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  2. Well in recent times Jan 2007 was pretty close to the all time record at 7.0. The following year in 2008 saw another notably mild January as well. I get the feeling that given the upcoming anticyclonic spell which will likely be cool enough to drag the CET down into the 6s, so I would say that it is now looking less likely that this month will make it to the 1916 level of 7.5, but we could well end up with a month to rival the more recent notably mild Januarys in 2007 and 2008.
  3. Not convinced a lot of this happened today , apart from the odd shower skirting the NE edges of the Scottish mainland, it's not likely to show showers clearing SE towards the Norfolk coast..
  4. Like most things it's a suggested forecast, and depends on a lot of specifics..(oh and a lot of actuals!)
  5. Given how we are still staring down the warm weather barrel this month, we must be in with a chance of breaking this one..
  6. Well the snow below about 600 meters has almost gone - few patches knocking about. Quite pleasant today but a real chill in the air now. Lovely Winter’s day. Same again tomorrow then back to grey drizzly pish with 8c day and night for the week ahead here! Enjoy the rest of yer weekend and let’s all pray (snow lovers) that we see a widespread lowland snowfall event soon!
  7. A combination of two lows from earlier in the week (as I posted), it's exit point wasn't clear, so good ol Newfoundland caught the lot....
  8. Jethro, worth checking on the local council website to see the gritting and salting routes. I live on a bus route and am fortunate enough to see salt (!) just to keep the buses running. As for 'B' roads you'll be lucky to see anything these days in council cutbacks..
  9. For us it was 1989 to 1990 with a final figure of 6.5C. So far we are on 6.2C so a definite possibility on the cards. So we've had have the wettest Autumn on record so could we bag another record?
  10. The year without a winter just gone from Autumn to spring. Certainly going to be a Snow free Jan for us to go along with December. A dreadful winter none winter.
  11. I would hate that.You can’t actually do anything outside like sport or anything ,way too cold. Must be a lot of suffering for some the older people in those temps. Max temps of minus 3 is enough for me,as if we will ever see that again in U.K.
  12. Not so toasty outside, the wind had a real bite to it. Still managed to get some useful work done outside though, with a second PIR floodlight fitted at the front of the garage. Ran wiring for one at the back garage door too, but got too cold and dark for me to actually fit and wire it in today. Will get finished tomorrow. Now sat nice and cosy with the log burner going.
  13. Id suggest gardeners don't think an early warm Spring is going to happen......
  14. Liverpool are now 13 points clear with 2 games in hand after City failed to beat Palace this afternoon.
  15. Will we see that all-time warmest January CET? My guess would be that, though close, it'll nae quite make it this time...? So we await the arrival of the SSW then...should it even deign to appear?
  16. Down 'ere on the sarf coast we are well ahead with the season, the garden is just sprouting everywhere, with pink blossom on some of the trees. Also of note as a downside, flies have not disappeared at all, still getting them entering the house, for the last couple of months. One of those things with a warm winter I suppose the likes of the common fly does not get killed off..
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  18. Ben Godfrey sent off following a VAR review whist Wolves are winning 3-2!
  19. VAR monitor getting used for the first time in the PL for a possible red car for a Norwich player
  20. Good estimates, -10.6 min at 1mb, 0.6 at 2mb. Compared to 21.9 ms and 27.3 on the 06z mind you.
  21. Went past the gritting depot in Clutton yesterday, the store is full to the brim, they have a lot to spare. They never grit around here, not even if snowmaggedon is forecast, but usually the main roads are done, but you're right, not even those last night - definitely ice rink territory around here this morning.
  22. Got to 7.8c 1:30pm. Its 6.4c now. Sun has made a good showing today. Pressure still rising, its up to 1030.7 hpa. The beaches here were packed, the sun bought them all out.
  23. Roses are starting to shoot plus daffodils are coming up nicely. More generally the perrenials haven't fully died back. No doubt a cold spring beckons!
  24. First air frost since Nov this morning. Says it all about this winter.
  25. Beautiful, sunny bright and crisp this morning, rooves were white over with frost. Stood at the back door watching a lone blue tit peck at a neighbours nut feeder until the poor little thing got dive bombed by two fat pigeons. Temp then was 1°. Expecting the gritters out in force again tonight. Current temp reading 4°. I'm out in the car early tomorrow morning, hibernating ice scraper ready for some action.
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