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    It was 33 years to the day, last evening, when the southern half of the UK was swept by severe snowstorm brought about by low pressure moving directly along the Channel. As Christmas approached, high pressure began building over Greenland, which eventually forced the jet-stream and attendant low pressure further and further south, over the UK. http://www.wetterzen...00119781225.gif A few days after Christmas, bitter easterly winds started to develop over Scotland as low pressure tried to move into central portions of the UK. http://www.wetterzen...00119781228.gif At the same time bitter Arctic air swept south over Scandinavia and this started to be pulled westwards towards the UK. http://www.wetterzen...00119781229.gif http://www.wetterzen...00219781229.gif By the 30th more and more parts of Northern Britain were reporting snow and falling temps. http://www.wetterzen...00119781230.gif http://www.wetterzen...00219781230.gif On the evening of the 30th, low pressure moved east towards the English Channel ,and as it did, it engaged that very cold air on its northern flank. This resulted in a snowstorm for many parts of Southern Britain, driven on by those biting easterly winds. http://www.wetterzen...00119781231.gif One of mine and Peterboro Dave (TEITS), all time fav charts! http://www.wetterzen...00219781231.gif For me, it has to be the ( worst/best) snowfall I've seen, when you take into account the very strong winds, in fact it's the most severe drifting I've seen for my area (Kent/London border and low lying). Very difficult to calculate depths of level snow, because there wasnt much level snow to be seen! Drifts were up to 18 to24 inches, very unusual for this area. The following day the low responsible moved ESE into the Continent, leaving most of the UK in a frigid E/NE air flow. http://www.wetterzen...00119790101.gif http://www.wetterzen...00219790101.gif Although the falling snow had stopped, the still very strong winds whipped the lying snow into mini blizzards and filled in roadways after ploughs (very rare sight here), had cleared them. Having been through the archives on several occassions I have yet to find a better example of a Channel Low, move along that body of water, with near slide rule precision and giving so many parts such widespread severe conditions. Surely "The King of all Channel Lows"! This is one example. http://www.wetterzen...00119271226.gif http://www.wetterzen...00219271226.gif Although, in the south, this event started as rain and indeed stayed as rain in E.Kent. Would love to see other examples of this kind of synoptic set-up, if any members can find some. Also would love to hear your stories of Dec.30th/31st 1978 and how it affected you. It would certainly be a welcome event after all the dross we've seen so far this winter but who knows whats around the corner....... Happy New Year to all NW members and families. Many thanks to all the team for making this forum so enjoyable. Best Wishes, Tom.
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    The white shading are for depths of 12 inches and greater The vertical shading are for depths of between 6 and 12 inches The horizontal shading are for depths of 6 inches and less http://www.ukweatherworld.co.uk/forum/index.php?/topic/49788-the-times-the-great-blizzard-of-january-1881/ Just a few more 1ft snow in 7 hours in London http://www.ukweatherworld.co.uk/forum/index.php?/topic/61989-the-times-the-great-london-snowstorm-1ft-in-7-hours/ 3ft snow drifts in Manchester: Feb 1900 http://www.ukweatherworld.co.uk/forum/index.php?/topic/62775-3ft-drifts-in-manchester-city-centrefebruary-1900/ Late Feb-early March 1909 snowfalls http://www.ukweatherworld.co.uk/forum/index.php?/topic/70994-the-snowfalls-of-late-february-early-march-1909/ The late February 1933 event http://www.ukweatherworld.co.uk/forum/index.php?/topic/62938-biggest-weather-event-of-the-1930s/
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    Probably for Yorkshire/Lincolnshire December 1st 2010. Snow started around 10 am here, by then most were at work, after an hour of snowfall in Leeds people began to leave work early... Buses were struggling, the one on the left is in the wrong lane! After 3 hours of snowfall the city was gridlocked.. Snow only fell from 10-2pm, so only 4 hours yet caused massive problems, shops shut early, trains canceled, buses canceled etc.
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