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    Well it's not Piers, he's right upset by the nonsense the Express have been spouting Edit: nonsense the Express have been spouting this week. He was full of praise for the nonsense they've been posting the past few weeks .....
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    That's not what I'd take from the graph. Support for more powers/more autonomy climbed steadily during the boom times while support for a return to Westminster rule decreased. The fact that the SNP were elected in 2007 on a 'more powers for the Scottish parliament' ticket while support for independence decreased is highly indicative of this; the Scots electorate was wanting change even though things were all warm and fuzzy economy-wise (the banking crisis not kicking off until 2008). Close to 7 in 10 support for Devo max stretches back to this period too, well before return of the Tories/Lib dem coalition with them. In fact the distinct decrease in support for 'independence' tomorrow in the years following the SNP win in 2007 may well be associated with banking crisis; people thought sticking with the union was the safer bet; i.e. not changing things was the reaction to a time of crisis. As I've said a number of times - the majority of the Scottish electorate is not 'Anti-UK' (socially and in terms of Scotland continuing to have a close relationship with the rUK) but 'pro-Scotland' because, well, that's where they live. If devo maxx was on the ballot it would get 70%+ of the vote and it is unlikely full independence would get >50%, meaning the UK would be preserved, but with Scotland in a more federal type relationship with it. Largely like Quebec's relationship with Canada. However, London does not want to listen to the Scots electorate and has refused all calls for more powers as per the SNP's requests (corporation tax etc) even though the powers requested have all been advocated previously by at least one of the three main Westminster parties. Likewise, they are refusing to offer Devo Max and instead are prepared to gamble the future of the UK on a straight independence vote. If the UK comes to an end in 2014, it will be Westminster that was the primary cause. The UK Union is not a single country but a unitary state comprising of 4 home nations and must be governed as such. Scotland is a country joined under international treaty with the rest of the UK. This treaty dates from the 1920s when a new/updated treaty was prepared following the departure of Eire. Contrary to what many people believe, the current union does not date from 1707, but is younger than quite a few people alive today. If changes are made to the monarchy (i.e. the new provisions relating to marriage with catholics) then new treaties will need to be prepared and signed by respective representatives of each country under international law. A one size fits all style of governance will not necessarily work for a state such as the UK; as I imagine you'd agree with given your views on the EU Union. Out of interest, would you support Devo Max for Scotland? i.e. Scotland takes no money from Westminster and supports itself, just contributing to the common defense etc pot? The West Lothian Question would be neatly cleared up too mind. I'm not sure why anyone would be against this; it would not really be that different to the USA, Canada, Germany etc. I've heard some people say that devo maxx would be 'unfair'. I'm not sure how this could be the case. There would no more gripes over who is subsidising who, no more Scots votes 'stopping Tory victories' in England (rarely happens anyway), no more Scots MPs voting yes to something for people in England but no for Scotland (e.g. tuition fees). Everyone happy surely?
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    ASWT'S SUMMER FORECAST 2012 The Spring of 2012 was certainly an interesting and notable one. March was one of the warmest on record with settled and very warm conditions following a cool, changeable and unsettled first half. April, was a very different story as High Pressure sat over Greenland resulting in cool winds from the north. A very unsettled month and a cool one with frosts and wintry weather. This unsettled and cold regime continued into the first half of May, however, recently we've seen High Pressure move into favourable locations for sunny and warm conditions to reach the UK. This looks set to see the rest of May out and may last into the first part of June. But what I see happening is a very changeable and transistionary month in June. High pressure may move from the UK and Europe towards the North Atlantic/Greenland which may see a brief return to cold and unsettled weather. However, I expect intervening spells of both warm, settled and at times thundery weather and cool, wet and unsettled conditions. I expect this theme of changes between warm, dry to cool, wet conditions to continue into July but I also expect longer lasting and more prominent periods of summery conditions. I expect August to also be an interesting month, a volitile situation with unsettled conditions prevailing but summer conditions also abundant inbetween rainfall. JUNE I expect June to start of on a mainly sunny and warm note with high pressure in control. However, not too long into the month, I expect High Pressure to move over towards Greenland allowing for unsettled conditions to intervene. Expect a good share of rainfall and cool temperatures but also expect some spells of sunshine. I believe that after a cooler and wetter period, warmer and drier SEly winds should follow. This would see the southern parts of the UK experiencing the best of the summer warmth although everywhere should enjoy warm temperatures and sunshine. The far NW may see some rain and cloud at times. Some storms could be present at times in the warm, easterly flow. However, periods of settled conditions won't be wall-to-wall with low pressure intervening - however, this can still bring spells of sunshine - albeit short-lived. JULY Somewhat unsettled conditions with a mixture of sunshine/showery and fronts followed by sunshine may last into the first part of July. However, I expect July to be the month with the best of the warmth and sunshine with the longest and most potent heatwaves. Winds from the east and south will be present and will bring classic summer weather to the UK. Not always scorching hot but warm enough to feel properly like summer. However, these periods of summer weather will yet again be followed by periods with cooler temperatures, more rainfall and less sunshine but pleasant summer weather will be present in a somewhat restricted way. AUGUST August is a month where progressively more unsettled and changeable conditions. Atlantic depressions bringing heavy rain, periods of cool-showery weather from the NW and cool, windy days with sunny intervals will bring a different feel to the weather of this summer. Warm, sunny and pleasant conditions will be regular behind depressions but these will be short-lived, less hot and less widespread. So a good deal of sunshine is likely in August but mixed with a good deal of wetter and windy conditions. A volitile situation is possible into the latter part of the month with some progressively more autumnal conditions but with some late summer warmth and sunshine present and the possibility of Spannish Plumes.
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