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    Totally agree as Potty Prof also says in his post.. .....and as a prime example ... I dont beleive planes have ever been grounded, not even during even the strongest transformer blowing storms of the previous cycles. Flights diverted away from the poles...yes ... grounded .. nope. It would be interesting to see how many clueless car drivers get "grounded" when their sat navs start playing up/stop working if we had a good old "proper storm" from couple of mega X10 flare CME's hitting us Back on topic ,with the twiilight season almost over there should be more decent displays at higher latitudes. A double coronal hole solar wind coming up should give a good show.. EDIT: Solar activity, even minor, has always caused radio communication issues... ask any Radio Ham (like myself or Mondy and others..). It's not always disadvantageous for communications either. sometimes quite the opposite with long range communication becoming possible.
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    And that 'source' would be who, precisely? Not the same 'source' that told you all that crap about that insignificant piece of rock, that's about to wipe us all out?
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    No, I was informed of this by a good source. Sorry for the confusion.
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