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  2. It was a lucky capture, BL, although have spent (wasted ) a fair bit of time peering through the kitchen window today. The bird It was a lucky capture, BL, although I have spent (wasted ) a fair bit of time peering through the kitchen window today. The bird was sitting/observing directly above the hedge where dunnocks, which are regular hosts to cuckoos, are nesting.
  3. Yh Netweather Tours would have passed you going back into Dallas - Eeek
  4. I also say I have a bit of a poor cold tolerance, but cope with warmer conditions than most on the other hand, so the UK really isn't the best climate for me! I still find snowy weather interesting though, so I still like at least one proper snowfall in winter, as long as it isn't all winter. Last winter where I live had no snow at all virtually, probably less than 1cm which even I'd say is pathetically bad. I may talk up warm weather a lot but not to annoy anybody, more like because only a few days a year are approaching my favourite kind of summer weather. I don't like droughts either, my ideal set up is a thundery southerly set up with low pressure to the west and convective rainfall being regular.
  5. Another good day for upgrades folks, just having a look at the CFS 6z run deeper into June, and again it's an absolute blinder... Here are some highlights..
  6. 764 spots of rain here, and that's as good as it gets, oh well.. Meanwhile it's 17.3°C and overcast with the darker clouds to the north of us..
  7. Fine light drizzle here but not even enough to dampen the grass, so i cut it! Off for a bike ride now before that shower in the New Forest reaches here. Felt humid all afternoon though with RH in the upper 80% and a cloudy max of 19.3.
  8. A cloudy morning and early afternoon with light rain. Becoming brighter from 1300 g.m.t with sunny spells and a fresh NW breeze. At 1700 g.m.t Temp; 12.8c Max today; 16.4c Min last night; 12.0c Grass min; 10.4c Rainfall from 0800-1700 g.m.t; 2.1 mm Sunshine today so far; 2.35 hrs Mean wind speed; 23 mph NW Highest gust today; 43 mph W at 0747 g.m.t 4 oktas Cu humilis, Sc and Ac Vis; over 80 km.
  9. That’s why the flights are quite bumpy over that area when flying to Spain. The Pyrenees is usually turbulent. I bet the storms are scary in that region.
  10. I'm not going to pay too much attention to the way the FV3 ends...I just hope it hasn't latched-on to a new trend!
  11. Quite a strong signal tonight from the GEFS, here at T192 and T312: First for a suggestion of a break after the first time the high pressure takes hold over the UK later next week, and later the strong suggestion that a train of high pressures affecting at least the south might be the form horse. it's my form horse
  12. I agree.my tolerance is low but that is due to my job,8hrs plus in a non ventilated room at 35c plus,90 percent humid plus is a norm. The hotter the weather the more i suffer work wise. Sorry i could have put it better,i apologies. But what that does mean is that what is cold for most folk is still shorts and T shirt weather for me! Worked this whole winter in shorts due to the mild conditions. I don't ramp up the winter weather also,i know and fully understand that many hate the cold,it can be very difficult for so many,just as prolonged heat can be. Sorry if i've offended in any way,not my intention at all.
  13. Managed 2.7 hours of sunshine here and it stayed dry. Temp reached 18.4°C. Currently 16.7°C and feeling a bit muggy.
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  15. Because it is localised. No issues for the majority of the country. Your constant guilt tripping is not going to affect the weather or climate, so let's cut out the the little digs, yes?
  16. Rain? What rain? About enough to dampen the flag stones and immediately evaporate, certainly not enough to penetrate the gauge. Heading for a very dry May.
  17. Grey skies all day with a bit of drizzle in the past hour, however it is starting to brighten up now. A high of 18.9°C @ 13:51 Currently 15.8°C
  18. Oh dear, the FV3 at T+276 is, shall we say, a tad disappointing...Though it is a crap model!
  19. And a smiley and a wink from the jet stream too,,,I'm in a seeing pictures in things mood today!....portends well, to use a phrase, Hello summer...
  20. Stoke City have sacked Saido Berahino https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11701/11728924/stoke-sack-saido-berahino
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