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    Had a look. Really, it's all over the place and the best thing to do is: Labour *0.72 Cons *0.78 Libs *0.88 SNP *1.45 As a rough rule of thumb if you want Scotland Yougov subsets to be anywhere close to what all other polls are saying right now. This is based on Jul-Sept and will likely change. Funnily enough, todays Yougov raw numbers for Scotland are: SNP = 36% Lab = 34% Con = 21% Lib = 6% Almost fell of my seat. This is the only the second yougov in 3 months to show the SNP ahead of Labour. LOL - must be slowly catching up with all the other polls which have them on 45% for Westminster. If you apply the SS correction, that Yougov gives 52.2% SNP. Not bad since other polls have been giving up to 47% recently! The next MORI/ICM/AR/TNS could be a shocker! EDIT. Also, the No to independence campaign is badly divided. http://newsnetscotla...as-started.html Ed Milliband says he'll join with the Conservatives in trying to persuade Scots to stay in the Union. Does this man have any brains whatsoever? Are Scots going to be asked to stay in the UK by a Tory-led coalition involving Labour as well as the Lib Dems? LOL that would guarantee a YES to independence. Obviously Scots Labour are saying 'No we can't unite with the Tories and Libs' as they know Scotland. So, will Scots be asked to unite with the ununited? How's that positive? They really are missing the point. Scots are not questioning independence, they're waiting to be told a really good reason not to be.
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    I see what you're saying, though I think Scotland should count its lucky stars. You guys can control what happens within the Scottish borders. In England we have no devolution, we can't do that, we are faced with all the cuts to education, social welfare, health etc. Scotland, however, is not. And Scotland has the option of independence any time it wants, England does not, we have no option but to be stuck with the idiots in Westminster, which is largely consisted of Scottish and Northern Irish MP's anyway.
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