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  2. dosen't look as good to me, still good though away from the NW, a chart more typical of August, than early June
  3. Every day, summer's getting closer; going faster than a rollercoaster, come what may...
  4. ECM 12z out to T144, and summer is arriving. Properly. When the models start to flock together in favour of an outcome to the extent of today, they rarely backtrack. The corollary of this of course is that often seen in winter when the models back away from a cold solution and no way do they come back!
  5. ECM is looking like it's gonna be on the money out to day 6.....in the name of greace lightning..... Summer loving had me a blast.... Summer loving its happening so fast...
  6. Longer term the GEFS 12z mean is fantastic..waves goodbye..actually sticks 2 fingers up at the green snot as it departs for greenland!!!
  7. Regular posters are aware of inherent problems with the FV3, I don't know if the issues have been resolved yet but anyway it's light hearted mockery of this model which I'm sure it doesn't mind since it's not human!... no complaints about the 12z though..it's a cracker!
  8. Amazing that It was described as crap this morning (not by you) when it didn't show what some people wanted what a fickle bunch some are
  9. Today
  10. For a while the Gem 12z is sensational, mid to high 20's celsius and gorgeous plentiful sunshine under big high pressure to the E / SE importing hot continental air into the uk..hopefully setting up a rinse and repeat beyond day 10..what a start to summer this could be!
  11. Wowzer just look how close +16uppers are getting to our shores!! This as the potential to melt the tarmac... May improve the potholes....
  12. Gfs12z seems to have a downgrade on the temps for NW and Scotland with the heat confined only to the South only while Northern and Western England continue to eagerly await decent heat. This is normal for late August never mind early June. .
  13. Wow! Looking like a proper spell of settled anticyclonic weather is on its way, that low pressure west of Biscay would pump some seriously warm air our way! I bloody love synoptics like this in June!
  14. Went out at 5.30 am this morning to scrape up spilt dung in front of steading after mucking out a fold yesterday. Nice and cool and dry Went to local farm sale this morning after finishing scraping at 9.30 am. Stayed dry till midday. Actually we are not in dire need of more rain just now but it culd be dry later in the summer and so we might be grateful for this weekends. Was not going to do scraping this afternoon in the rain we currently have Currently 9c.
  15. Another bust on the rain again today. 20 minutes of spitting isn't going to so anything for soil moisture levels. Maybe a better fall overnight?
  16. FV3's fine: still plenty of sunshine and feeling much more comfortable: PS: Great model!
  17. The ukmo 12h starts to improve from next wednesday but then really accelerates towards a return of summery weather further south by friday..I would expect things to just continue improving thereafter with temperatures next weekend into the mid 20's celsius across southern uk!
  18. A warm and sunny morning and early afternoon but from 1230 g.m.t onwards it became cloudy and the cloud was thick enough to produce a few outbreaks of light rain between 1500 and 1630 g.m.t. At 1700 g.m.t Temp; 15.4c Max today; 19.0c Min last night; 9.6c Grass min; 7.6c Rainfall from 0800-1700 g.m.t; Trace Sunshine today; 7.95 hrs Mean wind speed; 11 mph W Highest gust today; 35 mph NW at 0040 g.m.t 8 oktas As Vis; 80 km.
  19. Yes the plume is holding on each run.. And perfect time of year to have one too !
  20. Clear again now after some clouds around this afternoon, felt warm out again today! Max - 21.7°C Min - 10.4°C Current - 19.7°C
  21. To misquote Enter The Dragon: a plume of extwaordinawy pwoportions! Hopefully the first of many potentially very-thundery, transient 'breakdowns'!
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