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    Im 'personally ' logging of now until October \November...and I honestly pray\hope that when I return...things will be a little better at least for our overall situation.!!! I wish you all happiness..but above all health....take care and be [email protected] love
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    Thankyou to everyone who joined in with the clapping tonight. It was lovely to hear and myself and all my colleagues felt it and appreciated it ❤
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    Sorry. But i think its time to stop all this now. None of us know what weather the virus prefers. Its new. I come on here to escape the 'expert opinion " on Covid 19, please can we just continue with the weather and leave all else out of it? Its going to be a long 12 weeks as it is
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    Can I have a moan ! The other thread I thought worked really well . This is an international problem anyway. By splitting the threads I think is a solution looking for a problem . And another gripe there are a few overseas posters who will now be confined to the international thread . Please reconsider and don’t ruin what was a great thread .
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    The ECM ensemble mean seems to suggest the UK in a gap between two areas of high pressure one Azores, one Scandi, so the wind direction will depend on how these interplay, T144 and T240: In other developments Had to queue at the petrol station this morning, my tank was empty. I get the mentality, must fill the car up with petrol, in case we get confined to our homes! The enormity of the next few months has just got real with the statement from the Prime Minister and his scientific and medical advisors. I was struggling anyway, and am more now, this is going to be horrid, whatever the weather. I found some useful advice on mental health regarding this on the BBC: Coronavirus: How to protect your mental health WWW.BBC.CO.UK Advice on protecting your mental health during the coronavirus outbreak. Be safe everyone.
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    Hi folks, it's taken me a while to post on the situation with Borris tonight... I'm gutted, my eyes have welled up.. Why? I don't personally know him, but I've always liked him, like I've said before he seems the kind of bloke you could have a beer with and a good laugh.. Or perhaps it's just another day where after hearing so many bad stories of people's family's dying... It all gets a bit to much emotionally. The horrid thing about this disease is... Your isolated, know friends or family allowed! Sometimes when someone is in ICU, they have family by there sides, and they keep talking to them, this as been said to help the person in there recoverys. But with this horrid covid... It can't be allowed, for obvious reasons.. So if perhaps we all keep saying a little prayer for him and willing him to battle and get well, perhaps this could be the next best thing. All you lot on here are a kind and Considerate bunch, all the posts tonight reflect that. Forget about the few evil [email protected] who take to twitter and wish someone death.... They are a minority. And they always say... Be careful what you wish for. So one last time..... Come on Borris... Battle this, beat it, and kick this horrible disease into kingdom come, and get back to that front line where we need you... God bless ya.
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    I wonder how significant this could be in the short term. Potentially a significant breakthrough if it works Coronavirus: New treatment for critically ill patients to begin as soon as next week https://news.sky.com/story/coronavirus-new-treatment-for-critically-ill-patients-to-begin-as-soon-as-next-week-11959914
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    Hi gang ,yes its great that we May get some nice spring weather during the days .I am isolating so hopefully i can sit up the garden and soak up a but of sun .we all said that the charts would look a bit wintry come spring ,regards high pressure , but far important things are on the table at the moment. Great to read all your posts ,take care all ,cheers .
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    Yeh this cold spell can do one has anyone actually thought this through? This is the worst possible thing that can happen right now. Our economy is already on its knees, we have a virus spreading like wild fire and history tells us cold weather usually makes flu and colds worse...we are all including farmers looking to start summer crops.. and some are excited over a few flakes and potential for more disruption.. I for one hope this gets watered down into nothing and I love cold and snow but not now...to many lives at risk.
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    Thank you for all those kind comments concerning my mother’s death this afternoon. From my point of view I feel it is a happy release from a long productive life. My mother was 104.
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    I'd like to take this time to apologise to everyone on here I've ever had 'spats' with too. I am sorry, and a lot of it was caused by my mental health and irritability that is associated with it. I took things as 'attacks' on me personally. Hoping this community can pull together for the good everyone
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    An appeal to people to remember you are reading posts from people you do not know, you do not know the background of and do not know their motivations - on a weather forum. If there are concerns about you or loved ones dial 111, look at NHS websites and seek professional advice.
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    Can I just say huge credit to all those in here who have talked so openly and bravely about issues that often don’t get discussed in these types of forums . And also to thank all the members who have contributed to this topic . I think this has been a great thread .
