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    Lightning earlier about 7 cloud to cloud. Frozen stuff on the windscreen, icy. Told people we will wake up to some snow, so hopefully this is the case, It doesn,t look to be much, if anything.
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  4. Looking good here. This is Grantown. At home, still just frozen slush.
  5. Wales/Cymru Regional Weather Discussion

    Went from freezing with temps below -1.7 c and then just rain ' still cold though .
  6. February 2005 - return of the easterly!

    It was 28 January 2004. A couple of frontal systems moved southwards in the northerly flow overnight 27th/28th and brought snow to many areas. In Lancaster, where I was, they only brought a mix of rain and sleet, due to a pool of milder air embedded in the flow that came from west of Iceland, but I remember looking at some webcams and seeing lying snow on the Manchester city centre webcam that morning. There was then a marked snow squall that came down from the north later that day, which produced widespread thundersnow in central southern England in particular. On the 29th less cold air spread from the west and brought a thaw. There was a brief north-westerly on 7 February 2004 but I doubt it would have brought snow showers as far south as London. There was then a more significant northerly spell at the end of February (25th-29th) which brought widespread snow showers, which would have got as far south as London, so it could have been that. 2003/04 was the most recent example of a slightly colder than average winter in Svalbard and the Russian Arctic which meant that although most of the winter was mild and westerly dominated, when we did get northerlies they were pretty potent. There had also been a northerly on 21/22 December 2003 that brought snow showers, locally accompanied by thunder, to many counties bordering the North Sea on the intervening night, and at Cleadon in Tyne and Wear I observed lightning and muffled thunder from a cell just off the coast. The 2004/05 winter, which led into the February 2005 easterly, marked the step-change to anomalous winter warmth in that region.
  7. Just a quick update for this locale, the minor accumulation earlier partially melted and then froze over to a crispy hard slush but various top-up showers after dark have brought the accumulation back up to maybe half an inch. Can't get an accurate depth due to recovering from surgery on Tuesday but will be back out to play soon hopefully
  8. If you're uploading from an I-phone then I'd you choose what photo you want to upload and take a screenshot of the photo on your phone and then upload the screenshot. That works for me, original photo will never upload but as soon as I screenshot the same photo then the screenshot will upload no bother
  9. Heavy hail here left a decent covering, almost winter wonderland scenes.
  10. Almost reached freezing not long ago with the temperature dropping to 0.1°C but it quickly went up to 0.8°C after that.
  11. Temp hit 0.0°C again, before going back up. The record is still on!
  12. That was an interesting walk back from the pub! First wintery mix of this season now very icy as I found out! Ooch! Be careful in the morning folks.
  13. February 2005 - return of the easterly!

    Are you thinking of the snow event on the evening of the 18th Nov 04? If so I posted a topic concerning it further down in the Historic thread if you're interested. As for your second question I remember there been a quite snowy day with a bit of a blizzard towards the end in late Jan 04. This was followed by a freezing night, but it didn't last too long and started thawing the next day. It got cold again after though I think as I went on a 2 night trip to London and there was snow showers there (didn't settle though). After I got back here it still felt bitter, but the snow had long gone and it soon got milder again I believe. Anyway that's how I remember it at least.
  14. Think we are down to -2 now but very dry. After the last couple of balmy nights I’d forgooton how that north east wind bites.... bre.
  15. Daily Report At Pollard's Hill, Surrey Recordings Taken At Midnight: Current Conditions: Clear Current Temp: 2.0°C Barometer Reading: 1013mb (Rising) Humidity: 39% Past 24 Hours Recordings: Friday 24th November 2017: Max Temp: 9.4°C Min Temp: 1.4°C Rainfall: Nil November 2017 Stats: Temperature: Max Temp Avg: 12.28°C Min Temp Avg: 5.12°C Mean Temp Avg: 8.7°C Highest Daytime Max Temp: 16.4°C on the 1st Lowest Daytime Max Temp: 7.9°C on the 13th Highest Night Min Temp: 12.6°C on the 22nd Lowest Night Min Temp: 0.5°C on the 6th Rainfall: Highest 24 Hours Rainfall: 9.4mm on the 11th Total November Rainfall: 31.1mm Pressure: Barometer High 1028mb on the 16th Barometer Low: 987mb on the 23rd Yearly 2017 Stats: Temperature: Highest Daytime Max Temp: 33.0°C on 21st June Lowest Daytime Max Temp: 0.8°C on 26th January Highest Night Min Temp: 18.7°C on 19th June Lowest Night Min Temp: -3.6°C on 23rd January Rainfall: Highest 24 Hours Rainfall: 36.9mm on 9th August Total Year Rainfall: 502.4mm Driest Month: 2.1mm...April Wettest Month: 93.2mm...July Pressure: Barometer High: 1038mb on 17th January Barometer Low: 985mb on 27th February
  16. Well tonight is very cold here and the bird and hedgehog water was freezing up. Came upstairs and my partner looked out the window and called me over as he was convinced it had snowed. So I went over in disbelief, and tried to convince him it was just ice and I had just been out of the house the other side. Yet the windscreens all have what l like a covering of snow, with gaps where its slid down. So I decide its time to pop back in to Netweather and have a catch up. Looked back at the radar and nothing.. But then at 9.50 (I think) it shows a blob of freezing rain right over our town.. Hello winter 😊
  17. Dry cold and frosty Temp -0.5c
  18. Yesterday
  19. Wet flakes of sleet now mixed into recent shower.
  20. A very cold day here, top temp of 0c and as soon as the sun went down the temp quickly began to fall. currently -2c and more snow showers predicted for the coming days. brilliant end to Autumn and I hope just a prelude to what winter will bring.
  21. Spoke too soon. Sudden drop to 0.3°C. Maybe it will make it...
  22. Nice to see a wee bit of lying snow in Kinross this evening (has Kinross ever been mentioned as much in a single day on the forum before?). Just arrived home to a snow shower that was starting to settle but came to nothing in the end. Nice to see though!
  23. Huge 50p flakes... not going to lay though night all hope peeps wake to a white snowy morning....
  24. As does the GEFS 18z - starting to think this third push of cold will be the one that might bring the snowfall .............
  25. Snowing here now.... but wet still.... 0c....
  26. Been hovering between 0.8°C and 1.2°C for the last couple of hours here so at the moment it doesn't look like reaching freezing but it's still the coldest night so far.
  27. February 2005 - return of the easterly!

    A couple of questions relating to this era... Firstly whilst I remember 2004-05 as being generally mild, I can recall a very cold Saturday in the North West fairly early on in the winter (definitely before Christmas). The winds were northerly I seem to remember, but I don't think we had any snow. Anyone remember this and have a date? Going back a year, does anyone remember the cold/snowy spell in January 2004? Here in Manchester we actually got hit fairly hard on the snow front and not just on the 'Pennine side' of town, which makes a change - some schools were closed. Does anyone remember this and again a date please? Also was this Jan '04 cold snap from the north or from the east? I do remember it getting quite a lot of media attention in the run up, perhaps because winter 03/04 hadn't been particularly cold or snowy up to that point.
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