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    Just when you think this pathetic apology of a winter couldn’t get any worse we see these charts, I know it’s in the far reaches of FI but what are the odds of these verifying above the lovely cold ones we saw a couple of runs ago!!!
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    I don't work outside but I can only imagine. as a SAD sufferer, winter would be manageable with snow and/or crisp bright days, but its been just endless rain rain rain.
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    Got some time off this week and next and eager for some (imaginary) excitement... I might throw in the words 'looking a bit more amplified' to justify my post, obvs it will change again on the next run...
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    As someone who likes more of a variety, I am now officially sick to the back of my teeth of all this rain, rain, rain. Whilst I have enjoyed the two recent storms seeing as they did at least add a little excitement to the rain, they were relatively short lived compared to all the rain we have been having, way back since late September with any dry days few and far between.
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    "Surprise auroras strike big!" exclaims Alexander Kuznetsov, who photographed the display from Kilpisjärvi, Finland. "At one point they went pink and moved very fast! I also saw a fast corona unfolding above me, reminding me of an angel."
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    So has South western Scotland, two winters so far and not a single day of laying snow between them. It's becoming very common to have a winter and no snow now.
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    Hopefully as bad as this winter has been for us coldies,it might keep the arctic cooler and for longer inti the melt season and hopefully conditions up there are kind through the melt season.
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    They are testing 100s daily and as you know only a handful of positives. One of the problems is feeling generally unwell with a temperature is not a very specific symptom
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    Some of the patients with COVID presented with sickness and diarrhoea so it is possible. There is a new study published on the subject of health care worker infections.... some snips from it. I think the final paragraph applies to what we were discussing about early lack of awareness. Coronavirus Among Medics More Widespread Than Reported, Research Shows WWW.CAIXINGLOBAL.COM China’s CDC documents more than 3,000 medical-worker cases, almost double the official total, and finds almost half of critical patients die in biggest Covid-19 study yet
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    A slight westward correction, and it'll be a lazy Sunday afternoon...Rinky dinky do, rinky dinky dido!
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    So a different evolution from the previous run, but nevertheless ends up in a similar place with tantalisingly close easterlies before very mild FI... I might as well read some tea leafs, probably more likely to support my anaemic hunt for last gasp winter...
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    Snow in some of the heaviest showers that passed over Edinburgh today.
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    If you look further up on this page he mentions it there (19 hrs ago) above one of your posts.
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    Great pics. Torrential downpours of rain and hail passing through South London now. Very gusty. Certainly lively weather this.
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    River due to peak around 2pm we shall see
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    Those kind of charts are becoming rarer and rarer in the winter months now. It cannot be denied anymore.
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    Storm Dennis, 2nd-strongest bomb cyclone on record in North... WWW.SOTT.NET Storm Dennis, the second-strongest nontropical storm on record in the North Atlantic Ocean, caused widespread flooding across parts...
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    2 goals for Chelsea both ruled out! One for a 'foul' and one for 'offside' 2-0 still to Man U
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    On this day back in the good ole days.
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    It's already turned to snow in the higher roads further west. I'll always have a soft spot for this webcam Alan from winterhighland did all the networking but I drilled the holes through the walls of the hotel, ran the cabling and fitted the camera to just under the upstairs eaves.
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    That would be the cherry on the cake - walking snow covered hills in daylight. We can but dream
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    I too am looking forward to eveings that are long enough to fit in a nice long run in the hills...'tis coming.
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    A lot depends on the behaviour of that storm across the eastern USA. Both the ECM and GFS have this around day ten . That needs to amplify to help ridging ahead to get further north . I’ve lost count though of the amount of day ten ECM ops this winter which show promise and then implode by the next morning .
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    2.8/2°C here at the moment. Precipitation a couple of hours away. Can't be late for work in the morning.....
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    Not sickly but was he working in close proximity to those infected before it was known how contagious it was?
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    I just can't see it being a 'vector' like vermin or insects and I just do not know that much about 'pet ownership' across China so as to think that they could be unwitting 'carriers' of the infection without falling sick themselves and, to my knowledge, we've heard nothing about cats/dogs falling sick from it? In a Nation of 'Pet lovers' that would be a cruel twist indeed! I had read somewhere that there is a potential that young men could become infertile if they have a bad bout of the disease? That would also be cruel for a Nation that suffered the '1 child policy'? (I'll see if I can dig up the reference!)
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    9C and wall to wall sunshine as I left the Aberdeen office this afternoon. Spring begins in under a fortnight, and 28 days later the clocks go forward. Should be enough daylight to hit the hills after work for a couple of hours. Counting the days.....
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    Exciting times when you get home to find your farm lane puddle is now an official council sponsored Flood!! All that hard work staying wet for 9 weeks has paid off.
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    Flooding at Walsall Arboretum, only saw it once before in 2007 and this time is worse.
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    6.5c to the 16th 2.7c above the 61 to 90 average 2.1c above the 81 to 10 average
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    A short break from the very unsettled weather last week
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    15 days blank, 31 for 2020, 65% Solar flux 71 Thermosphere: 3.60
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    Absolute unbelievable scenes in some parts of Wales today, hope every one stays safe tonight. Further heavy showers expected but at least the persistent rain passed but too late for some areas as seen in some of that crazy dangerous footage from today.
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    *Llinell hyrddwynt / Squall line* Roedd hi'n bwrw cenllysg yn drwm iawn o dan y llinell - It was hailing very heavily under the line Digonedd o fellt a tharanau hefyd! - And plenty of thunder and lightning to boot! Golygfa gaeafol iawn - Very wintry scene Plymodd y tymheredd o 8C i 2c - iasoer yn y gwynt!..... Temperature plummeted from 8C to 2C brrr ,,,Very chilly in the wind!!
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    It was only visible for maybe 5 mins around an hour after the main squall line passed over, I only saw it because we were outside helping a neighbour replace some lost tiles and repair his garage roof, which had been damaged. It was the first calm spell after the squall. It may have been visible over Beverley but blink and you would have missed it
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    no...... theres no correlation that i can see between a late ssw and a good/bad summer... good summer with a late ssw - 84,89,06,13. bad summers with a late ssw 04,07,08,
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    Well, it's unlikely to be any worse and if it's similar, that would be awful! I think the PDO and N Atlantic SST's are the main concerns for next year, although the PDO has recently showed signs of cooling down. However, we need to see that continue and watch for the development of a tripole in May.
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