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    I've gotta be honest now me scandinavian mucka, there aren't many more die hard cold lovers than me, there are plenty like me no doubt, but the thought of a significantly colder Conditions in April when we could all be under lock down fills me with dread.... It could completely work against us with this virus! I just hope and prey this acts like a seasonal type of flu and eradicates with warmer conditions. Wouldn't it be great to get this virus out of the way and for it not to return, and for us to be in with a much better shout for next winter... Cold wise that is. Like others have said, the form horse perhaps looking more like a coldish high bringing some frost at night and hopefully a bit of a drying out situation... Not been posting much on here lately folks far to stressed at present, but I would just like to say you guys are as ever doing a fantastic job of covering it. Stay well.
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    Just clapped for the NHS. Amazing how many around me joined in, a very moving moment.
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    Coronavirus: How to protect your mental health WWW.BBC.CO.UK Advice on protecting your mental health during the coronavirus outbreak. Here's some genuinely really good advice for looking after your mental health during this time. It's important to remember the human brain automatically seeks out danger which can impact on how we view the world. We're much more likely to read about bad news than good news. With that in mind, if you read a bad news story, make a conscious effort to then read a good one. Read about the deaths? Now go read about those who have recovered. Balancing helps us to gain perspective. Practice positive activities before bedtime which is when we are most likely to worry. Read a book, listen to music, watch Youtube so you redirect your brain leading to less anxiety and better sleep. Practice self care. Eat well, sleep, keep hydrated, get exercise, get out in nature and do things you enjoy. This not only improves mental health but also improves your immune system so you're less likely to get sick. These are two brilliant self help resources that are clinically effective and NHS recommended. It's guided Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and almost identical to what you would do if you saw a real life therapist. Anxiety Self-Help Resources - Information Sheets, Worksheets & Workbooks WWW.CCI.HEALTH.WA.GOV.AU Self-help resources for overcoming problems with anxiety developed by clinical psychologists at the Centre for Clinical Interventions in Perth... Health Anxiety Self-Help Resources - Information Sheets & Workbooks WWW.CCI.HEALTH.WA.GOV.AU Self-help resources for addressing health anxiety, written by clinical psychologists at the Centre for Clinical Interventions in Perth... And if anyone is struggling with their mental health and needs more personalised advice, my PMs are open and will be treated with strict confidentiality. I am a mental health professional.
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    With all this going on and now mostly at home I am trying to make sure that I keep in touch with nature around me as I normally watch the seasons change through biking to work every day to a farm nearby, a route which is mostly in open countryside. I have noticed the air is clearer, I think we have all seen that, and being in Colchester under various flightpaths a huge drop off of a low level background noise of planes in and out of airports. And a run of days where hardly a cloud in the sky and a definite lack of the usual contrails. I have tinnitus, a throwback from younger days, but I have noticed in the past week with the drop off of that background noise that I can once again hear birds from a distance, the wind in trees which usually I cannot hear so well. We have a pair of magpies busily building their nest in the trees over the back of the garden, a daily conference between about 30 sparrows in the hedges, this seems to last about half an hour at a right old pace and racket and then all go silent, presumably differences resolved. I am keeping a close eye on the heap to be burnt at the top of the garden as a very clear entrance has been made and whether a hedgehog is resident I am not sure so will leave it for now. Birds seen in my garden over time, Tree sparrow, house sparrow, blue tit, great tit, wren, green woodpecker, robin, magpie, crow, rook, pigeon, sea gull, thrush, blackbird, starling, gold finch, green finch, bull finch, gold crest, sparrow hawk, kestral, falcon, tawny owl, barn owl and some others which I can't recall off the top of my head right now. I usually have a family of swallows take up residence in the workshop on the farm for the summer, I expect they will be making their way back soon too! Will miss them, great cheeky characters. So while you all have this time on your hands, look out your windows, watch your gardens, what do you see that you have not noticed before? Perhaps keep a journal alongside your weather watching. Try and include younger kids in the recording. Time now to go restock the bird feeders, I am getting told off and glared at by a blackbird through the window and a small group of sparrows on the patio looking forlornly at the feeders which have run low again! Please remember our wildlife at this time, many now feed from food dropped outside fast food shops, in town centres etc which have fallen silent, and rely on that food source. Even if just bread crumbs or scraps, put them out on a dustbin lid or plastic plant tray up out of the reach of cats for them to eat. Obviously do this only if possible to keep that all important social distancing from your neighbours. Stay safe, stay well
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    In case anyone hasn't seen this, @Blessed Weather has done an amazing job in putting together a whole load of Covid-19 info and research here:
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    Seeing the way people look out for each other in this thread (and in the outside world) during this virus outbreak can bring a little tear into your eye. There’s a lot of love out their.
