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    Things are pretty slack around the hemisphere, but at this time of year it has little to do with the ice, and maybe a small influence from the snow. As it is, the heights have been lower, and temperatures colder across the Arctic over recent weeks, so it doesn't seem like Arctic Amplification is the cause. The low has been swinging all over the Arctic, weakening and strengthening, as happens during a +ve AO phase. We can't go claiming that heigh rises and -ve AO/NAO and dipole patterns are due to feedbacks from the ice, and then go an claim that a +ve AO phase is also because of the ice without any physical basis to it. Here's another gif from 1994, with other than a 2 day fade, essentially an at least 20 day low pressure system.
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    NLC from Bridgnorth, around 12.30am
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    A few photos taken over the spring and today of my own garden. I love gardening although don't have a lot of time. Try to go for generally disordered cottage garden with lots of herbaceous perennials around the lawn. At the back, an orchard (apples and plums), berries (rasps, gooseberries), rhubarb, and a small (few m2) vegetable patch (potatoes, peas, carrots, courgettes, radishes and parsnips right now with finger crossed on the courgettes as first time) for fun more than anything. That and to involve the wee 5yr old in growing stuff. Sometimes a disaster, sometimes a big success. Don't ask me any advice. If I succeed in growing something, it was most likely by pure chance. My favourite flowers are aquilegia. Lupins in second place.
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    There's that 'modern' word. Let's not go down that route. There is nowhere on this planet called 'Modern Arctic' and it tends to come round and bite people on the bum when misused. Just thought I'd let you know.....
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    Some of the posts remind me of the winter, not this not that not perfect, oh dear oh dear. Why not become realistic or is that asking too much? The weathere here has been dry for 10 days, fairly warm and sunny at times with an airflow originating from polar areas so never humid, and thus not warm enough I suspect for many for evening B-B-Q's. Too much N Sea cloud to be totally happy but such is life. A big improvement for this area for the start of June last year when over 30mm of rain already and only one day over 20C in the first 10 days.
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    Update for the week to June 8th The current 1 day extent is 11,971,410km2, while the 5 day mean is on 12,083,59km2 The daily anomaly (compared to 79-11) is at -221,890km2, an increase from -183,130km2 last week. We're currently 12th lowest on record, up from 14th lowest last week. The average daily loss over the last 7 days was 52.6k/day, compared to the long term average of 47.1k/day, and the average of the last 5 years of 77.6k/day. The average long term loss over the next week is 46.7k/day, with the average of the last 5 years being 70.2k/day
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    At last my garden is starting to get a bit of colour in it, but the main event is yet to come. Here's a few pics of it atm :-)
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    I have to say that last nights display is one of the best for a good number of years visually, almost no cloud-cover here in the Peaks and structure could easily be seen along with some slight movement over a duration of time. Unfortunately I saw the clouds whilst on the way back from the local and by which time it was already coming up close to 3am. I didn't get to photograph it this time round but many others did, and fingers x'd for a similar display tonight along with the clear skies.
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    Interesting piece on country file. The Irish have much more rigorous checking then we do which is one of the reasons why TB is spreading to across the country here due to our lax controls on cattle movement. So infected cattle are probably infecting previously clean badgers so perhaps in those cases we should cull the cattle. More seriously the Irish are looking at ways of vaccinating Badgers via making them eat the vaccine and they seem confident it works. Farms are also checked yearly rather than our four year checks. Looks like we have a lot to learn from across the Irish sea.
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    Amen to that - sick of the gloom & chill it brings!
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    From the album: Other Landscapes

