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  2. That’s a great thread! I used to work in south Manchester which meant a 40 minute drive but since 2014 I work close to home so I walk there. This has cut down my CO2 footprint a lot and my stress levels are down too. I eat meat once or twice a week and I never eat beef. I can’t give up fish though as I love it! I only heat the rooms that I use and not excessively. Living in a city centre apartment helps as the place is not exposed to the cold. I have energy saving light bulbs and I make sure I don’t have the lights on unnecessarily. I recycle and I avoid using single use plastic but it is not easy. I need to shop in supermarkets less. I use public transport when necessary but the city centre has everything I need in terms of entertainment, restaurants etc so most of the time I can walk to where I need to go. I fly for my European holidays on average 3 times a year. I have replaced some of my balcony plants with ones that attract bees and other pollinating insects. I saw no bees last year but already spotted some this spring which I am happy about. I have also stopped spraying the plants with pesticides which has also helped. I don’t buy things just for the sake it. I used to enjoy clothes shopping but it bores me now. I shower instead of having baths. My plants do consume quite a bit of water and this spring has been diabolically dry. I need to find a way to collect rain water.
  3. I don't trust the 1961-1990 mean. Too much data is pre-satellite and is adjusted for the likes of changing thermometers from mercury and alcohol to electronic probes, amongst a host of other things. Plus, how do you accurately measure vast ocean variations without satellites? I prefer the 1981-2010 mean which is all within satellite measurement. I might be wrong but it feels like more reports are using the old one as a reference for some reason. To my mind it is sloppy to use one which might be inferior and I take it with a pich of salt. Here's some more on this week's turbulent US weather which might be headed our way - heatwave, floods, tornadoes and snow: https://www.bbc.co.uk/weather/features/48370090
  4. The UK's weather is in a rut, as our more traditional Atlantic westerlies try to get themselves re-established. Read the full update here
  5. The extended Ecm 00z ensemble mean has improved further!..the green snot has a new enemy as well as the azores high which Ed Stone discovered yesterday!!!..be afraid, very afraid green snot..like theresa may, your days are numbered!!!!!!!!
  6. Thursday 23rd May 2019 Clear spells overnight. Sunny so far this morning. Maximum temperature to 18:00 GMT yesterday 21.3c. Minimum temperature overnight 6.4c 24-hour maximum 21.3c 24-hour minimum 6.4c Minimum temperature on grass 3.2c. Maximum wind gust: (Midnight to Midnight) 15.0 mph W Rainfall total: 0.0mm Conditions at 08:30 GMT 2 Oktas Cirrus. Visibility >10 miles Temperature: 13.5c Humidity: 74.1% Dew point 9.0c Wind Direction: SSW Force 2-3 Barometer 1014.0mb Trend falling slowly. Yesterday. Variable cloud overnight. After a mostly cloudy start this morning, A good deal of cloud for a good part of the morning. Brightening up towards lunch time. Sunny spells through the afternoon.
  7. Looks pretty bad there. Watching live news on Facebook re the damage. WFLA News Channel 8
  8. Pretty evident that this May is not going to be a patch on last May for the region. Rainfall wise it hasn't been too bad but sunshine levels are going be down by on last year's by a margin.
  9. Hurricane Central released its seasonal hurricane outlook. It goes for a slightly more active than average season. https://weather.com/storms/hurricane/video/2019-hurricane-outlook-released Earlier forecasts i have seen were talking for a lower than average season and one of the reasons was the el nino but i guess this is now likely to be less of a factor.
  10. It's not looking too good from the twitter reports and images and many area's to the south of the city around the Uni campus are still unreachable due to downed power lines and debris. @judylthomas Rescue crews continue to respond to calls of people trapped in collapsed buildings two hours after a massive tornado hit Jefferson City. Also numerous reports of gas odors, downed power lines and “walking wounded,” along with broken bones and a possible amputation.
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  12. 4wd

    Very slow PC

    It sounds like Firefox browser, which has got slow and buggy with various pages recently. Chrome or Edge are better now IMO A general spring clean wouldn't hurt to maximise free space, CCleaner is an option but I'd use it once then remove it to stop them constantly nagging you. It's more drastic but re-install from scratch works wonders, it will also force you to back up any important stuff you want to put back on. Various programs and features are incrementally updating themselves and it all gets a bit of a mess over time. You can do a refresh without deleting files and programs would help - somewhat risky, back up first.
  13. The 00Z ECMWF mean (using charts between 192 hours to 240 hours), gradually showing the Low Pressure and upper trough over North and North-Eastern UK lifting away somewhat, with the Azores High ridge building in from the South-West. The weather, particularly over Southern UK (though it’s not been too bad here this week so far), becoming warmer and quite settled. Caution as usual being over a week away. Also, sometimes, you have to be aware when using the ensemble mean charts, as there’s often likely to be individual ensemble members that differ a lot from the mean. Having said that, the 00Z ECMWF mean above still shows a pretty good signal for that Azores High to show put up more. of a fight!
  14. Staying dry with good spells of sunshine but a bit more cloud than yesterday and a moderate breeze again Temp 14.0c
  15. I'd take the cat model over the Met Office any time !
  16. I think your right there, I was thinking that too, night temps have been particularly low for May.
  17. Reports of extensive damage in Jefferson City, MO. Strong couplet moved right over the city at around 12.20am local.
  18. Apparently there is major to catastrophic damage in downtown Jefferson City, the capital of Missouri, from a tornado that looks to be F4 on lightning-illuminated stills, and from damage reports. Moved SW-NE in the central portion of the city about two hours ago. Also have heard report of three fatalities in Joplin earlier in the day.
  19. Just a pitty they've kept it in Qatar and are going to cause absolute chaos for the European leagues
  20. Hi Everyone! I'm looking for the European ever measured highest dew point temperature (in nature), and its location. So I need a "European record" number, not "World record". I've been spend a loads of time searching data on internet accordingly, without succes.... Zoltán
  21. Looking at the ukmo 0h there are definite signs of improvement @ T+144 hours with the trough to the NE on its way out and the azores ridge / high on its way in!!!!!!
  22. Hurrah....finally a bit of cheer on the ECM 00z. Temps in the mid to upper 20s by next weekend if it's to be believed. Will keep an eye on how it sits within the ensemble set, and more importantly, if it still shows up on the 12z!
  23. That dreaded pessimism is coming back to me from the charts from this year compared to last year, at the end of may where those lovely warm and humid charts was getting me all excited. I know we can't always have warm and humid weather but this month is literally saying "no no what are saying warmth? we can't give u that, here have this nice cooling eastly instead". Even though I admit the last couple of days have been nice but that's only because of clear skies and light winds, if the wind was a bit stronger then it won't be that nice unless u was in a sun spot out of the wind.
  24. A bright start this morning after an overnight low of 7.2°C @ 05:20 Currently 11.3°C
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