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  2. Good post Mike, I did mention earlier that I thought the 0z ECM was perhaps closer to the mark regarding high pressure, and this is what I felt all along, perhaps high pressure ridging in more than some folk are expecting. This so called showery spell we are supposed to be in right now as brought no measurable rainfall here at all... Like you say, I think things are looking up.
  3. A great few hours entertainment and all for good causes McEnroe hasn't lost it
  4. For a while the Gem 12z improves with pleasant surface conditions thanks to the azores ridge! Mike beat me to it..not that it's a race or anything!!
  5. Possibly, depending on cloud-cover, somewhere might even better the mid-20s, on Sunday? Roll on Julie!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. To complete the round up as at T144 here is GEM: and GFS, and jet stream: We seem to have gone from uncertainty about everything to a cross model consensus since I was posting last night. Roll on summer...
  7. Aye, feels a bit soon for this event, 6 weeks tomorrow until the championships start on court now, McEnroe/Clijsters v Murray/Navratilova
  8. Spot on today for convective suggestions, right on the button with the forecasted area.
  9. And support from the UKMO at T144, the bank holiday weekend now looking anything but a washout for many, quite the opposite, here: 0z T144 for comparison but note 12 hrs earlier: Spot the difference over Southern Greenland as well?
  10. Another C-G from an earlier storm yesterday!
  11. Here is a quick un-edited picture from a funnel that formed right at the end of yesterday's chase, backlit by a C-G. Never touched down but a chunky wall cloud nonetheless!
  12. We may have to hit the ground running on tour 3. Hopefully be able to get a bonus chase in on Tuesday if possible with most of the guests arrived on the Monday. Denver not too badly situated
  13. Today
  14. ICON 12z with a big shift towards a ridge that encompasses the UK at T144: Compare with 0z at same time: Will be interesting to see if this is replicated on the UKMO and the other models later. ICON T180 end of the run: Summer watch begins....
  15. Arnie Pie


    Thats something which is a major topic down at the Scrumpy club.....will we be able to tell the off-spring of Joey
  16. A few spots of rain during the afternoon otherwise dry with light winds Max temp 15.9C, now 14.2C, Barometer 1011,b steady, Wind F1 ESE, Rainfall Trace
  17. Boom there it is Karl... I told you we would get our Spanish plume, sooner or later....
  18. Chased near Enid Oklahoma Sorry todays briefing slipped into this post but never mind
  19. We're in the standard dry slot. Still sat out listening to TMS, but its not very nice. Much darker to the West and South West.
  20. Been under the ever expanding area of rain for the last 3 hours, although never under the very heaviest bits. This is great for giving all the plants a drink anyway. Temperatures dropped a fair bit to, down to 14.7 °C.
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