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  2. The gfs starts intensifying the upper low quite early in the piece leading to sme pretty grim surface conditions by midweek. I say no more until the ecm is out
  3. Aye, 2 songs huge on the 'new' Atlantic 252 in 2000-2001
  4. Despite the tabloid stories, the weather isn't going to be either a total washout or a heatwave during the long weekend. Watch Jo's latest video for the details. Watch the video here
  5. Looking at the ukmo 12h @ T+144 hours, unsettled and cool but it's the north that bears the brunt, perhaps not so bad in the south but now I'm polishing a..
  6. Some early rain then dry with sunny spells and very mild again. Max temp 18.8C, now 17.2C, Barometer 1018mb falling slowly, Wind f2 SW, Rainfall Trace
  7. My point was it's the lesser of two evils, the mean suggests the azores ridge has a better chance of building in with the trough clearing quicker...hope that's the case!
  8. Worth a quick look at tonight as low pressure over southern Norway and associated occlusions continue to bring persistent rain to northern Scotland which may just effect the far NE by dawn. Perhaps too some light showery rain over N. Ireland and northern England associated with warm front, or even remnants of the upper front. And perhaps cloud and some light rain into the far south west by dawn
  9. Broadly tell the same story though low to the east height s to the south west winds from the west / north west - normal service for early June and very different from last year !
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  11. It has been a very poor May for storms so far, and no real promise in the near future either. I saw a storm back on April 25th but that was not at home. As a storm chaser I normally find May to be a good month, not this year. One hope is that the poor spring for storms can be balanced by a good summer. I have also made a promise to myself that should Estofex give out a level 3 for anywhere in Europe this summer then I will book last minute flights to be there.
  12. Taking a look at the icon 12z run shows some more fine conditions for the next few days, we see a gradual decline in conditions by the bank holiday, but I'm feeling more optimistic of heights gaining a foothold again as we move deeper into next week... Not bad... Especially for more Southern parts of the U.k.
  13. Really is starting to get tedious now. I’ve not even properly seen any lightning at all this year. I’ve only heard a few distant rumbles, and June is only two weeks away! Every year seems to get worse, I swear. At least back in the day with a cyclonic northwesterly setup, you would’ve at least seen a decent daytime storm around these parts at this time of year. Not anymore it seems!
  14. Been some cold nights this month,looks to me going by ECM a cold end to this month so below averge in the 10`s.
  15. Ah I was thinking of tallying the monthly contests and seeing who comes out on top at the end of the year. Looking back at the April CET thread, it seems J10 has been keeping track of the monthly predictions however?
  16. You must give them some credence, because the other day you posted on the model forum to say how bad the met office update is and how a large chunk of summer will be over come mid June!!
  17. Possibly - but at any time of year strong red colours in that area would indicate blocking, whether its June or December. I doubt that it flicking into June would have that effect, but I’m not sure.
  18. Would you be looking for just the annual CET or a set of monthly forecasts? There is a thread on the forum that collects those predictions but it's not in contest format. If you were thinking of just the annual CET then we could add it to the January forecasts and you could set up your spreadsheet then. If you wanted to make it all twelve months with the annual average then I would suggest a separate thread from these contests, J10 and myself would probably prefer not to have to hunt through long posts to find our contest material. So in summary, if it's just a once a year annual CET forecast, that could go into this format (and you would track it), if it's more complex, set up your own thread, I suppose you could start it any time of year but it seems logical to tie it to a calendar year and not have people continuously updating strings of forecasts which means a December time frame and early January cutoff.
  19. I think this could be just because it's gone over month end. I'm sure I recall someone saying on here in winter that the anomalies (colours) are against monthly average values, so the latter two charts against June, the first against May.
  20. They could not predict a pint in a pub. None of ofthem.Including the publicly funded Met Office. Useless and perhaps more useless than 10 years ago.
  21. Hi Callum, No, you're fine. I've checked on the Odds comparison website Oddschecker and that eventuality, is 40/1. See link below: https://www.oddschecker.com/cricket/world-cup/world-cup-2019/straight-forecast I'll enter your prediction, into my Competition folder. Your "virtual" Stake for that prediction will be £2. Thank you. Regards, Tom.
  22. When using the 61-90 averages.. I wasn’t around during that time, but during my lifetime so far this has definitely been a chillier than normal spring apart from a couple warmer spells, constant northern blocking...
  23. Reading between the lines of what the cfs is showing for June plus other latest update from you know who... I'm not seeing a bad first month of summer, it looks average with a mixture of ridging / high pressure and showery disturbances (troughs) so something for everyone really with plenty of fine warm weather and some heavy, thundery showers so not a heatwave drought but no cool washout either!!
  24. Hi @TomSE12 as I mentioned before I dont have a clue how this tournament will work so if those are not possible matchups in the final just tell me and I will correct it NAME THE EXACT FINISHING ORDER: 1st.AUSTRALIA 2nd. PAKISTAN
  25. Temperatures were over 1C above average for both March and April.
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