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    Why do I get the feeling that summer brings out those who want to incessantly prove how "hard" they are? All we seem to get is people ostentatiously sneering at those of us who feel unwell when the temperature is above 30C AND the humidity is above 70%.
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    When is sewage like Strictly, X Factor, The Voice, i'm not a celeb and all that only way is essex garbage going to end, enough is enough, no more self obsessed plebs on TV please.
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    I've just walked in to find my old man on the floor - went in to a hypo. I fed him some lucozade and some biscuits and he perked up rapidly. Does that count as saving someone's life?
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    Guess who can start playing sports again after recovering from a broken collarbone!
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    Dear snow gods ... I have prayed for snow , done the snow dance yet nothing !! You owe us some snow ️ ... if not move on to the hot stuff
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    At this rate we will reach Smarch and still have no snow
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    Merry Christmas to all my friends!
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    There = it is over there. Their = it belongs to them. They're = they are. To = I will pass it to him. Too = as well.
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    Xmas drinking and driving.....Be careful folks, lots of men are drinking excessively and then letting their wives drive
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    So, I live in New Zealand now. It's like the old Zeeland, but warmer, and further south... and the nights get shorter the further north you go. And 100% less Dutch.
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    Bubs just put a Christmas Film on, because 'now Halloween is over, it's nearly Christmas'
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    Awful news from the States. It seems that the shooting happened just up the road from an undergraduate friend and her husband - fortunately, they were both at work.
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    Cooler weather is coming - THANK THE LORD!
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    40C by late next week - nightmarish stuff. I cannot comprehend how anyone can want this.
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    Just drawn level at 3-3 (at chess) with my grandson................................He's 10!
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    Taking the boys for haircuts on a Sunday morning use to be easy. Now you get loads of men having their stupid beards trimmed clogging up the barbers, for God’s sake have a shave at Home
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    In Other News: The waitress at a well known Internet cafe has gone missing... Server not found. * Grabs coat and leaves via back door *
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    G. Grandson, update. The wee fella has made it through his first week despite some bad frights. Heart stopped twice, bad infection, two lumber punctures and an operation for a perforated bowel. He also managed to fit in a temper tantrum! What a bonny wee fighter! So, another heartfelt thanks to everyone at the Royal Ed. Simpsons Memorial, the Sick Kids and the Ambulance Service who transferred a very ill little boy backwards and forwards across Edinburgh for an emergency op. Still a very long haul ahead especially after his op but every day is a bonus.
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    Just want some pleasant warmth now please. Winter, you had plenty of time to show yourself.
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    interesting how hot weather turns some people into argumentative unpleasant t***s.
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    Umm.... it is a bank holiday weekend right? Did someone forget to given the weather a memo for our usual dose of constant rain for once.
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    My mum's off to see Tom Paxton (Aye, he is still alive!) in MK tonight...The last time was at the Masonic Hall, Tunbridge Wells in 1969 or '70. I wished I could've gone then, and I wish I could have gone now!
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    Please call the doctor,I've really tried to avoid it but lamppost watching has become an addiction again today can't wait for some milder weather
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    Some exaggeration of inches going on me thinks
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    A lovely send off to a wonderful man. RIP Grandad.
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    There is a world toilet day, I super duper you not.
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    I detect a fair amount of hubris and premature confidence in the MOD thread.
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    A Red Co2 warning for the UK for Bonfire Night , Thousands of Bonfires And Millions of fireworks will introduce a very concentrated pool of Co2 over the Uk. Please tell me something, why does the Government keep this going , when they consider Co2 to bring the Phantom Global Warming? An Easy answer? ...Because the Uk Government make Millions of pounds from firework sales
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    Best September for years, so seasonal
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    An Autumnal September, didn't think they existed!
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    A poor month for heat could end on a record breaker tomorrow 28.3 to beat for the daily record
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    Glorious clear sky's and neat crisp convection perfect April day
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    I haven't disappeared, we've just been very busy with work, play and puppy Mylo! I'm staying over in Poitiers until Friday, working, so I should have some time tonight and tomorrow for catching up with you all. It's been interesting weather-wise these past few days - warm sunny days but very cold nights and an ice-covered car this morning. The north-north-easterly wind is cold and taking the edge of the sun, but we camped over Easter at the lake and the weekend before which was really warm. Back later... Here's a couple of Mylo photos to make you smile...
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    Iceland had a mild and boring winter but looking at the charts it looks like entering a long period of northeasterly winds and uppers in the -8 to -12 range. The dramatic and beautiful scenery will be even more stunning with the snow cover. I don't think many of us would say no to that even in March. :-)
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    Here's how to get 19 days off next year and only use 9 days holiday
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    Wonder how much longer terms like 'exceptional' and 'remarkable' will get used for temps in the low or mid teens during winter becoming more and more common now
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    Going to disagree with some on here. My forecasting instincts are telling me this period of settled weather will be replaced by a milder more mobile pattern as we head into December. This is especially true from mid Dec onwards when a stormy pattern could develop.
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    World Mental Health day today. So saddening to see mocking comments regarding mental illness on social media. Still a long way to go.
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    best storm in mancheser area for a few years , the frequency of lightning matched the supercell of july 2015 but more cg stikes rather than intracloud, scary stuff
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    Just had a a first 'Red' alert for solar activity, 656nT - Aurora sightings very likely!
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    Nice 00z GFS for next Tuesday - 4000j/kg CAPE; Lifted Indices to -10C, 20C dewpoints, strong W'erly mid-level jet... Wrong country
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    People give young people a bad rap, but when I dropped my handbag and it's contents all over the floor today, not one person stopped to help. In fact a few people literally stepped over me, apart from 3 different teenagers on their own who offered to help.
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    Don't be scared if i follow you, i'm quite friendly and don't bite much =)
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    HO hum. Monday. ho hum
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    Going down to 1c again here tonight. We have a local guy who posts very accurate temperatures for our valley - he recorded -0.2c last night -how can that cause such thick ice on the cars and a real "white frost"?
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    Hermine now a hurricane, expected to produce 7-10 inches of rain and a 6 foot storm surge.
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