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    Yes the media has a very southeast-london bias, so whenever it looks like 30 degrees could be reached in the centre of London, you get loads of reports saying 'britain about to bask in medittearan conditions' or something along those lines. The same old reports appear in the newspapers with photos of packed beaches and always it seems Brighton and Bournemouth. They usually show some young women in bikinis and a toddler with an ice cream in their hand. It is simple filler, and the media churn out the same old stuff year in year out. What they fail to do is paint the full picture or indeed say something like temps in scotland could even hit 70f - wow!!!, or they show a rain sodden west coast of scotland or wales and deserted beaches (hardly med conditions). You never see the same reports when scotland, wales, n ireland and west/north england is experiencing the better conditions and the SE is suffering.. mind this very rarely happens during our summers, but not so uncommon in the spring it has to be said. Oh I notice BBC weather forecasts are showing the temp graph for London again - saying temps hitting 30 degrees on Wednesday, yes in central London but not many other places, those temp graphs really do annoy me. I do get tired of the media in the height of the summer, it does become very lazy and in terms of the weather it at its most SE biased. Roll on September in this respect..
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    Some of the media reports here are nonsense really, and this really goes to show the SE of England media bias. July locally has been sunnier than average and drier than average, especially for the start of July. I really don't know where they are getting a washout summer, as this July is much drier than any year since 2006, and I think generally across the UK, July has been drier than many recent years. I think the salient point is here, Western areas have done better than eastern areas at times, especially at the start of July , but in the media mindset, this means bad weather everywhere. Now we are back in the Eastern (and especially SE areas) getting the best weather, and the media are claiming heatwave.
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    Tell me about it - feels like forever.
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