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  2. Off to see New Zealand's finest at the 1865 in Southampton, 2 weeks tomorrow. Doubt that she'll be in her pants at this time of year.
  3. Holy moly, one super foggy dog walk on the tops this lunchtime and fogging cold too. Ou est cette heatwavey ting then?
  4. Easy. I'm 42 and I'm well young.
  5. I am sure that many many on here, and I absolutely include myself in that, do indeed get a buzz from seeing cold charts in the forecasts. No matter how far away. GFS +384, ECM +240, teleconnections, ensembles etc. Us watching for trends, patterns, signals, Trying to second guess cause and effect of every minute change in the atmosphere from run to run. All in a massive 3d world from the top of the stratosphere to the pavements outside our houses. That is all part and parcel of this mad annual winter ritual of ours. Personally, I would just find it incredibly boring if all the charts only went up to 3 or 5 days Most here are plenty long enough in the tooth to know that those faraway charts eye candy charts have many hoops to jump and many hurdles to clear before making it into the more reliable time frame (and even then will most probably go wrong).. But if it ties in with the 'background signals' (no matter how tentatively sometimes ), then yes, absolutely, that's what it's all about! I see no reason why good cheer, hope and optimism should be curtailed in those instances. In the same way nor should the perennial pessimists and pragmitists amongst us, who arrive like clockwork to pour hot water on those hopes and dreams (as long as not trolling of course). Each to their own in life, but for me it's always been all about the chase...
  6. Those images are from the 20th November in different years, well before it freezes over completely.
  7. Yep but people always complain about something. Its likely to be the older generations 40 plus Long gone are the days of Mary Whitehouse and Brookside kisses but some people never move on.
  8. Strictly Come Dancing's first same-sex routine sparks almost 200 complaints | Television & radio | The Guardian WWW.THEGUARDIAN.COM The groundbreaking performance on the BBC ballroom smash has garnered 189 complaints for being ‘offensive’ It's a show about dancing.
  9. At least it would be dry. An Atlantic dominated, barrelling low pressure systems with endless cold rain is even more disgusting.
  10. Yes, disgustingly mild for the time of year if it came off, but I'd take foggy mornings and sunny afternoons over just leaden skies / mild drizzle. Not for too long though...
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  12. What a disgusting winter chart although would be sunny and foggy mornings I assume.. Look how far south the winds are sourced somewhere in Africa!! Glad it's the last frame of the GFS and deep deep FI
  13. nearly p1553d myself!!! a huge red and orange angry snow bomb!!!
  14. I don’t get it either, sometimes it feels like people get a buzz out of seeing cold charts regardless of whether they actually verify or not. i couldn’t care less what some chart shows in 7-10 days, I want to see white stuff outside!
  15. GFS does show heights trying to push towards the N and W around +240 hours Nothing quite happens though and whilst cold uppers wouldn't be too far away, by +288 the heights collapse in over and just go on to form part of a ugly looking Euro 'slug' (though this is deep into the run) So still some interest in regards to those heights but nothing looks too exciting to me this morning GEFS 6z ensembles are just a traditional mix match of endless possibilities and cannot possibly be analysed with any confidence, though only a small amount go real cold Only nice little addition this morning is a decent run by the GEM which has that area of HP to our west lying in a very favourable position to pull down some more potent Notherly winds back end of next week - in fact the heights then stick around for a good few days too Not sure if I have much faith in the GEM though.
  16. Those swingometers are needed..Although they'll malfunction at this rate.
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