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  2. Looks like the UKMO is falling more in line with the GFS building High Pressure over Scandinavia early next week and stopping that Low Pressure breaking through further East! Certainly though some further convective opportunities to look forward to beforehand, with storms and showers partying over the UK! ⛈
  3. Lot of lightning over Manchester atm. https://www.lightningmaps.org/?lang=en#m=sts;t=3;s=0;o=0;b=0.00;ts=0;y=53.4553;x=-2.3174;z=10;d=2;dl=2;dc=0; Cell over Manchester seems to exploding into life!
  4. Next Thursday, and things are still looking good (IMO, 'good' means anything that offers sunshine, warmth and/or thunderstorms):
  5. A nice dark cloud went over me earlier with slight rotation to it and has produced sferics north of here another cell kicking off NE of here now with constant rumbling there is more cells developing to the south and east of here though.
  6. Well that was a fun 15 minutes with a few close-strikes and definitely more I.C. and C.G. strikes than what the detectors were showing, hopefully more of the same for tomorrow.
  7. Short and just CGs for me, I don’t think ‘frequent’ was a particularly apt word, just a band of thundery rain - but rain indeed
  8. Getting really dark here in Newton le Willows. Distant thunder, no lightning as of yet.
  9. Indeed Karl. The GFS looks much more settled, early next week, than have many previous runs:
  10. Is it going to have another go here and produce a proper storm. Probably not but a new cell building to the south east of me.
  11. I saw a couple of distant CG's to the west and heard a few rumbles but it was a miss for Belper. Moving too quick to chase.
  12. "Yes yes, this global warming has been very beneficial for my nation. Instead of having to walk for five minutes to the beach, the beach is now at my doorstep!"
  13. Well I'm out of the no storms club early for once. Nice little storm, torrential rain and a fair few strikes... One of which must have only been a matter of metres away as the lightning and thunder were pretty immediate. It was so loud I jumped out of my skin!
  14. Light rain has arrived in Cheadle. The wind has picked up since lunchtime, too.
  15. There is a line of T-storms heading up from the south. It is heading towards us too! https://www.netweather.tv/live-weather/radar
  16. Humm, so if I say I haven't flown since the early 1990s, I drive a tiny, old, 110k miles done, car, I'll get accused of virtue signalling Ok,I better say I do nothing then. Oh, but can I put a good word in for pure (or as near a damn it) wool socks? They're brilliant, much warmer than cotton and they never fall down in wellies and end up by your toes like all other socks do. No more cotton or plastic socks for me! Oh, and any drinks I buy are in glass bottles (damn, I'm virtue signalling again...).
  17. fujiwara


    What is your currently work?
  18. Good little storm that. Torrential rain, frequent thunder and lightning as the core passed over- including a strike that must have been a matter of metres away! I'm happy!
  19. Going very dark towards my south now. ... Edit: WOO HOO!! I have just had a good clap of thunder!!
  20. These aren’t the best storms - fairly infrequent over a wide area but when you do get one nearby man are they bright and loud
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