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    Supercell over France last night, image from Weather Watch UK's Facebook page - Awesome!
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    This is the closest I came to seeing any forks in the sky today
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    Time lapse of that thunderstorm and hailstorm
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    yes, of course, lets doff out hats for a computer algorithm that predicts the weather several days ahead with a exponential degree of error per 24 hours of progged output.....the more you post, the more you sound like the alter-ego of a previous forum member who really should know better.......how's Keele by the way?
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    Well that was one of the best storms I have ever seen (and I've been to Florida too). After being in the garage for 15 mins on the treadmill after pretty much writing today off, I looked out of the window to see a slowly rotating cloud, (picture) and thought it was a developing shower. Only 5 mins after that, the first thunder was heard. I checked the radar and saw a heavy (nothing spectacular) shower. I kept watching to see a monster developing. Lightning became frequent (mostly CC, striking from one cell to my SW and one to the NW. I thought the whole lot was going to go around 5 miles west of me, but it built on its southern side. Around 7pm, all hell broke loose. The lightning ( mostly IC/CC) was every 5 seconds, thunder was colossal and constant. But what was the most surprising was the hail. I was on the phone telling my parents of the storm when I could hear what sounded like someone throwing stones on the conservatory roof. No, they were hailstones, around 1-2cm in diameter! They came down in torrents, chunks of ice dropping off the roof of the house. (See the picture below). The storm passed, but not without more amazing lightning, more rotating clouds and a rainbow. To top that off, the next shower intensified and produced a few flickers of lightning and rumbles of thunder, and a ton of rain. Wish I had a rain gauge! There is even still some hail on the lawn now, 3 hours later.
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    Was watching the on the airport webcams last night - absolutely incredible storm and associated system. Quite scary, shocked at the loss of life - some people caught unaware from the 50,000 fallen trees. watch that tree!
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    Just for further reading: When two hypercells collide (like what happened in Woking on 10th June 2014) it can create an ULTRACELL, with inverted lightning and vacuum clouds. Sometimes (where conditions allow) two or more ultracell storm systems can collide to form a MEGACELL. This storm system brings an advanced risk of micro-hurricanes - which are only the size of a chip, but have magnetic winds which spin in two directions at once. These storms are quite rare though, and have only occurred once - and that was over Woking in June in 2014. (From Wikipedia I think)
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    Top of the Warrington storm from the Cat & Fiddle cam
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    A small offering from Birmingham. England......... streamed live this afternoon
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    i think there is a bit too much reaction to a set of ops this evening. we are outside of any decent reliability next week and you would be better sticking with the ens mean. yes, it does look like a cooler spell but the weather looks likely to be very useable to me. a distinct lack of appreciable rainfall.
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    Well done? Its still some 4 or 5 days away yet. Save the Well done till Monday if it has got it right! The changes over the last 24 hours suggests the changes arent finished yet either!!! Like some others have said, still think things such as the scandi trough are being well overcooked - has happened a fair few times before.
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    The ECM is keeping the HP to the west for the weekend so if this remains the scenario it's thermals for Skeggy. The 500mb anomaly for the end of run shows a break down of the warm air with the Greenland ridge retreating and the colder Atlantic air taking control with a return of unsettled cyclonic conditions for the UK
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    Upstream events are really going against us here with a big amplified ridge off the Eastern seaboard. This teases our high further north west. The change being that core heights are now centred west of Scotland as opposed to southern Ireland this morning. We are now left with a nagging north easterly flow which develops this weekend. I was hoping the high would end up a little further south/south east and bring a fine summery spell to many areas. But it's starting to slip away in terms of probability now. I'm still going to say no to a Scandi trough effecting the UK, but to be honest we could be stuck in a cloudy north/north easterly for quite a while. Western areas and Ireland look pretty good still, just for balance.
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    Parts of the nearby continent (especially western parts of Germany in terms of severity) took the full brunt of the storms yesterday as we know - and the chart below shows the massive distribution of spherics up to the end of yesterday. Of note for our region on that map is the line of activity which made landfall from the channel around Dungeness and then tracked due north through Kent mid/late yesterday evening. Whilst out to the shops yesterday evening between 9pm and 9.30pm I stopped to take these pics of that line of activity as seen to the east and south east of me in Hastings. Lightning flashes and a few forks could be seen every now and then as the sun set - coming out of the dark bases of the clouds over the sea maybe some 20 miles or so away from me in the eastern most part of the channel. A few further off rumbles of thunder were heard shortly after I was back at home - but the last of the storms missed just to my east as the chart indicates. The setting sun was reflecting on the cumulonimbus bases in the distances and gave the dusk sky some eerie glowing colours. The pics were taken at about 5 to 10 minute intervals from the first to the last one.
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    Lightning striking a power cable near Jedburgh in the Borders from the earlier storm.
