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  1. Early June seems like a good time to be starting the thread this year. It is likely that the heavy snows of winter are behind us, and from now on it'll probably be ephemeral summer snows that get the pulse quickening... Winter 2011-2012 was a very mixed bag. Heavy snow fell in early December, and some big Atlantic storms deposited very large amounts of snow on NE facing aspects. In early 2012 I was very optimistic that this year was lining up to be a vintage one. How wrong could I be?! Notwithstanding a few large deposits in January, the rest of the winter was a huge disappointment. Hardly an
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  2. Yes, that's a good point. However, does it not say something about the people of the UK rather than the monarchy itself? I mean are the people of the UK less prone to rebellion/revolution / more content to accept how they are ruled without too much complaint, or just historically more content with the way they are ruled? Possibly a bit of both? Coming back to the Jubilee. I went to (BnQ in) Galashiels yesterday - a sizable borders town of >12,000. I drove just about the full length of it one way, then the same the other by a different route. I counted 4 houses showing something indicating
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  3. An Irish Family Tradition Paddy, had long heard the stories of an amazing family tradition. It seems that his father, grandfather and great-grandfather had all been able to walk on water on their 18th birthday. On that special day, they'd each walked across the lake to the pub on the far side for their first legal drink. So when Paddy's, 18th birthday came 'round, he and his pal Mick, took a boat out to the middle of the lake, Paddy, stepped out of the boat ...and nearly drowned! Mick just barely managed to pull him to safety. Furious and confused, Paddy, went to see his grandmot
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