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  2. get up early a few times and enjoy them whilst you can..you are a long time dead
  3. Yes, warmer than average temperatures gathering momentum!
  4. Light rain during Saturday afternoon and early evening has cleared away to leave it dry and cloudy with a strengthening breeze Temp 13.8c
  5. I don't think I've seen one like this before.. All academic of course.. More CAPE than Batman and Superman put together.
  6. And one last one from me too! GFS 18z at T192: Got reload and then some written all over it...welcome to summer!
  7. One last one from me shows the heat getting closer, just look at the uppers to our South.... If this comes off... Then we can all shout.... Mother!!!!!! It turned out nice again...,
  8. Guess I’m one of the lucky ones. If it’s very warm, I sleep uncovered and with the windows open. But it really has to be 17c+ at night for me to open windows. I’ve never had a problem with heat whatsoever. It makes me laugh when I see fellow Brit’s calling 21c ‘hot’. . It’s so funny. Truly hot for me isn’t until 33-34c + I can understand why some find it uncomfortable though. I am very slim which helps
  9. I feel like I'm on winter watch here Karl... Just willing this plume to get further North and to get others in on the action.... Hopefully we will be able to get you out in your deckchair mate... Just as we enter the 1st day of summer... The plume is poised, quite far North as well..... Come on you beauty.
  10. Cold pool retreating..good to see but you wouldn't catch me saying that in winter!!
  11. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/48398640 Gateshead have been suspended from the National League and refused a licence for next season. The fifth-tier club have breached the league's rules on financial reporting and permitted loans, as well as defaulting on football creditors. At a disciplinary hearing The Heed were found guilty of failing to obtain security of tenure over their ground. The club have also been fined £3,500 and docked nine points from this season meaning they drop from ninth to 17th. It is not yet clear how the league will be re-organised, although Gateshead can appeal to the Football Association over the suspension. If the club appeal and are unsuccessful, they face the prospect of a drop of at least two divisions, with the sanction also applying to the National League North - the tier below.
  12. Today
  13. Going to get some zzzz's soon, but it is interesting that the GFS 18z is even at the early part of the run, going for the settled warm route with power to add: T120, compared with T126 from the 12z run:
  14. Yep it's great, until its time to try and sleep in it, then it becomes an absolute nightmare, and this is coming from someone who ramps it up.
  15. Yes, good old Truro, play at Plymouth I think now?
  16. Models look like they could be onto something at 180-220 hrs out. The 12z GFS would be an absolute storm fest with potential for supercells! But it’ll probably sadly change. You’ve got backed light S-SE winds, tonnes of CAPE and LI with a decent jet stream above with WSW winds, a marked change in wind speed and direction aloft, which is the ingredient to get rotation. A June 28th 2012 day repeated would be amazing, or the 28th July 2005. Days like them are normally at least a 1 in 10-15 year episode though.
  17. Just love seeing these charts. June is my favourite month. I am a extreme heat lover but June trumps the lot for its long days and blissful evenings. There’s nothing better than 25c+ and low wind on a June evening. Looks a very promising start for the Summer. Really really hoping for a 2018 repeat.
  18. A pleasant summer day in late spring - dry with sunny spells and unexpectedly warm. Maximum 22.8, minimum 14.3. Wind light W.
  19. Well I think ramping gets out of hand for both sides but it's more understandable for coldies since southern england can go years without lying snow so most ppl become desperate. Just saying that warm weather lovers have it better.
  20. Nice try. But you as well as I know that in the US Winter temps are far colder than UK Winters. So that article isn't a good comparison. Just to add more clarity: In the US most public places & homes have air conditioning so they can cool down more easily in Summer. So yes any wonder deaths are lower as a consequence of this.
  21. Dry as a bone down here and has been for ages. Watered the lawn today!
  22. I am surprised that considering it is still so early in the season and a month away from the equinox, that we have hit a UV of 9 Just! I really think weather organisations should research into giving a better UV index forecast. Met office today said a UV of 6 and in a couple of places 7, Accuweather only gave a UV of 6 in these areas and the BBC was by far the worst with just their moderate UV forecast. I'm sure many people have been caught out in the sun today as it wasn't too hot and the UV levels seen were on par with Cyprus!
  23. Evening all, Listed below, are the "virtual" returns for each Entrant, from this afternoon's Racing: V/W TOTAL ANTONYBR7: 33.07 BRISTLE BOY: 12.68 JENNYJANE: 66.26 KIRKCALDY WEATHER: 51.50 LASSIE23: 16.94 SUMMER SUN: 29.47 TOMSE12: 65.29 In the morning, I will post up details of any "virtual" monies running on to the 1,000 Guineas, from the 2,000 Guineas, in the IRISH GUINEAS Doubles and which Entrant's Doubles, are still "live". Regards, Tom.
  24. At least we will not have to have to encounter their fans.It also probably means a reprieve for Truro. We thought we had avoided a 333 mile round trip this season but perhaps not after all. Truro have lost their "local" derby with WSM if they don't go down and their nearest opponents will then be Weymouth
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