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    There was a really stormy spell just after mid March 2004, when the UK was subjected to a series of severe gales. The Saturday of the 20th was a really stormy here, that was the worst of the gales for my area http://news.bbc.co.u.../uk/3524638.stm http://www.wetterzen...00120040321.gif
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    Winter hanging on at times here, not really had anymore snow few flurries but looks spring like out, fair bit of freezing rain on Friday made the trees look very pretty glazed in ice though a few branches buckled under the extra weight. Apparently a few icebergs have been spotted around the coast of the North East Avalon, earlier in the year than they would normally expect to see them and around this part of Newfoundland they haven't really seen any icebergs this far South since 2009. Wonder what's the reasons behind this, the daily iceberg chart does indeed show a fair number currently in the vicinity: http://ice-glaces.ec..._0006350072.gif
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    Becoming warm Dry for most http://www.weatheronline.co.uk/cgi-app/reports?LANG=en&MENU=weekahead&DAY=20120319
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    Up to a point yes. However: 1. Taken as a whole it is the coldest winter since 1986/7 although the severe cold/blizzards of February 1991 surpasses anything in 1995/1996; 2. Although maxima for December were notably below normal it is true that the maxima for January and February were rather closer to normal; 3. Nonetheless what I can recall (and this is backed up by Kevin's data) is that it was a particularly frosty winter and that although in the south amounts of snow were often small, snow fell on a relatively frequent basis (in inner London I never recorded more than 1/2" of snow on any one day but recall that it snowed on 19 days); 4. In the context of the 'even larger teapot' it does stand out. If it was to be repeated NW would collapse into mass hysteria... regards ACB
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