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  1. Yes, but what it looks like (i.e. how impressive it is) has nothing to do with the point I was making. Sorry if that was not clear. 20 miles of quite high, boggy but only modestly undulating moorland can form a greater barrier to the movement of people than a more impressive valley type pass a few miles long such as you get in the lake district. The lake district is lovely IMO too I should note. Also, being a geologist, I find the yorkshire dales and moors impressive.
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  2. Is that the same James Madden who predicted the coming of the next ice age for winter 11/12? I think he must have been phone tapping Piers Corbyn!
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  3. Hi BB, Sorry, but ‘unionist’ is a relatively common term up here; it simply refers to those who support continuing the union with the rUK (particularly in terms of those who enjoy political debate). Our old centre-right party was called the 'Scottish Unionists'. That's where your Conservative party got it's 'unionist' bit from - when they merged in the 60s. The constitutional question has existed in Scotland for 300 years, with support for and against the union rising and falling in response to events. In the past, the term unionist referred to someone who supported the Scottish unionist
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