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    UKMO & lots of GFS ENS very cold day 6 onwards -!!
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    I wish Boris a speedy recovery. Seems like he has had a sudden deterioration. I cannot believe the amount of people I've seen wishing him dead just because he is a Tory. People need to be better than this.
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    And the GFS 12Z, for next Sunday, is lovely! Great model, rubbish model; great model, rubbish model...
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    A little bit of a good news story from me today folks. Daniel James-lacey Mcinerney who was admitted to hospital 2 weeks ago after testing positive with covid, has finally beat the illness.... He was suffering quite bad with all over body aches, sore throat and headache all together. The great bit of news about this is... Daniel was a sufferer of cystic fibrosis and only 25% of his lungs worked!! 2 weeks later he as been released from Hospital and given the all clear. And he brings a Ray of hope to all chronic Respiratory sufferers!!! Good on ya mate... And stay well.
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    Okay, there appears to be a couple of ideas circulating on the forum which people may be getting carried away with? I understand why people are running with them, because it creates the idea that the virus has been knocking about for a while, and so people then wonder if they've had it and are now immune. Theory #1 - The virus may have been about in the uk since last Autumn? The big issue with this idea is that the UK is doing random testing of people presenting with flu like symptoms, and has been doing this for a couple of weeks. These random tests have only picked up a few cases, two at kings college hospital London, and i believe the death at Milton Keynes that i know of. If the virus has been circulating for 4-5 months, there would be a large number of positives in the random tests, so far that does not appear to be the case. Theory #2 - The virus has two (or more) strains, one being a lot worse than the other? Yes the virus appears to have at least two strains. But the paper that designated a L and S type strains in China was only looking at the evolution timeline of strains and trying to track that back to indicate a possible host species. At no stage did it state that one strain was more dangerous than the other. The disparity in the figures for Wuhan compared to the rest of china is almost certainly down to the local health services being swamped, not because they had one strain rather than another. I have heard that the strain circulating in Italy may not be the same as that in S.Korea, likewise for the USA. I've no idea if this is true, but again, the deaths in Italy are probably down to the stress on their health service, combined with a very old population, not because their local virus is inherently more dangerous. I've no issue with people discussing ideas like this, but posters do need to remember that those discussions may be taken further afield on SM and leads to unhelpful theories going viral ('scuse the pun) so maybe clearly caveat that what you are posting are your own ideas and are not substantiated in anyway?
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    I class ANYONE working in NHS, food supply lines and other supply lines, emergency services, bin men, postal, volunteers for the vulnerable etc etc as being on the frontline as they are dealing with the public every day and do run risks higher than the rest of us who cannot work at the moment. Basically anyone at the moment who is not at home all day, with that said those at home are also doing their bit, so respects to all at this time please?
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    The fabulous BBC news reader George Alagiah who is battling cancer, is also battling Covid... But the good news is he is on the mend and doing well, I think he basically said.... Us cancer sufferers know what it's like to face the unknown and put up a fight... Good on ya George, and get well soon.
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    Ah, so that's how it spreads: from me to you!
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    That's a bit OTT mate.. I can recall a Councillor saying to me a while back....when your suffering with depression or anxiety.... There is nothing worse than someone saying.... Pull yaself together mate!!! Mild anxiety can quickly become severe anxiety... And then lead to depression, which can become worse without the right guidance!! You obviously have never suffered with it... And before you say snowflakes, I have mates who toured Afghanistan and Iraq, who now suffer with it badly... Hardly snowflakes though. We have people on here with underlying health issues and may be worrying like crazy over this virus... And this could lead to depression down the line... And if that's the case I hope they get sufficient treatment, and not to be told to get a grip, or man up.
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    Yes Matt , I opened my store at 5:45 this morning and left at 8pm this evening , I’m back at 5:45 and walking in to a shell of a shop with new deliveries coming , Having people tell me why I bother opening because I have no Loo roll or tins of beans etc has made my blood boil today , People asking for more checkouts to be opened these people should be grateful we are opening at all , we are near our limits and doing our best , at the same time we have home shopping to deal with , with companies like Deliveroo, I helped I man who was self isolating today and he was in tears when I helped him , whilst I put his shopping through 2 customers accused me of putting bread aside for myself , I was doing this for the self isolating and told them basically to Fu ck Off . Another fun day tomorrow.
