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    I find it difficult to believe that the weather this winter has shortened the gestation period for sheep by 4 months. Farmers have obviously been missing out by not factory farming sheep to produce lambs more quickly.
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    Yes but it's a state of normality for countries to operate on a defecit. Probably every country in western Europe has a defecit. It is what we can do with economic powers in the future that matter. You have to start with control before a government can change economic policy.http://www.gfmag.com/tools/global-database/economic-data/10395-public-deficit-by-country.html#axzz1jjfW0HHw
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    UK Outlook for Sunday 22 Jan 2012 to Tuesday 31 Jan 2012: Sunday is likely to be chilly and windy, with a mixture of sunny spells and scattered showers. Showers should be most frequent in the north, with snow on hills, whilst the south should remain driest. Similar conditions will likely persist through the following days, with further showers and some more persistent rain likely to affect many areas. Temperatures will probably be near average, occasionally mild, but with overnight frosts possible in any quieter interludes. There is considerable uncertainty regarding the weather during the last few days of January. The slightly more probable scenario at present is that conditions will remain similar to those described above. However there is also a significant risk of much colder weather becoming established right across the UK, with snow in places and widespread overnight frosts. Updated: 1310 on Tue 17 Jan 2012 http://www.metoffice.gov.uk/weather/uk/uk_forecast_weather.html
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    Here's my latest download from 18th/19th November 1996. The forecast seems to have underestimated the snow at low levels.
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    A cold weekend Risk of sleet & snow http://www.weatheronline.co.uk/cgi-app/reports?LANG=en&MENU=weekahead&DAY=20120116
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    Here's a Countryfile forecast from that amazing summer..still need to brush up on my editing!
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