    A rather fussy but very well presented front garden enhances this cottage frontage and is hard to resist photographing when passing.
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    Thankfully this gruesome northeasterly is on its last legs and the east coast can look forward to some summerlike warmth lasting into next weekend.
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    Left the club in style today. Pretty early by usual standards of recent! French import Saturday morning started to deliver IC lightning around 2am on and off until 6am when things turned big style with 2 hours of torrential rain, ground shaking thunder and lightning. Some of the loudest thunder ive heard in many years. Also it must have been right over head with thunder right after the lightning. Really interesting and followed a muggy night and was followed then by another very warm day on Saturday. Very continental style and it seems Summer 2013 has got off on a much more normal vein - in fact id argue the most normal since 2006. French Imports regardless of the sea temperatures! 6 hours of glorious thundery activity!
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    NOCTILUCENT CLOUDS IN MOTION: The northern season for noctilucent clouds (NLCs) is underway. Since the middle of May, NASA's AIM spacecraft has been seeing banks of electric-blue NLCs circling Earth's north pole on a regular basis. Now, observers report that the clouds are spreading south. Pete Lawrence of Selsey UK photographed this apparition on June 3th (click to set the clouds in motion): http://www.spaceweather.com/
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    Noctilucent Clouds Taken by Stuart Atkinson on May 31, 2013 @ Kendal, Cumbria, UK
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    I haven't posted any photos for a while so thought I would post up these from summer 2011. They were taken on a thundery 26th August 2011 in Wiltshire.
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    I'm really pleased to welcome Jo Farrow to the Netweather forecasting team - having joined us last week she's been getting up to speed with all things Netweather and you'll soon be spotting her name on forecasts, articles and blogs on the site, as well as here on the forums. In fact the eagle eyed among you may have noticed a new writing style on yesterdays homepage update which was her first article on the site. Jo currently also works for STV in Scotland having previously worked for both the Met Office and the BBC as a forecaster, so it's great to have her as part of the team. We'll soon be running a community q&a with Jo, so start preparing your questions for that, but in the meantime please give her a warm welcome!! Paul
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    No need to kill them. A pint glass and a bit of card usually does the trick (the one I encountered tonight is now a few houses up the street). I say "usually" because sometimes a pint glass isn't big enough, like the one last year which caused me to start this thread. That is the threshold for Category 5 house spiders.
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    Hopefully people might see through this. Why not Edinburgh, you know, the capital?Oidhche mhath leat fhèin, a rùinNad leabaidh chùbhraidh bhlà th;Cadal sà mhach air a chùlDo dhùsgadh sunndach slà n.Tha mise 'n seo 's an truinnsidh fhuar'S nam chluasan fuaim bhà isGun duil ri faighinn às le buaidh -Tha 'n cuan cho buan ri shnà mh.
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    Derby should be OK MMR You do need a cloudless sky to the North and it helps to get as far away from light pollution as possibe. I couldn't see a thing last night, after a brilliant sunny day it clouded over and was totally overcast by the time it got dark.
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    Author Iain Banks has died aged 59, two months after announcing he had terminal cancer, his family has said. Must rank as one of the great writers of the last century.
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    Stuart *â˜â‹†* @astronomyblog @Hudsonweather Here's a picture of last night's noctilucent clouds I took near Bramhope http://flic.kr/p/eGsjE6 12:23 PM - 9 Jun 2013 Stuart *â˜â‹†* @astronomyblog @Hudsonweather Here's another noctilucent cloud view I took near Eccup http://flic.kr/p/eGvRjP 12:33 PM - 9 Jun 2013
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    All you moaners should move here - nowt but blue skies and warmth for as long as I care to remember. Roll on Tuesday,let alone autumn.
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    Come live in Leeds, bar 2 mornings and 1 full day we've had a tonne of sunshine. East or west is fine for me.
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    After the west had the best warmth over the past week or so next week that will transfer to the east thanks to westerly winds Those in the east who've had cloud and low temperatures keep the faith your turn is just around the corner
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    Nice noctilucent clouds here last night especically in the early hours to the NE, haven't seen many but I think these were the most impressive I've seen.
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    I've said previously that i don't like the political compass you use because it paints the Tory party as extreme as Ukip. Just thought i'd pop in with this which i think is a better representation..
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    The wicket didn't look that bad to me. Simply I don't think Australia are very good side at the moment, especially with Clarke missing. Their batting is fragile, they have no spinner and their pace attack is fairly ordinary. In contrast to England's attack who all bowled very well, especially Bresnan I thought. I still think England's top three will need to be a tad more dynamic against other sides. I realise the theory of a solid foundation but it can put a lot of pressure on the lower order batsmen and they can't produce every match.
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    This picture is of the cruising blue run down Katschberg Mountain into my village. The Aineck Mountain is in the back ground at 2200m. The main run down that is broad long red and also one of the steepest blacks in the whole of Austria. C
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    That's how the AGW scam has continued to endure. Neat trick. Ah,badgers... not bothered either way but we're long overdo a chav cull.
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    From the album: Summer 2013

    © © Coast 2013

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    Going to go for a walk around 3am in a couple hours, see if I can see any.
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    NOCTILUCENT CLOUDS: On May 30-31, sky watchers across northern Europe witnessed a vivid display of noctilucent ("night-shining") clouds. M. J. S. Ferrier photographed the electric-blue ripples from Barassie Beach in Troon, Scotland: http://www.spaceweather.com/
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    NEW: Spaceweather.com is now posting daily satellite images of noctilucent clouds (NLCs), which hover over Earth's poles at the edge of space. The data come from NASA's AIMspacecraft. The north polar "daisy" pictured below is a composite of near-realtime images from AIM assembled by researchers at the University of Colorado's Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics (LASP). http://www.spaceweather.com/ Noctilucent Clouds
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    Taken by Graeme Whipps on May 24, 2013 @ Chapel Of Garioch, Aberdeenshire, Scotland.
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