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    Best conditions I've had for over two years, yesterday. The snow might have blown around a lot but it was still spread widely enough to give good deep cover on western slopes. All eastern aspects were bulging though, and unsurprisingly there were a couple of ominous rumbles late morning as the sun came up.
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    I think it's time for folk to stop sharing the medical advice they find on facebook and such. Stick with official guidance please.
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    I do not post in this thread for two reasons. 1, I don’t know enough about the subject so my comments would be worthless 2 The ban on the political dimension means that it cannot be discussed properly to the relevant depth and detail What I mean by this can be sunned up by the following extract from an article by Rachel Sylvester in Today’s Times The Covid-19 outbreak is another reminder that the divide between the health and social care systems is not only artificial, it is counterproductive. With elderly people more vulnerable to the disease, the pressure on hospitals is sure to grow but what could turn difficulty into disaster is the lack of social care for those who are well enough to go home. Already NHS wards are full of elderly patients who have no medical need to be in hospital. More than 148,000 bed days were lost in December alone as a result of delayed discharges. There has also been a 35 per cent rise in the number of dementia patients turning up at accident and emergency departments over the past five years following day care centre closures. The system is driven by perverse incentives. It costs about £250 a day for someone to be on a hospital ward and £100 for a domiciliary care package, so from the point of view of the NHS (and the taxpayer) it makes sense for elderly people to go home quickly — but councils, which are responsible for funding social care, have a financial motive to transfer the cost to hospitals. Although health funding has been ring-fenced, local authorities face a shortfall of almost £4 billion by 2025 in social care budgets. According to Age UK, 1.5 million elderly people are not getting the care and support they need. More than 1,600 residential and nursing homes have closed in the past five years and the government’s post-Brexit immigration policy, which includes a minimum salary threshold, will only make matters worse. There are already 122,000 vacancies in the sector and one in 11 care workers is from the EU. I realise this post will be removed tout suite
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    Just for the avoidance of doubt when it comes to political comments in here. The only ones people should be making are factual comments on actions governments are taking etc, and that's it. Party political point scoring and anything else is not permitted in here. We will shortly be opening a separate, closed and invite only area where those who want to discuss the political side of this situation more can do so. For those wanting access to that, please use the team contact forum here: https://www.netweather.tv/forum/forum/171-contact-the-forum-team-private-forum/ Please note that only those with accounts in good standing and no-prior issues when it comes to discussing politics on the forum will be invited.
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    Alright folks, here's a new thread for the latest discussion on COVID-19. Just a few points: Keep away from politics as best you can. We all have political opinions, we all think someones screwing the response up. Making this about politics will only lead to political arguments and derail things. Keep it serious. It isn't really the time for joking now. This is officially a pandemic and is likely to get worse before it gets better. Some of us may already know people infected or those who have suffered due to containment and delay efforts. Think of them before you make light of the situation. Keep it on topic. There are plenty of threads for all kinds of discussion, not only on netweather, but across the internet. Keep this thread focused on the topic at hand.
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    Normally I would be disappointed by the failure of the tease of a deep cold easterly flow reaching the UK as advertised by GFS a few days ago, but now diving across central/ eastern Europe, given the poor winter. But cold dry air appears to perhaps aid the spread of covid-19, so the prospect of warm dry sunny conditions under high pressure sèems to be a more preferable prospect, though the jury's out whether it will have much impact, warm and humid may be better, but that kind of airmass may not be available for a while. But, here's to some warm sunny weather to lift the spirits in these dark times.