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    Forgot about the time differences. Yes, the UK is one hour behind France, so that would be 2pm UK time. Oh, btw, amazing video of the German supercell:
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    Some nice lightning from today's beast storm captured at the Pinkpop festival in Heerlen, The Netherlands... "Onweer" means "Thunderstorm".
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    Good evening all from a warm and sunny Hastings. I really have been spoiled by the weather since arriving down here last Thursday evening for a 2 week stay. Every day since then has seen at least a few hours of warm sunshine and the icing on the cake was last nights thunderstorm, the first night time display I have seen for some time. I love it down here.
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    Hi, 7cm hail just been reported south of Stuttgart, Funny how just in time for the 70 anniversary of the D-Day landings many major German cities get a pasting from above once more To whom it may interest: here is a link to a Swiss website providing hi res Radar coverage with lightning overlay of Switzerland, SW Germany, E-France, Austria west and northern Italy. It is free of charge and very accurate: http://www.metradar.ch/2009/pc/index.php You can watch Stuttgart being thumped in technicolor, Blue means slight, green medium, yellow high and pink extreme precip with hail. Orange dots are cc strikes, red dots are CGs Please excuse the quality of the english version grammar wise, I am busy preparing a revised one :-) Ralph
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    Hail stones 5 to 6cm diameter were reported from a supercell passing through Montargois, South of Paris yesterday Supercell near Boxtel, Holland last night Back here in Darlington and the cloud is bubbling up rain looks to be on the way whether it will be thundery is another matter........
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    Some shots from the thunderstorm earlier, gone dark again now 3 thunderstorms in a row now in summer, good grief.
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    Last chance of storms for the UK today. The very high levels of moisture have exited the UK. The high tropopause which allows storms to build to very high levels has come down as the low pressure to our west moves in. On the other hand we have some quite steep mid level lapse rates moving into the UK and a some surface based instability. Forecast SkewT's show a bit of a cap at 800hpa which relaxes as the day goes on. 500hpa charts show some vorticity advection moving across the UK. NMM suggest that the cooler air aloft might be behind that vorticity advection. We should however note the presence of a low level jet (925hpa winds stronger than 850hpa winds) Any strong updraft could lift that low level vorticity. There is also some very dry air coming in aloft which would help to enhance any convection. Over all there is a risk of some heavy showers with low tops reducing the risk of lightning. The low level vorticity suggests a risk of weak tornado development. Upper level wind shear will be leaving the UK, but there might be enough for an isolated mesocylone towards the south and east of the shower boundary. Although the Birmingham tornado developed out of environment with low tops and a low level jet the temperatures and dew point that day were a lot higher, so risks are likely to be small. Wales through to East Anglia and northwards most likely to catch a shower.
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    fax update and brief as pretty straightforward up to saturday tomorrow dry and warm with long sunny spells wind flow variable but very weak temps up to 24-25 degrees reduce by around 5 degrees on coastal regions ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- thursday a weak north west flow north of london breezy south of london on a north west flow rain = nil temps up to 25-26 degrees again drop around 5 degrees on coasts should see sunny spells but cloud may be an issue late pm mainly north of our region ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- friday a breezier north west flow rain = nil temps again around 25 degrees maybe a locally higher cloud maybe an issue north eastern and coastal regions which would see temps around 16-18 degrees friday night may get wet ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- saturday a windy and much cooler north east flow rainfall there are showers around but i am not convinced on this yet maybe tomorrow will be more clearer temps around 23 degrees however east-north east coasts look cold around 15 degrees this forecast will likely be amended tomorrow ---------------------------------------------------------------- sunday windy north east flow so cloudcover looks likely rain = nil temps around 22 degrees but feeling cooler in the wind the warmer looks the further west and south west of our region east coast and north east coast temps around 14-15 degrees and that wind likely to be a pain anyway thats my lot be back tomorrow goodnight all
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    Incredible. Never seen anything like that in the Uk.
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    Well weve had 4 days of storms here! 3 times a day as well, i posted yesterday when we had one in the afternoon and later yesterday we had anither round of storms and today we had a thunderstorm early morning, early mid afternoon, then about teatime we had a right storm after storm, heres the video footage, well pics from the vid i was taking of it all, also horizontal rain and wind squalls today too!
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    Yep it crossed over Mansfield, i did catch 4 or 5 good bolts though, East is the only way i can see any distance from my house so it wasn't all bad! Still, as said by Supacell and LadyEv06, its now been 4 days in a row of thunder!
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    Crash of thunder. My first decent thunderclap of 2014
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    I'm gonna forecast an isolated but very large cell plopping itself unexpectedly over the southeast, surprising everyone an making for some spectacular photography. And if it doesn't happen I'm gonna draw some lightning with a biro and take photos of that. I expect a gold award if I am correct and to be promoted to weatherman of the year. :-)
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    Brilliant outputs this morning!!ecm as I mentioned yesterday has this habit of being too amplified and this morning backs up my point as the high has pushed further east for this weekend!!come this evening I reckon it will look like the gfs and ukmo with the high slap bang im the middle of the uk!!
