next six to eight weeks pan out of course but it was an interesting reality check. I think in practice the only change in the outlook is that uncertainty is now higher FI, which is obviously a good thing. As of now though, I can still see absolutely no evidence of anything unusually cold in the outlook.
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    [email protected] all Personally I would worry more about a drift toward the right-wingers in France. Those assasins not only shot 12 people dead, they also were so stupid as to "shoot into their own knees" and the knees of many immigrants with Muslim roots all over Europe who have fully integrated into the european society and just want to live a normal life. This idiotic act of terrorism in the name of the Islam will just put even more water on the mills of rightist groups especially in France, and dig the trenches between the opposing parties there even deeper yet. (Methinks of Marine Le Pen and her party in this case) As for the marches in Dresden and other German cities, I would say that due to their legacy the majority of the Germans are well aware of the consequences of widespread violent demos and thats why things have been pretty uneventful there despite the large numbers of participants in these Monday demonstrations. Admittedly there are a small number of Neo-Nazis mixed in amongst the crowd who now are keen to jump on the bandwagon and stir the poo for their own cause, but the majority of the demonstrators are ordinary people off the street who peacefully want to let Merkel and the government know that they feel they are being overheard concerning a lot of current issues in Germany right now, not only issues concerning Islam related problems there. The moderate demonstrators also know that peaceful voicing of their issues can achieve a lot, just remember the non-violent demos autumn 1989 in the then German Democratic Republic which then led to the collapse of the SED communist regime enabling free travel to western countries for the citizens there and the subsequent re unification of East and West Germany. Update: Back to the situation in France: Something is brewing, there appears to have been a shootout near Paris and the assasins are said to have occupied a building and taken hostages. Hmm. Regards Ralph @ nick sussex and Scottish Skier: Hear hear, well spoken
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    Until I see the ECM agreeing I'll refrain from going into full worry mode, but looking at the latest output it's not a million miles off either. Comparing the equivalent timescales, ECM has the storm slightly less deep and slightly further NW, which does moderate the intensity somewhat, and downgrade the danger for the more populated areas of S. England. ECM @ midnight Thursday 15th: GFS at the same time: Interestingly GFS currently showing a very similar chart to ECM T144, but 6 hours earlier: Difference in position of main depression only about 50 miles, so the big question is which direction will it then follow, due east as per GFS, or a more NE track as per ECM ? Shame ECM doesn't do 6 hourly charts, although we can guess a little by the next equivalent charts: ECM @ midnight Thursday 16th: GFS at same time: No doubt GFS wants to keep a more southerly track, with a more intense storm. I guess a few more days yet before we know which one was nearer the truth. Lets hope it's ECM..............
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    There is a big difference between the development of Christianity and Islam in their respective early stages - Christianity started off by being oppressed and it wasn't until the so called conversion of Emperor Constantine that the religion became more widely acceptable, though his claim of God helping him win a battle after he had converted seems to have sown the seeds of using God in war as far as the Christians are concerned but In the main it was a non violent religion in its beginnings where its adherents were far more likely to become the oppressed rather that the oppressors and sought to convert people through the power of persuasion. Islam, on the other hand, started to wage battle early in its formation with wars against its near neighbours which consisted variously of Jews who were also monothetic as well as others who were polothetic. They achieved many conversions through the force of arms, ethnic cleansing and executions of those unwilling to convert. During the next century to a century and a half they had conquered mat,of the Middle East, reaching as far as India, North Africa and had extended into Europe as far as Poitiers in France before they were turned back. World domination has always been in the the sights of the more extreme who have an inability to accept that there could be differing views, even between different schisms of Islam. If we 'fast forward' to the 'Middle Ages' there was probably very little to choose between the two religions for their barbarism and intolerance to other ideas but their own, though it would be fair to say that the Crusades came about as a result of the Islamic occupation of Jerusalem albeit that they had been there for quite a while. On the Christian side this resulted in the persecution of the Cathars in South France, the Spanish Inquisition and many burnt at the stake for being heretics. However by degrees over succeeding centuries the Christians did become more tolerant, though pockets of extremism still exist and in places like Northern Ireland the divide was more political than religious. As mentioned in previous posts we still have the problem of Christian fundamentalism particularly in the 'Bible States' but these have little effect on us this side of the pond. On the other hand the fundamentalism of Islam is affecting every corner of the globe. They claim that they are fighting for Allah, or, God but in my view I would not expect Allah to be too pleased with them because surely aren't religions supposed to be about us all getting on with each other? At least if you go back to the original message of Christianity, which was 'love thy neighbour and do unto others as you would have done to yourself', it becomes clear to me that it is politics and control of people which is at the bottom of all this and that the religion is just being used as propaganda to influence those in power to get others to do ther bidding.
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    I must say, after reading the earlier met office update talking about mild and very mild weather with just short colder interludes, the Gfs and now the Ecm show a distinct lack of mild and rather a lot of cold with reload potential, a chilly ecm tonight.
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    I'd buy sirloin steak instead of ropey rump steak !
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