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    Ant and Dec: You win a trip to Florida to say thank you for your hardwork for NHS, your charity work, you helped your brother recover from a brain tumour.........because.you slipped on mud and it was viewed 4 milllion times on Youtube.....WTF?!
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    Thunder snow here last night.
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    Sad news about the death of Heather Couper. An astronomer but one meteorological connection, she narrated that memorable Equinox episode "Electric Skies" back in the mid 1990s about lightning.
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    Guess who can start playing sports again after recovering from a broken collarbone!
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    A shot of the satellite image today over the Canary Islands and Morocco. It interestingly shows some dust that comes from Morocco/Western Sahara and travels over Fuerteventura and other islands. From what I saw it is called Calima, a type of dust storm.
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    While I was working in the garden, two enormous formations of grues/cranes came over. Really loud calls...
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    So, I was recording a webcam in Brazil which had a thunderstorm in a distance, and I caught this...
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    That's quite a nice storm over in Poland at the moment. Haven't seen a storm as big as that there since September! Anyway, who's excited for storm season lads?
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    Will we get to Z by the end of Smarch
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    Just realised how much better I feel for having seen snowflakes falling, yesterday...And, that it's now 17-years' since I joined netweather. How time flies!
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    Venus and crescent moon setting to the west
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    Two years ago we adopted our cat sooty and it was snowing. Today had the first snow of winter, shame no beast from the east to follow this year
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    Binge watched true blood 🩸
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    Just got a waterproof case for my new Brinno timelapse camera - now I can record timelapses of storms outside!
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    Just watched the whole of this video. Amazing. My favourite ever thunderstorm video. The person added some narrations too when the thunderstorm was rolling in. Not long now until storm season lads!
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    Winter, winter, where are you? I keep searching for you...
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    What a stinker of a cold I've got...And the cat still wants me to play with him!
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    Trash Winter........
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    I'm going out to plant my garlic.
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    Odd thing caught on my timelapse. Not in any other frame.
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    That's winter over, how was it for you?
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    Well I'm signed off work until Wednesday with a throat infection - no it's not Coronavirus! I woke up with a raging sore throat in the middle of the night and could hardly swallow this morning. I have a batch load of meds including a steroid, painkillers and a linctus (which is ultra disgusting). I rang work immediately this morning because my main concern was passing it on to the vulnerable people I work with and my doctor agreed. Bizarre, only a slight rise in temperature but he said my throat was really, really red sore. I hate mild winters and the associated bugs but I'd still rather no snow...
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    Today is this year backwards 02/02/2020
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    It's almost Smarch and still no snow
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