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  2. Possibly - but at any time of year strong red colours in that area would indicate blocking, whether its June or December. I doubt that it flicking into June would have that effect, but I’m not sure.
  3. Would you be looking for just the annual CET or a set of monthly forecasts? There is a thread on the forum that collects those predictions but it's not in contest format. If you were thinking of just the annual CET then we could add it to the January forecasts and you could set up your spreadsheet then. If you wanted to make it all twelve months with the annual average then I would suggest a separate thread from these contests, J10 and myself would probably prefer not to have to hunt through long posts to find our contest material. So in summary, if it's just a once a year annual CET forecast, that could go into this format (and you would track it), if it's more complex, set up your own thread, I suppose you could start it any time of year but it seems logical to tie it to a calendar year and not have people continuously updating strings of forecasts which means a December time frame and early January cutoff.
  4. I think this could be just because it's gone over month end. I'm sure I recall someone saying on here in winter that the anomalies (colours) are against monthly average values, so the latter two charts against June, the first against May.
  5. They could not predict a pint in a pub. None of ofthem.Including the publicly funded Met Office. Useless and perhaps more useless than 10 years ago.
  6. Hi Callum, No, you're fine. I've checked on the Odds comparison website Oddschecker and that eventuality, is 40/1. See link below: https://www.oddschecker.com/cricket/world-cup/world-cup-2019/straight-forecast I'll enter your prediction, into my Competition folder. Your "virtual" Stake for that prediction will be £2. Thank you. Regards, Tom.
  7. When using the 61-90 averages.. I wasn’t around during that time, but during my lifetime so far this has definitely been a chillier than normal spring apart from a couple warmer spells, constant northern blocking...
  8. Today
  9. Reading between the lines of what the cfs is showing for June plus other latest update from you know who... I'm not seeing a bad first month of summer, it looks average with a mixture of ridging / high pressure and showery disturbances (troughs) so something for everyone really with plenty of fine warm weather and some heavy, thundery showers so not a heatwave drought but no cool washout either!!
  10. Hi @TomSE12 as I mentioned before I dont have a clue how this tournament will work so if those are not possible matchups in the final just tell me and I will correct it NAME THE EXACT FINISHING ORDER: 1st.AUSTRALIA 2nd. PAKISTAN
  11. Temperatures were over 1C above average for both March and April.
  12. What do you expect an entire month to be nice in the UK? It doesn't work that way. Not even in the sub tropical south. I give a reprisal of the weather and its been ok.. not amazing. But this is the UK. May coulda been a lot worse.. and often is.
  13. It’s only become decent in recent days. Last week was sunny and clear, but before that the weather was cool and cloudy for long periods. Hopefully we have seen an end of that until late September.
  14. Looking into FI the cfs shows the uk in warm front sector on the big day..surprise surprise!
  15. Some posts have been hidden/edited. Any more issues please report them to the team, Do not air them in here as folk log on to read constructive posts. Thankyou please continue
  16. The cfs 0z for the month of June into early July indicates a decent amount of ridging / high pressure mixed with occasional showery troughs, however, late June / early July has a stronger anticyclonic signal currently!
  17. we are currently overnighting in Topeka and plan to be leaving around 9.30am US time. we will be heading southish.
  18. I’ve noticed that too. Northern Blocking doesn’t look half as strong as it did previously
  19. Its another pleasant day here. Its far from cold by any means partly cloudy skies.I actually don't think this May as been that bad what so-ever.
  20. Something to keep an eye on: Day 6 cluster: Day 10 cluster: Day 15 cluster: Notice how the very strong reds and oranges indicative of Greenland/northern blocking are starting to ease. 2 of the clusters show a build of Scandi heights too....so worth watching out for.
  21. Always decides to cloud over on my day off, still feeling warm at 17c with light winds and humidity of 54%... hopefully sun comes out again soon
  22. I'm hopeful the GEFS is on the right track with increasing potential for high pressure and warmth beyond the upcoming cooler unsettled spell which may turn out to be no more than a blip and mainly for the north as the 6z operational shows!!.
  23. The GEFS 6z mean improves significantly over time as the previous runs with some support for a warmer anticyclonic early June period or perhaps even something very warm, humid, continental and thundery..or both!!
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