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    I just made a post that vanished. I assume it wasn't removed. The ECM ops has the subtle difference with the HP to the west of the UK. A quick look though the looking glass at the ens monthly means suggesting a more westerly, unsettled flow down the line.
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    Good morning all, A Summery outlook from all the 00z runs with pressure rising from the south across the UK through this week. Very little energy across the Atlantic showing by the end of the week as the blocking high takes hold. No heatwave yet with the surface flow around the top of the high off the Atlantic but warm enough for many i would think with low 20'c widely away from the far nw. Once the showery activity dies away over the next day or so we could be looking at quite a dry and settled week to 10 days fairly widely. http://www.wetterzentrale.de/pics/MS_London_avn.png http://www.wetterzentrale.de/pics/MS_Manchester_avn.png http://www.wetterzentrale.de/pics/MS_Aberdeen_avn.png a nice looking gfs mean too at day 10.
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    Top of the morning folks and welcome to Sun Block weekend with the GFS. The 500mb anomaly on Sunday has a swathe of warm air Greenland to Scandinavia with associated ridges along the eastern seaboard and the other over the UK both aligned SWS. Cold air still Arctic and Scandinavia eastwards. The synoptic analysis is quite simple Saturday through Tuesday. On Saturday the HP is just NW of Ireland and thereafter centred over Scotland 1030mb. Giving partly cloudy conditions for first couple of days then clear skies and a very slack flow over all of the UK. Temps are very warm. These are for 12z Saturday mid 60s to 70F except N. Scotland. From then on gradually warming until Tuesday is positively hot with temps at midday low to mid 70s. Olez
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    Hi all, I am currently in Fontainebleu France about 50mins south of Paris and have just witnessed a 3hr electrical storm moving north. Never seen anything like it before the lightning did not stop for the entire time. Have the whole thing on camera plus stills if anyone is interested. There is still strong winds and a few forks continuing now but it has to be the most amazing storm I have ever seen. The attached picture was taken approximately 4hrs before the storm began.
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    Just had a downpour of epic proportions. A few flashes of lightning and some loud thunder in the distance. Think it is getting closer as the rain is picking up again.
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    Big storm that passed over Antrim (N Ireland) around 4pm
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    Not sure if this has been shared on here yet..............more amazing footage from Germany last night Bish
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    Torrential rain here too, here are some photos, looking north and south:
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    The GEFS 0z mean indicating a much needed drier period is just about to begin and could last a while too with high pressure becoming slow moving across the UK bringing plentiful dry and pleasant conditions. Its exact position will affect where the best of the warmth will be experienced. The general idea seems to be that the E and SE will be best for warmth this week. On into the weekend the high will slip westwards shifting the warmest temperatures to the S and SW. Makes a change to slow moving low pressure
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    You're asking for big trouble by using your IP address as a direct link, even more so by pasting it in to a public forum.
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    Some superb summery outputs this morning with UKMO finally dropping the idea of some cooler temperatures during the weekend t96 850's on UKMO have not updated GFS also looking very good with the first hints of a breakdown not appearing until day 10 though the ensemble doesn't support the breakdown as I shall post below As I said above the ensemble isn't supporting a breakdown at day 10
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    When I was younger I was a huge Rangers fan. I always used to joke with friends who were into the whole Queen/Britain/Rangers thing that I was the only republican nationalist Rangers fan in existence. As for Andy Murray, I can see where he's coming from, Salmond's behaviour was at best cringeworthy. Murray plays in a sport where the team is GB, so he's hardly going to start bigging up a separatist cause. Any argument about his "Scottishness" is a little meaningless as he doesn't live in Scotland. After all the nonsense he was put through in 2006 with his "anyone but England" quote which was taken massively out of context, I can understand why he might feel a bit twitchy about looking supportive of independence. He might even be a unionist, or simply not that interested in politics. That's up to him. As long as he never murders any children I'll still think the world of him and what he has achieved.
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    Models at day 6 GFS UK high UKMO High centred over Ireland, again decent GEM Better than previous runs with the high in greater control. GFS ens Even at this timeframe the GFS ens want to keep high pressure firmly in charge with mean 850s above average (+8-10C). If the GFS ens are right then this high could stick around for a considerable amount of time. Earliest signs of cool northerly setting up is from the GEM, which is now late next Tuesday into Wednesday. It's getting pushed back again. Looks increasingly likely that we will have at least a week of fine, settled and warm weather, touching very warm at times.
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    Why on earth would anyone want rock hard ground and the grass to die off? Looks terrible when that happens.
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    Admin ban this person now. Her talk of nightime storms is offensive.....
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