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  2. Decent - but all downhill after that im afraid - only weak signals though.
  3. Still a long way away from getting potent cold but at least we are starting to get towards a position by where if a suite does tend to favour a good 500mb setup, the 850's are getting towards potential pipe-bursting territory for the first time this year.
  4. does any one have the ECM 46 for today I am sure now it would take us to mid January and I wondered what it was showing for that time thank you
  5. Heavy rain during Thursday afternoon has cleared away to leave it dry and cold with mostly clear skies Temp 2.3c
  6. Yesterday
  7. ECM 12z ensemble clusters at T240, and T360: Does look like a strong signal for probably weak heights to the north T240, all a bit in the mix by T360, but I think that's beyond the range of predictability given very unusual synoptics (in my view).
  8. Wow don’t think I’ve ever seen a chart like that . A big murr sausage.
  9. The control has been turning up some half decent runs around and after Christmas, fingers crossed that it switches with the operational run tomorrow. Goes to show that there's still a chance of a White Christmas! Easterly there at the end of the run too.
  10. There is going to be more colder ens into the Christmas period looking at the ens charts,they will be due out very soon. edit:yes there is.
  11. The control run could be epic towards the Christmas period with heights building in the Atlantic and just as i mentioned it.... this chart for Christmas day but the colder uppers arrive later.
  12. Looks promising, especially with some moderate elevation. Even if it doesn't settle, I'd imagine plenty will see some falling snow at some point over the weekend.
  13. Cheltenham 1.55 - Parlour Maid 2.30 - Dandy Dan 3.05 - Easysland & Ballyboker Bridge 3.40 - Champers On Ice Bangor-on-Dee 2.10 Victory Echo
  14. The trough is disrupting SE on the control run at 180 and a fair few others doing the same for example,look at this beauty P7
  15. Very difficult....almost one to report to police. No excuse these days most cars have aircon...
  16. If @ 192 the next low doesn't just run NE but disrupts SE or splits its would have been a very a good run.
  17. Not posted for a while, how.is everyone?, im hoping for some seasonal cheer from the models soon, had enough of this rain malarkey
  18. That’s a massive swing to Scandi high and hopefully blue colours on the map
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