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    ^I'm not talking about local government as in your local council! Anyway, the economic situation in Scotland has been improving relative to the rest of the UK since devolution, Scotland is the only part of the UK to show an drop in unemployment over the last quarter (despite faster cuts in Public Spending and public sector employment, due to cuts to Scottish Government funding being accelerated due to no cuts in 2010/11 fiscal year as the devolved budgets were already finalised before the UK emergency budget in June 2010). Since devolution, population is increasing with net immigration into Scotland for pretty much the first time in 300 years. At a most basic level the constitutional debate has been about "finding Scottish solutions to Scottish problems" - it's not just about doing stuff differently, but about being able to do stuff that would never see the light of day in the Westminster Parliament and focusing on Scottish priorities. People in England who jump up and down moaning that Scotland gets this, Scotland gets that - the Scottish Government doesn't have any say in it's budget, but unlike the UK government - the Scottish Government has to produce a balanced budget every year, with no deficits!
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    Good heavens, I must admit I haven't heard those rumours.
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    Yes, good point Vill. There has to come a point when Westminster says you have extracted more than enough urine (the actal point having already been reached long ago), but that is still some way off. Salmond is certainly king of all he surveys atm, but he I'm sure is acutely aware that even within this very one sided game there are limits and there's far more than one way he could end up in my garage...
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    Oh dear what a negative and sour outlook there !
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