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    Slow down guys and girls! I think we might be jumping the gun as all is speculaltion. Pete is right how much cooling have we seen? I think slight but downward is the movement. The real question for me is "How deep will this minima eventually be?" I am and have been for some time, convinced that we are going into 'at least' a Dalton Minima if not a Sporer/Maunder. Will it affect this winter...my projection is that the jet has been shifting south [and we have seen this happen before our eyes!] and this will continue/remain and thus a colder regime is heading our way. I have read GWO reseacrh and also researched astrophysicists predictions and I go along with a return of 40 - 70s NH regime initially with much colder conditions come cycle 25. Very interesting regarding Archibald, similar global outcome to GWO? A shifting of the HP belt by 300 miles? With reference to the crop situation, I think that if you look closely enough you will see that last couple of years the growing season has been greatly affected notably the US/Canada. Anyone notice how butter, eggs, pasta etc are all shooting up in price? Anyway, the sun remains very quiet....but let's not talk of ice ages.....not yet. BFTP
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    You may find this of interest. It's a power point presentation from Hathaway dated August 15: http://solarscience.msfc.nasa.gov/presentations/20090815_Hamfest.ppt Haven't had time to read it all, so jot down anything you think will be a good addition to the thread. Alternate link: http://solarscience.msfc.nasa.gov/presentations.shtml
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    There won't be the most significant effects of solar lag for a few years yet, so not worth expecting too much in the shorter term, although having said that trends wrt to the jetstream coming south can't be ignored. However, cooling effects from such synoptic changes will take a few years to feed through - much as it took till the end of the eighties before we saw a significant change in terms of temps rising in accordance with a more active solar cycle and +PDO effects etc. But the longer this quietness goes on, then the more interesting it gets regarding future times. Very interesting indeed!
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    Brymore House, 3/4 miles to the west of Cannington, recorded a rainfall measurement of 9.04 inches at 9am on the 19th August 1924. Mr Kendall measured the rain gauge in the presence of two gardeners. About 8.5 inches of this total fell between 3am and 7.30am. Hail accompanied the rain. Thunder was also observed. The rain gauge was officially examined for accuracy and exposure and was found to be excellent and could not have been flooded. The 24hr total between 9am (GMT) on the 18th August to the 9am (GMT) on the 19th August 1924 was found to be 9.40 inches.
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