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    I want to post some thoughts on Covid 19. I don't claim to be a infecious disease expert, but I do have a medical degree and have been following it very closely daily, and have read numerous doctors studies on it, at length. I think there is far too many inaccurate and fear mongering articles out there and people need real information. So here goes - Initial reports of the mortality rate were around 3%. This was due to the virus only being apparent in those that were serious enough to require hospitalization. This obviously severely skews the figures. Over time, and looking at other countries, it is highly likely that the mortality rate is around 1%, with a fairly good probability of it being even lower, at around 0.5%, with good hospital procedures and care. It is now inevitable that the virus will spread very widely. While it is not quite as contagious as some suggest, the R0 (reproductive number) of the virus, is around 2-2.2%. This suggests a doubling time of around 5-6 days. So if the UK currently has 1,000 cases, we can expect upwards of 2,000 later next week. That 2,000 will then become 4,000 after a further week, and so on and so on. We also have to bear in mind that the official figures are likely MUCH lower than the actual figures, due to only a small portion of those infected, actually being tested. A conservative estimate is that there are currently 10,000 cases in the UK, and likely more. The virus appears to be very mild in younger people, with a mortality rate of around 0.1% in those under 50 years old (largely comparable to the flu). Children also seem to be largely unaffected with very few being infected, and those that are, being very mild cases. Where the virus does seem to be more severe is in those over 60, and especially those with pre-existing health conditions such as heart issues, diabetes, and COPD. Of these cases, approximately 10% will require hospitalization, and 5% will be critical. People over 80 years old have a 15% probability of death. I think what this shows more than anything is that the majority of the population should not fear to contract this virus. The overwhelming percentage of these will have a mild illness and fully recover. What however is important, is to practice good hygiene, not to protect ourselves, but to try and ensure that we don't pass on the virus to those who are more at risk. Many people have ridiculed the government's thoughts on 'herd immunity' and branded it 'murder'. Actually, the government are correct. Aside from a vaccine, the only way to stop the spread of a virus is for the large percentage of a population to contract it. Once enough people have become infected, it will stop the virus's ability to spread. Whilst major lockdowns seem a good idea, there are vast economic and social damages due to this. How are people supposed to make money if they are self-employed? How will businesses stay afloat? If schools are closed, who will take care of the children when they are not at school? This will place a burden on the parents, physically, and financially. Also, in light of the evidence that this virus largely seems to not affect children, what will we actually gain by doing this? The genie is out the bottle so to speak. The phase where we are able to stop the virus through simple social distancing is long over. Some will self isolate yes, but there will always be a number who don't. If everyone goes into lockdown, we will see a reduction in cases, yes, but the virus will soon reappear once things go back to normal. If you could find every single case of COVID 19 in the UK and isolate every single one, yes, this would stop the virus dead. However, this is impossible now due to the wide community spread. We don't have vaccines either so we cannot eliminate the virus through that means either. This virus is not going anywhere and will likely infect millions in the UK before it fades out, or is vaccinated. But we have to remember that it is NOT a fatal virus in the overwhelming number of the population, and is highly recoverable. Panic buying will do nothing but raise fear and cause shortages. It will also cause an increase in prices of essential everyday products, placing those that actually really need them, and can't afford them, in great hardship. Lockdowns will do nothing but damage the economy, kill businesses, and still leave us exposed to the virus once we return to our normal lives. Square one. We have to accept the virus is here and many of us will be infected by it. The only thing we can do is ensure good hygiene to mitigate spread to the elderly, and to others. Over time, enough people will acquire immunity to the virus, and it will have no way to continue spreading.
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    A jolly day on the hills with some just-melting snow. Also I saw a small flock of snow buntings, and a white hare, and heard my first golden plover of the year... Rather hoping my work will get shut down so I can get on with doing some other things but can't see it happening, money-grabbing bastards they are.
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    I know that weather is the least of most peoples worries at the moment, obviously toilet rolls come first,although I don't really understand that (!), but anyway here's where I think we stand: GFS keen on the easterly T240, ECM keen on the UK high: where it goes from there, well even if it gets to there! Who knows and all within the envelope of uncertainty. It is all going to hell in a handcart in the strat, the vortex may be going down, here T240 and T384 from stratobserve : but it is only the weather. I don't know about you but I am struggling. As someone who has mental health issues, I am probably autistic, and am anxious about what may be coming...re this virus thing. Please let's look out for one another in the next few weeks....
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    Did anyone watch Queen’s address? I thought it was poignant and some lines were powerful I also appreciated the rare personal touch, I think it will give nation a push at this crucial time. Long live the Queen!
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    Seen this nice positive message. When this ends-AND IT WILL-every football match will sell out, every restaurant will have a two hour wait,every kid will be GLAD to be in school, everyone will love their job, the £ will sky rocket,pubs will be rammed, and gigs will be plentiful and we’ll kiss embrace and shake hands. That’s gonna be a good day Hang in there, World.
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    Nice distraction from real life...
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    France is heading towards a lockdown.. Meanwhile a quarter of a million are attending Cheltenham in this country. Not good enough.
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    Really hope that Boris Johnson pulls through this for sake of his unborn child and mother to be, i might not agree with some of his political stances but these knuckleheads heads who are mocking him and saying nasty things online have no place in society & are scum of the highest order.
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    Breaking: Boris Johnson is in ‘good spirits’ after a ‘comfortable’ night at St Thomas’s hospital in London
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    Bit of an "all-or-nothing" with this possible northerly. GFS has turned winter into summer over the last 24 hours, and the latest 12Z will certainly get the roses out. Dry and increasingly warm.
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